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2011-12-12 17:57:36
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niniwig, the pocket lint fearie

Ever wonder why your pocket is always full of lint? No, it's not becasue you washed it with your fuzzy sweater. Pocket lint is all the fault of pesky little niniwigs! You see niniwigs like warm dark places. Since they are very fury and tend to wiggle around as they snug down for sleep, they leave bits of fuzz behind.

Niniwigs, like most Faerie Folk come from the forest and when they can't find a pocket they like to nestle into elk's ears (which is why elk often have itchy ears). They also like owls nests, mouse holes, and sometimes even dwell beneath rocks.

It's wise to always be polite to a ninniwig and don't ever call him 'small' because if you do he's like to fill your pockets with thorns and burs! Or worse, he'll shred your favorite wool sweater and stuff all your pockets with it!

niniwigs are pocket size. approx. 2 inches tall and 2 1/2 wide but sizes vary considerably as each one is hand-sewn and has it's own unique personality.
For small places! 
For pockets! 
for little and big hands! 
for friendship

/ [Friendly with Trolls]

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2011-12-12 [Nioniel]: These are adorable. You are so delightfully creative and imaginative. :)

2011-12-12 [Friendly with Trolls]: thanks sweetling! 

2011-12-12 [Nioniel]: I'm gonna buy a ton of stuff from your Etsy store when I've got the funds. I've got my eye on a lot of the cute stuff you make, I just need the money to come in. :3

2011-12-12 [Friendly with Trolls]: Oh awesome! Any creature would be lucky to be adopted by you!

2011-12-12 [Nioniel]: Aw. <3

2012-01-04 [moira hawthorne]: hehehe cute!

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