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2006-10-28 16:47:30
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  Welcome to nose lane! This is where the nose-people live, and for now, you can live here too!!!

 Here are the avaliable homes in Nose Lane:

*4311 Nose Lane, LAL (has minor mold in nose cleaning room)

*90067 Nose Lane, LAL (has nosemites)

*9889 Nose Lane, LAL (large windows)

*788990 Nose Lane, LAL (owner died in home)

*7779 Nose Lane, LAL (has toxic fungi growing in toilet?)

*4567 Nose Lane, LAL (perfect)

*8090 Nose Lane, LAL (perfect)

Don't worry---(MORE HOMES GROWING)

Say hello to your neighbors:

Lalaland's Mayor: [I am no longer existant]
11123 Nose Lane, LAL

Rolling Tree: [Lady Moon]
-001 Nose Lane, LAL

Blob: [Black and White Rainbows] (now a ghost blob)
8900 Nose Lane, LAL

Please notify the mayor, [I am no longer existant] if you want a home!

DO NOTS (not donuts):

*DONT delete your neighbors or anything dumb like that!

*DONT delete available homes when you want them! Message the mayor if you want it, and she will do all the stuff!
Ironically, these people died days after they bought the house:

[Black and White Rainbows] died from eating a moldy sandwich.
She died in 7 turns. 

To find out what I am talking about, buy a house! Find out how you die and try to beat others records. You cannot buy new houses after you die. You can, however, go to the otherworld if you send me a message.

Username (or number or email):


2005-02-26 [Keseken]: I want me a house. *nods*

2005-02-26 [Black and White Rainbows]: *nods head quickly* i wanna house! can i have one???

2005-02-26 [Moonlit Serenade]: I wanna house.... *nods*

2005-03-02 [burnt soul]: Can I have a house? 

2005-09-24 [.the plastic emo.]: I want 9889 nose lane house

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