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He didn't like the way the cobblestones nearly tripped him what seemed to be practically every other step he took. He kept on though, lured by a sad melody that he found to be contradictingly beautiful. It was coming from the town square that he did not visit often simply because it felt overwhelming to him to be amongst all the people and their large funny domed buildings of old. He didn't feel like he belonged in such a scene. Perhaps in the country, but not this annoying place that was the city. He found the source of music and practically stopped dead in his tracks. It came from a lone violinist, his black hair messy in its pulled back form and his eyes appearing to be closed as far as Adrik could see. He followed closer and merely stood not more than four feet from the other and stared at him. He was quite fond of the sound but even more fond of the other's appearance. He didn't understand why no one outside of himself stopped to stare at this angel of an musician.

Nikolai was nowhere but the world of his music as he played. He did not hear anyone approach over the vibrations of the strings, his plaintive confession. He didn't care that no one listened, and he normally closed his eyes and let the music take him when he played. He was twenty-five, and had been playing his beautiful violin since he was thirteen. It was his pride and joy, and the only thing he owned besides a few articles of clothing and some books. It was the closest thing to another living being he had in his life. Finally, his song drew to a close, the bow left the strings, and he lowered the instrument from his shoulder. Then, he opened his eyes. For the first time, he noticed the other person in front of him, the only person that he could remember ever listening to his playing. He simply looked at him, offered a sad smile, and began putting his violin back in its case. He said nothing as he lifted the case onto his back and turned to walk away, nodding slightly in acknowledgment before doing so.

"Hey, wait!" Adrik called out, grabbing the other's sleeve. "I want to hear more. Why is it so sad?" He asked, moving quick to stand in front of the other. "It's so beautiful at the same time." He said, his head in a whirl it seemed as he got an even closer look at the handsome man. "What's the story behind it?" He asked, realizing he still held the other by the sleeve. He dropped the other's arm and smiled apologetically.

In surprise and a little irritation, Nikolai jerked his arm back toward himself, and stuck his hand in his pocket. He narrowed his eyes at this random boy. "Why would you want to know more? It is not a story for you to know." He did not really mean to be so rude. There had been a time in his past when he had been very sociable, very friendly, but that was all in the past. He was guarded now, and tended to lash out at people, especially when they showed interest in him or his music. "And now, if you will excuse me, I would like to get home. It is cold out here, and it's not good for my violin."

Adrik's expression was on full pout mode as he looked up at the other. "But.. I was only curious. If it's not a story for people to know, why play it at all?" He quested while feeling chastized. "You've got pretty eyes.. and hair.." He said, turning a little red as he said it. "Your music is almost as pretty as you."

Nikolai didn't even know what to say to that. Was he trying to placate him?, he was being completely sincere. What did he want? He rested his hand on his forehead for a moment and sighed. "What...what is your name?" His voice was full of resignation, but it wasn't as though he planned to tell him about himself so quickly. He looked the boy up and down while he spoke. The boy was tall, but he looked fairly young, and he was attractive, with black hair somewhat like his own.

Adrik's pout turned slowly into a smile. "My name is Adrik. Adrik Aleksei." He replied, not missing that eyes looked him over in a not so suggestive but at the same time suggestive way. "What is yours?" He asked, noticing it was starting to snow again. He brushed a stray flake from the other's cheek as it made way to land and held in a small laugh.

Nikolai jerked reflexively away from the touch, then sighed and relaxed a little. "Forgive me for being so jumpy. I am not used to people touching me." He looked up at the snow, then back down at the boy. "My name is Nikolai Milaslazniakova, a grand name for a not-so-grand person. I am glad to make your acquaintance, Adrik," he answered, some of his old personality showing in a rare moment. "Now, it is cold out here, and I would like to go home. I assume you intend to follow me if I do not invite you, so I might as well invite you."

"Thank you." Adrik replied "You seem grand enough to me. I could never do those things on the violin." He added as he walked with the other. "Yes it is very cold, it seems each year the winter gets colder and longer. It's annoying. I much prefer the summertime." He said, walking rather close to the other. He didn't care whether or not it was an invasion of space, the other smelled like tea to him and he liked it.

"Hn." Nikolai had very little else to say as they walked, but he was actually quite glad to have someone talk to him. It had been several years, he thought, since the last time he had a conversation with someone. He had worked so hard to let the music and his composition consume him, so that he could escape his that, so he could repent. That's really what his music was to him. It was an outlet for repentance. "You seem like someone who would like the summertime," he replied, attempting to make conversation.

"So do you." Adrik said, true in his words. He felt the other deserved something a little more lively than this frigid deathly cold that they had to travel in for so very long. Russia was not an overly warm place as it was, but at least in the summer it was warmer. "So, what should we do upon arrival to your home?"

Blinking, Nikolai looked Adrik and switched hands with his violin case. His fingers were getting stiff. "Do? I don't really know. I intended to have a drink and most likely write something...or work on an older piece...I never have guests. I don't know." He shrugged, and looked away. What was he supposed to do, anyway? "I suppose...I could play for you. I believe you are my only audience anyway."

"I do wonder why people are adverse to your music." Adrik stated allowed, absently taking the other's hand in his own as they walked to massage the stiffness out of it. "Would you like me to carry your violin for you? It would give your hands a rest. And I would love to hear you play some more, I don't hear enough of that sweet kind of music."

Nikolai shook his head and stared at his hand in Adrik's with a disturbed expression, but he didn't jerk it away this time. "...I don't understand you..." he said mildly. "I know why they don't like my music. They don't like it because it is sad. It reminds them of their own sadness. So they choose to ignore me and my music." He kept the handle of the violin case clutched tightly in his other hand, even though Adrik had offered to carry it. He had never allowed anyone else to touch it.

"But why are they so involved with themselves?" He asked, still confused. "Even I can feel the suffering you have in it. I don't mean to pry at all, but you should tell me why so sad." He said, smiling as he kept hold of the other's hand while walking. He ignored the funny looks given them by passersby.

Nikolai looked the opposite direction from Adrik, and a muscle in his jaw twitched. Reflexively, his hand tightened around Adrik's, and he wondered if the boy noticed. "People are...involved with themselves because that's all they really have..." he ground out bitterly. He had only had himself for so long now that he really didn't think about anyone else. Finally, they reached the building the held Nikolai's flat. It was a somewhat dilapidated building, as he did not make very much money, and his flat was a mess. There was paper everywhere, of course, and his bed was unmade. The desk was covered in more paper, and ink stains, and there were liquor bottles strewn among the papers on the floor. This was all one room, of course, with a separate, tiny room for the bathroom, and a half-hearted wall to separate something like a kitchen. "Feel free to sit wherever you can find..."

"Oh wow. I should clean for you." Adrik said, smiling. "What do you say?" He smiled at the other. "I can clean while you play for me." He had actually already begun cleaning, starting with removing the sheets from the other's bed to re-make it with fresh ones he seemed to find easily in the cupboard. "Do you have no wife or lover to clean for you?" And this was truly a prying question, for he did want this one.

"Leave the papers!" He shouted hastily. He was terribly disorganized, but somehow he knew where everything was. That was how he worked. Nikolai didn't mind if Adrik changed the sheets, or cleaned up anything else, but no one else was allowed to clean up the papers. They were all bits of thought and composition, and if they were to be cleaned up, he needed to know exactly where they were going. "Or just...set them all on my desk. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell." He sighed and stripped off his coat, draping it over the back of the chair that he set his violin case on. "And no, I don't have a wife. Or a lover." He had thought by the state of his apartment that would have been apparent.

This hastened Adrik's cleaning. He smiled. "Worry not I will not touch them, but I will make them a teeny bit neater.. like move them closer to one another." He took care of the other's dishes and clothing, hanging what was clean and throwing to wash what was dirty still. After he had the floor bare of things he began to sweep.

Nikolai watched Adrik with wide eyes, blinking in confusion as he hurried around the apartment. He hadn't moved from his original spot yet, he just turned our stepped out of the way as the boy moved around. He scratched the back of his head. "Why are you cleaning my flat for me? Do you want to be my wife?" It was meant to be a joke, of course. He hadn't had a lover for...well, many years. At least...five? More than that? He couldn't quite remember anymore. It seemed like so long for someone so young as he. Even though his face was lined with stress and insomnia, he was only twenty-five.

"If I was a woman that would be an accurate question." Adrik mumbled a little quietly. "Why, do you want me to be your wife?" He winked at the other. "I don't see how you can work in all of this mess." He asked as he sat down with a pile of clean laundry and began to fold it. "I think maybe a small bit of a cleanly touch will do wonders for your music." He insisted, putting together pairs of socks.

"I doubt that..." Nikolai sighed and sat heavily on the edge of his bed. He ignored the question on purpose, but Adrik really did look like his wife, sitting there folding his laundry. The laundry was where it ended, though, because Adrik really looked like a boy, and only a boy. He was too tall to be a girl. "I don't really think you would look right in a dress," Nikolai remarked with all seriousness.

Adrik smiled. "Probably not. But I don't have to be a wife, right? A lover would complete the same chores and tasks, no?" He asked, grabbing more hangers from the closet. "So, tell me about you. What do you do all day besides create a horribly messy room?"

Nikolai ignored that particular question again. "What do I do? I compose, and play, which creates a horribly messy room." He smiled a little, then went to his 'kitchen' for the drink he had promised himself. "Do you want a drink, Adrik?" All he really had was alcohol, and he hadn't asked how old Adrik was, but he didn't really care very much. 

"Sure. I'll have whatever you're having." Adrik replied, putting the clothing away that he had folded in a drawer. He sat in a chair while watching the other. "But you never have time to clean after yourself? You could have me come over and do it everyday..."

Raising an eyebrow, Nikolai handed Adrik a glass of clear alcohol. "Why are you so intent on coming to see me? Why are you so interested in me?" He wasn't angry. He was just...confused. What could some random teenager want with him, really? He sat on the edge of his bed and took a large drink from his glass, then made a face as the liquid burned on the way down. He didn't dislike it, but he never really got used to it.

"Look at it from my point of view." Adrik said, taking a rather large gulp of what he was handed in thought it was water. He began to cough and sputter. "Ahem! Anyways!" He got the burning in his throat under control with tears in his eyes from the sting. "Anyhow, like I was saying. You're a very talented musician. You're very handsome and I have nothing else to do with my spare time. Blame your music, it lured me to the square today." He said, grinning at the other as he took another smaller sip while mumbling. "Is it legal for a seventeen year old to be drinking?"

Nikolai shrugged. "Do you care? I doubt anyone else really would, either." It was sort of a cruel thing to say, but it was true. Even if the boy decided to complain to someone that he had fed him alcohol, he doubted they would do anything more than he had just done, and shrug. A seventeen-year-old was old enough. "Anyway, I take it you don't drink much? You should drink that slowly." He gestured generally at the glass Adrik was holding. He took several more drinks from his own glass, feeling the pleasant buzz he was looking for, then stood and cleared his throat. "So...I'll play for you now, if you'd like." He grabbed the violin case, opened it, and removed its contents, placing the shining wooden instrument underneath his chin. The delicate bow looked like an extension of his slender hand, and he stroked it across the strings a couple of times to make sure the violin was in tune, then immediately fell into playing.

"Yes, please do." Adrik requested, ready to hear more of those beautifully haunting notes come from this tall handsome man's lovely fingers. He watched him, feeling warmed by the alcohol in which he drank. He drank the rest of the glass and was bold enough to pour himself another and then another before he sat with his third one and watched Nikolai with rapture, waiting to hear him."Please play for me my beautiful stranger."

Though he had a good buzz going, Nikolai had no trouble playing flawlessly. His fingers moved rapidly along the neck as he played long, wailing notes, and fast phrases. It was masterful, the way he played, and nothing could interfere with it. He closed his eyes, like he normally did, and let his mind go, playing the music from feeling alone. It was always an intense experience. His body swayed with his furious playing, his messy hair just getting messier as the motion transferred throughout his body. It seemed effortless, but when he finally finished and opened his eyes again, he was breathing heavily. He seemed sad as he put the violin back in its case, and the bow back in the little spot inside the case for it too. He latched it, then turned to look at Adrik. "There. I played for you. That is what you wanted, yes?"

Adrik smiled as he looked at the other. "Yes, yes that is exactly what I wanted." He said, standing and hugging the other. "Thank you." He said, noticing a slight change in his posture now as the alcohol began to get to him. He was going to go and leave the other alone now but he decided that he felt too good when he hugged him. "Oh! The alcohol has surely gotten to me!" As he said this he hadn't let go. "I wish you could play for me every day. Maybe you can... maybe I can come over more?"

Nikolai placed his hands on Adrik's shoulders and pushed him away just a bit. " much did you drink while I was playing?" He was perfectly aware that he was in a completely different world when he played, and he saw and heard nothing but music. The boy's eyes looked glazed. He took one of his hands off of Adrik's shoulder, and placed it under his chin instead, turning his hand this way and that to inspect his face. "You really don't drink much, I think. Don't go out into the cold like this. It's not good for you. You'll have to stay here for the evening." He let go of him. He was wanting another glass himself, now.

"I had three glasses." Adrik replied, taking a seat on the other's bed. "Well, since I wont be going home I think this is a good place to rest." He giggled a little, and patted the bed. He grew impatient though and instead of waiting for the other to sit with him he grabbed his hand and drug him to the bed, sitting aside him."Tell me about you." He said, his cheeks flush form the alcohol. "I have only ever drank three other times." He had thought back to earlier when the other had checked on his soberness and felt it would have been very cute and romantic had they kissed. He giggled more at that thought and rested his head on the other's shoulder while holding his hand. "I miss holding someone.." He said softly.

Nikolai laughed. "You're old enough to have held someone, and yet you have only ever drank three other times? How worldly." He wasn't trying to mock Adrik necessarily, he just found the other's drunken state quite amusing. "Come then, I will hold you, I suppose. But don't pass out on me. I still have composing to do it, and I can't very well do it if you're laying on me. I doubt you're as light as you look, since you're so tall." He wrapped his arm around Adrik's shoulder. He wasn't exactly thinking about what kind of holding the boy might have been talking about.

"You can take a break." Adrik said, leaning up and kissing the other on the cheek. "It wont hurt you to rest for a little." He said, reaching up to play with the other's hair. "You're hair.. is beautiful." He said, tugging it and then snuggling the other, inhaling his scent. "Ohh for someone with a messy apartment you smell great." He wanted to lick the other's neck, to taste what he tasted like and was so very close to giving into these little wants. If he wasn't drunk he wouldn't be so bad. But he couldn't seem to stop himself from his urges this way.

A slight flush appeared on Nikolai's face, despite his best attempts to fight it. Adrik had certainly become affectionate, though he wasn't surprised since the boy had been bold enough to hold his hand earlier. "No, your hair is beautiful. Mine is a mess that you're lucky I washed today. You're very drunk, and you don't know what you're doing." He was trying to caution the boy, but he wasn't trying to push him away. He was contradicting himself. He wasn't sure if he really wanted the boy, or if he was just lonely, and he might want anyone that showed interest. He still didn't try to push him away.

"I might be drunk but my mind's not." That statement from Adrik certainly didn't make sense at all but to him it did. He gave the other a lick. "You taste good too." He said, shivering. "All right fine, I can't take it anymore, make love to me, It's not just the alcohol talking. I've not had someone in so long and you, you come along with your beautiful music and your messy apartment and beautiful appearance and whisk me away!" He began to kiss the other, right on the lips, even went as far as to crawl in his lap and push him back onto the the bed so the other lay flat before continuing his kiss.

Nikolai's eyes were wide, and he blinked stupidly as Adrik almost effortlessly toppled him onto his own bed. "Hey, whoa, do you know what you're saying? I can't do that, you're a kid. Do you even know how much older I am than you?" His protests were cut off by Adrik's kiss, and his only really struggling was vocal anyway. He didn't try to push him away, but he seemed like he was afraid to touch him. He had his long, slender hands by his shoulders, like he was trying to make it clear that he was not the guilty party here. He'd had no intention to whisk Adrik away, nor had he anticipated that anyone would be attracted to his chaotic music and his messy apartment.

"I don't care, you could be like sixty and I don't care." Adrik moved his kisses to the other's neck and then up to his lips again. "Please? How much more do I have to beg you? I want you." He said, rolling off and pulling the other atop of him in an uncharacteristic display of strength, continuing his kiss.

In a very serious tone, Nikolai responded, "That sounds disgusting and desperate. You're not tricking me, right? I won't have to pay you for this when we're finished?" He smiled, to show that he was joking, then sighed. "Fine, fine..." It wasn't like he was going to be able to fight him anyway. He licked his lips, then pressed them to Adrik's. He was annoyed with himself, though. It was such a sloppy kiss, clumsy. It had been years since he had kissed anyone. He wasn't exactly confident in his skills.

"I am sorry I don't mean to sound gross. No, I'm not tricking you. If you want to pay me use your music, I just want you." He said while returning the other's sloppy kiss. He didn't mind how messy it was. It made him happier than he'd been in so long. He wrapped his arms about the other's shoulders, his legs wrapped about his waist. "Oh, Nikolai, this feels so good and right." He whispered as their hips met. He rushed to get the other out of his shirt and pants, wanting to feel their bare skin touching.

Nikolai's only response was his heavy breathing. He felt so rushed, and his heart was beating as fast as it did when he was playing, but it was being channeled elsewhere. His hands were shaking a little as he helped remove his own clothing, then tried to get Adrik out of his clothes. His hands kept slipping, though. He felt...nervous, like he had when he was very young. He shivered when their hips met, and kisses down Adrik's jaw and neck, nipping at his collarbone.

Adrik shimmied out of his own clothing and moaned loudly as the other kissed along his neck and such. He could practically feel him inside all ready and he wanted him bad. "Oh Nikolai!" He called out, eyes shut as the other lavished him with attention. He made sure they were both stark naked before they ground their hips together again, finding it was terribly pleasureable to heal "Gods, please please please, Nikolai! Take me." He begged, wanton for the other.

Nikolai's eyes widened again. He was surprised at Adrik's begging, but he responded anyway. "But...are you sure I won't hurt you?" He breathed, shivering and groaning as their hips and arousals touched. He didn't wait for an answer, and lifted Adrik's legs and hips, guiding himself with one hand. Slowly, dryly, he pushed inside, clenching his jaw as he did. The friction was almost painful for himself, he didn't really want to imagine what it might have felt like for Adrik, but he wanted him to feel good at least.

The pain seemed to be a sort of fix for Adrik. He clenched his eyes shut tight at first but then was opening them in surprise at how good he felt."N-Nikolai!" He said in a pained whimper. He started to feel even better then, as the moving was obviously so very slow at first because of the lack of lubrication, eventually it grew to Adrik's faster thrusting of his own hips to meet the other's thrusts, enjoying the slightly dry feeling.

"G~uh! S-slow down, or this won't last very long..." Nikolai warned him. The friction was getting to him, and he didn't want his climax to come so easily. This was the first sex he'd had in ages, and he didn't want it to be over in seconds, but Adrik was so...he couldn't bear it. The teen was just too attractive, too eager, and he couldn't hold on. He wrapped his hand around Adrik's erection, stroking it in time with his thrusts, attempting to bring them to climax at the same time.

"We can do it again and again and again." Adrik insisted through a heated voicing of pleasure as he moaned and met the other's thrusts harder and faster. He was for sure belonging of the other now. "Nikolai.. so.. ah!" He had meant to tell the other he had been close but that ended abruptly for he was unable to hold his own any longer and ended up finishing hard in the hand of the other, clenching about him.

Nikolai closed his eyes as Adrik tightened around him. "Oh, ga-ah~! Ah..." He panted with the waves of his orgasm, releasing inside of him. At least the next time it wouldn't be as dry. He pulled out slowly, and watched in fascination as a little bit of semen leaked out as well. He looked up and down Adrik's body, letting his eyes rest on the boy's face for a moment. He looked so sated and beautiful, and he leaned down and crashed their lips together in a passionate kiss.

Adrik returned the kiss happily, sobered right up. He grinned sheepishly as he looked up at the other's eyes and as he began to feel more than sleepy he tugged the other's hair and his eyes closed then open and then slowly began to close again. "I love you." He said in a cooing voice, completely serious with himself and the other before he pulled the other down in what was practically a viced grip for cuddling purposes as he drifted to sleep.

"Adrik..." Nikolai whispered in surprise, his eyes widening. He wasn't sure what to say. He couldn't return the words yet. He didn't know what he felt for the boy yet, and he didn't want to lie to him. With Adrik's grip around him, he certainly had no other choice but to stay there and sleep as well - he wanted to get up and compose or play or something; he didn't want to admit that he was tired, that he had expended so much energy with Adrik. But he loosely wrapped his arms around him in return and closed his eyes.

When Adrik woke he felt a little groggy but not too bad until he noticed a slight pain in his butt and a tiny headache coming on. "Wow.. what.." He looked to Nikolai and it flooded back to him and he grinned. "Oh yeah.." He decided then to make the other breakfast. He hopped up and went to the refrigerator, looking in at the contents. "Well... omelets and toast it is.." He said, feeling he should grocery shop and stock the other's cupboards, for they were quite bare. He wrote down a list of various items and posted them on the door of the freezer and then went to cooking.

In the absence of Adrik's warmth, Nikolai groaned and changed positions in his sleep, curling in on himself. He didn't normally sleep naked. Usually, he just collapsed onto his bed in whatever clothes he had been wearing that day. After a few minutes, the sounds of Adrik cooking woke him, and he rubbed his face sleepily. He sat on the edge of his bed and ran a hand through his messy hair, which was still sort of in its ponytail. "You're still here." It wasn't a question, and he wasn't annoyed. He was surprised.

"Yes, did you to want me here?" He asked while serving the food on plates. "Well at least eat your breakfast if you're going to make me leave so soon." He said, pouting. "And here I thought we fell in love with each other last night." He leaned forward and kissed the other on the cheek."Buuut consider me your pet." He added, grinning brightly. "Besides who will clean for you?" He kissed the other on the lips.

Sighing, Nikolai almost seemed unphased by Adrik's kiss. He ran his hand through his hair again and covered his face with his hand. "I'm not kicking you out but...just how old are you?" He couldn't remember having formally asked that last night, and it was concerning him. He picked his pants up off the floor and slipped them on, but didn't really dress further than that yet. It wasn't cold in his apartment. He looked quickly at the plate. While it did look very good, he couldn't bring himself to eat yet. "I'm sorry, I'm not hungry. I'll eat it later." And then something occurred to him. "Adrik...don't you think your parents will worry about you?"

"I am seventeen. Yes, they will worry, but I will tell them later today and they will be fine. And it's going to be cold by the time you want it later, but okay." He said, putting the food in the icebox instead. He pouted a little bit. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, fine, yes..." Nikolai sighed once again and sat at his desk. "I'm just...confused." He picked up a pen and held it above paper as if he was going to write something, but he didn't. Instead, he put the pen down again, stood, and paced a couple of times. This wasn't uncommon behavior for him, but he was not used to having anyone there to see it. "I'm sorry if I say anything to hurt you, Adrik. Disregard whatever I say until I clear my head...I don't know what...what happened last night was not something I normally do. And...I don't know about falling in love. I can't say that yet. It isn't possible for me to know yet. Give me...time."

"Of course, we only just met after all. But before I go home, I not only want to be sure I have your permission to come back but I want to please you again.." Adrik said as he approached the other, gently giving him a push down into his chair. "Unless you object? Of course I will leave you with my address." As he said this he began to untie the other's trousers. "My parents care not who calls upon me as long as I am happy."

Once again, Nikolai was unsure how to react, but he didn't resist. He was again caught off guard by the almost dominant way Adrik acted, and stared almost in fascination as the boy worked. "I,, okay..." He blinked stupidly and gripped the arms of the chair. "Yes, you have my permission to come back..." He figured he would feel awkward if he went calling on Adrik, but he would probably end up visiting him anyway at some point.

Adrik grinned wider before his grin became a sort of seductive smile. He leaned forward and nuzzled the hem of the other's shirt up away from the opening of his pants as he tugged the pants fabric down. Then he gently licked the other's skin until his length was free where he gave teasing and soft licks along the base and up to the tip.

Nikolai shivered and held the arms of the chair tighter, and closed his eyes. Adrik was not without skill. He was surprised, and yet not. Not with the way he had been last night, anyway. He let out a soft groan, and one of his hands left the chair to rest on top of Adrik's head. He wasn't guiding him or moving him yet, just anticipating.

Adrik's licks became harder along the other's length. And then he sucked just on the tip, his hand playing with the other's sack as he sucked him. "Mnn" He looked up seductively as he went back to just licking and then taking him in his mouth completely.

When Adrik looked up at him, Nikolai shivered again, and couldn't help but groan again. His breathing was getting heavier, and he grabbed some of Adrik's hair as he took all of him in. If he had said no, that the boy didn't have permission to come back, might he have used this as persuasion? He wasn't sure. He wasn't thinking about it. "Nn...yes..."

Increasing the suction on Nikolai, Adrik moved faster along him, eager to please the other. "Mnnnnnnn" He hummed purposely around the other hoping that he could bring the other closer and only pleasure.

Nikolai gasped at the humming, and his grip tightened in Adrik's hair. He realized he must have been pulling, so he loosened his grip shortly after. Unconsciously, he moved his hips a bit, opposite of Adrik's movements on him. He was quite skillful, and he didn't want to think of how he had gotten this way.

Adrik tightened his suction and grip even further, working his lover to his best ability. He could practically feel the questions coming from him and would answer them later. He felt the other needed to know that he's had two lovers before, one taught him kissing and fondling, the other taught him the rest.

Hissing in pleasure and throwing his head back, Nikolai could feel himself succumbing to Adrik's ministrations. It would have been impossible not to. Only a few more seconds, and he let go, releasing without much warning into Adrik's mouth. And then he laid back in the chair and panted. He wasn't used to this sort of thing first thing in the morning.

Adrik was not however used to the seed that was in his mouth and hastily moved to the washroom to spit it out. He smiled as he rinsed his mouth and then returned to kiss the other. "Thank you for letting me do that to you." He kissed him again. "I'll be back later my love! Write something pretty for me!" He nibbled his lower lip before making his way to the door.

Nikolai was too dazed to do much more than kiss Adrik back, and he didn't really say anything as he left. He dragged a hand down his face and laughed, while fastening his pants once again. "What on earth have I gotten myself into?" he whispered to himself, and moved to his desk to try to compose 'something pretty' as requested.

It was more than a few hours later when Adrik returned, it was the next nigh entirely and he entered the other's house unannounced. "Nikolai, my loooove!" He called out, wanting to let his eyes feast upon the beauty that was his lover. He wondered if the other had composed anything new.

At some point, Nikolai had remembered to put on his shirt, but now he would just need to wash it. Throughout the course of his composing, it had become stained with ink, and he had begun drinking while he was writing as well. He looked up, startled, from his desk, then smiled. "Ah, Adrik. I didn't get anything written for you..." Though he had been drinking since sometime that afternoon, his speech didn't seem to be affected. "But I have lots of things you haven't heard me play."

Adrik grinned that the other seemed happy to see him. He kissed his lips. "I would love to hear them, if you would?" He asked, sliding into the other's lap for a moment and hugging him tight. "I missed you all night and day" He said, giving the other another kiss. "Did you miss me?"

"Hmmm...I suppose I did, yes." He kissed Adrik on the cheek. "What time is it?" He hadn't been outside the entire day. Actually, he'd been sitting at that desk most of the day. He put the cap back on his ink bottle and stood up, gently sliding Adrik off his lap at the same time so that he would land on his feet on the floor. "'d like me to play for you? Let me think...oh, yes, I know what I'll play for you." He picked up his violin, which had been sitting on his bed, and looked at Adrik as he began to play. This song was much more sensual than his sad song that he had played before. It still had a dark tone to it, and it was not happy, but it wasn't sad or angry. It was long, languid notes, with short, rapid phrases thrown in intentionally to make the listener shiver. It was something that he had written many years ago.

Adrik listened intently, enjoying the goosebumps that the music made rise on his flesh. He closed his eyes as he listened to it, wondering what the song was about. He was glad for the slight uprising of the tones but still there was that underlying melancholy. "Who's it about? Or what is it about?" Adrik asked, his eyes open again as he reguarded the other.

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