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1.Heaven and Hell

Through war and peace, through love and hate
Hell is open and Heaven has a gate
To reach Hell is simple, Heaven is hard
Each is the good and bad side of a card
If humans are both, mixed in mind
How can their souls the right place resting place find


From love I will never be free
Though all the world lies between you and me
But I shall return from across the sea
Your face is imprinted in my soul
Each moment without you takes its toll
In my heart there is a gaping hole
I find no peace I find no rest
Like a lost bird without a nest
I cannot survive this heartfelt test


No where to go nothing to see
The whole world is closed unto me
Deaf and blind stony and cold
My body feels broken a thousand years old
Trapped in a cage my heart is breaking
My own follies my own unmaking
I cannot die when I cannot live
I cannot receive what I cannot give
Everything is intangible and mysterious
Don’t have any questions can’t be curious
Completely blank my soul is empty
Drowning in despair cold eternity
The only color in lifeless dark
Is the pain the smeared bloody mark
To break through monotony hacked
The pain my body wracked
Writhe in sorrow writhe in dread
Block the true pain of heart and head
Almost gone Almost dead

4.You Don't Care

You don’t care, You just stare
None of us are really there
No one can break through the shell
If you try, go to hell
No one has any strength left
Breaking hearts is petty theft
Spectators laugh, Spectators weep
Then they eat, then they sleep
Who? No one, cares any more
The dead? the dying? the locked door
Hit bottom, hit the sky
Bouncing up, down you die
Souls are broken, rotten through
No one is left to stay with you

5. Your Own Evil

A silent scream shatters walls
It echoes -silently- through empty halls
I have no beginning
I have no end
I have no enemies
I have no friends
All who know me know despair
And when I linger
You tear your hair
I am the horrors of the night
I am cruelty I am spite
I am wicked I am hate
Do not try to escape me
Its already to late
You feel my sorrow and agony
But never ever any sympathy
Wandering lost in my world
You huddle in fright
Around your self curled
Hidden secrets beneath a grave
A long lost present you never gave
The darkness comes not from without
You hear your own voice give the shout
Your malice comes from within
Its your own evil that makes your head spin
You know who's guilty and who's wrong
You know whose voice raised that morbid song
Do not try to break free
Because you know
that you are me

6. Destitude

Destitute crumbling walls
Rumble with sound as another stone falls
Walls streaked black with rain
Shiver with the city’s pain
Twisted spires tumble to the ground
All imbued with melancholy profound
Sighing wind sweeps clouds of dust
Metal spokes are blood red with rust
Wheels turn slowly in the air
But no one, nothing is left to care
Empty streets filled with the past
Only shades of memories last
Nothing is eternal, nothing stays the same
All has been changed since it came
And now the time has come to send
The dying city to its end
Nothing shall stop time’s destructive hand
Over silent ruins wind blows the sand

7. Columbine

As you watch the funeral, watch people cry,
Did you ever wonder? Ever ask why?
Why did he do it?
Why you might say,
How could anyone hate that way?
How could one person be so cruel?
How could one person be such a fool?
What could drive one to such a crime?
What could be done to prevent it next time?
Who is truly the perpetrator here?
Were they driven by anger, drugs or fear?
Why did it happen and what can be done?
So nothing like this will once more see the sun.

8. Life

Life is but a breath of air
Filled with suffering yet infinitely fair
All can be lost in the blink of an eye
And all that is left is the winds mournful sigh
Expiring before their dues are paid
In graves are youths beside gray age laid
Only eternal the sky still changing
Even the stars are themselves rearranging
All comes to ruin destruction shall reign
And all the worlds shall reform again
Existence is no insurance against fate
Humanity like the gods shall wreck what they create

9. Geyser

Sun rising
Beneath, water surging
Leaning on the railing
I want to climb over, duck under
Dancing spray
I too dance over the scorched earth
Mist rising
Steam swirling
Floating above the iridescent pools
Water cascading over the mound
Rich with minerals building up the wall
The river sings of heat and cold
Sun scorches
The jet shoots up to the sky
The lofty firmament
Blue and clear
Washed white foam
Whitening the heavens
Slowly gushing
Fountain sinking
To earth returning
The dance ends
The Geyser rests
I too must sleep
Sunset sinking

10. The Oliphant

Tumbling down the jungle wild
The Oliphant doth come,
He trips and falls
And then he calls
Oh no, I banged my bum!

The doctor said you’re much to round
That’s why you tumbled to the ground
You must control your appetite
Your belt has grown by far too tight.

The Oliphant his diet started
Although his belly greatly smarted.
He lost a ton while having fun.
He went to swim inside the lake,
But that prove to be a mistake,
In he fell,
With a yell,

He almost drowned,
He wasn’t round
He couldn’t float at all!
Luckily he had a red beach ball.

He finally decided to break up his fast,
And stayed fat until the last.

11. What Do You See?

Look at me closely
What do you see
Can you see my joy
Can you see my pain
Look at yourself
Then look at me again
Do you see what I see
Feel what I feel
We share what we know
And don’t know what we share
Whatever is there
In our hearts
Are they souls
We filled in with holes
Whole and filled in
With goodness and sin
Human and yet
Alien to us
Strange to you
Do I know myself
Do you know you

12. The Sun

Have you never seen the pale dawning sun
That gleaming burning orb, the golden one
Rising slowly flying across velvet blue
Sparkling horizon where the sun breaks through
Soft light spreads over mountain hill and field
Warmth and energy brings harvests yield
Wheat grows ripe basking in the gentle glow
Waters glimmer reflecting as they flow
The world is bathed in not all-benign light
Parched and dry the dust swirls to scorching height
Burnt and barren the desert ground lies bare
Above the sun glares its uncaring stare

13. Earth Day

The salt and water in Earth’s first ocean
Put the first life into motion
Self-replicating RNA
Became more and more everyday
Billions of years have past ‘till today
When we celebrate life and shout Hurray!

And ecosystem with diverse plants
Inhabited by the elephants
The open savannah is home to
The stripped zebra and flightless emu

The bones in its neck count only seven
Yet the giraffe’s neck seems to reach up to heaven.

In the deep green forests with shadows cool
The antlered deer, fox and wolf rule
Among the brush, bush and trees
Live many birds, insects and bees

A spider weaves its gossamer thread
Long legs on the body beneath its head
Strong as steel yet incredibly thin
To catch its prey this spider does spin

The buffalo are dignified and strong
Yet hunted by white people they didn’t last long
Killed and driven from their home
Now few buffalo are left to roam

Other animals are on the brink
Without our help, they may become extinct
Earth Day is the day we take
To protect the Earth for life’s sake

14. Inspiration

Don´t take a break between the words
They will flutter away like birds
A sudden inspiration will stay
only a moment, then go away
If you don´t catch it, If you´re to late
Then your artwork might turn out second rate
A spark of brilliance is so quickly blown out
Beware it´s death, a creative drought
The poem teeters on the brink
And then slowly it begins to sink
So take care to keep paper near
I too have mine beside me here

15. The Apron

A man walked down the winding road
On his back he carried his load
The rough coal filled sack
Bent his weary old back
for it was akward and large

A little girl with an apron white
she bore no load her feet were light
She danced before her little yard
and nothing that day seemed sad or hard
for her mother made her a new apron today

Shall I help you? the happy girl said
He turned to her and raised his head
she looked at the man and smiled
He thanked the helpful child
They supported the bag together

The sun set and the moon rose
Showing the way for their weary toes
The man sent her home and thanked her again
Then he continued on down the lane
The girl turned back to her mother

She glanced at her apron and stopped on the way
She wiped at the coal stains in her dismay
But then on the apron shone the moon light
And the childs apron turned miraculously white
A reward for the kind help she gave


16. You Are My Sun

YOu make all right
Bringing me light
You are my sun
Bringing new sight

Whatever you say
Turns night to day
Your sorrow my cloud
Your joy my ray

You heal my pain
Bring Joy again
And when I cry
You dry the rain

When I can't cope
You throw me a rope
Sending a glow
Of long sought out hope

17. Im himmel

Ich suche im Himmel
Fuer den Mond
Sie sucht hoffnung
Aber ist nie verschont
Der Himmel ist lehr
Hoffnungsloss und kahl
Ich suche immer weiter
Im leerem All


18. The Tree and Me

Rising in the dark
Covered all by bark
Fed by rushing creek
Your leaves the sunlight seek
Bearing Fruit and seed
Otheres for to feed
Sheltering from the heat
Your roots form knotted feet
A crown of green you bear
With leaves intsead of hair
Your trunk is tall and strong
Your life simple yet long
Tell me grandfather tree
How can people hurt thee
Yet I'd rather go to grave
Then your bark to engrave
From trees I will turn back
Yet people we attack
I turn instead to you
Because there is nothing you can do
Your calm serenity
Inherent to a tree
Brings peace inside
Where pain does reside

19. Elusive Thought

Sometimes I feel a passing wave
Like the restless breathing of a cavern or cave
The slightest shimmer upon the air
Gone for a moment and then again there
Just a Fata Morgana passing by
The earth giving up her soft mournful sigh
It lingers a moment then vanishes away
You try to capture it but can’t make it stay

20. Opposites

sound in silence
speech in thought
light in darkness
being yet not

same and different
great and small
dying yet living
nothing and all

21. Fire

Fire bursts in red and blue
Heat radiating through
No boundaries can block
Fire scorches melts the rock
Heat glowing turns to white
Eyes are blinded by the light
Witnesses to fiery destruction
Nothing posses any obstruction
Flames will sweep and flames will burn
Nothing will their hunger spurn
Flames will eat they will consume
Leaving bare the blackened room
Everything cleared to the hull
Of a human is left the skull
Of the plant is left the coal
Everything swallowed whole
All is burnt down to the ground
Nothing left to make a sound
Scorched the ground is dry and cracked
From the fire harshly attacked

22. Peaceful Days

Green light filters through trees
Softly hum the working bees
Feathered birds in flight sing
Calling out the news of spring
Small creatures in the shadows rustle
Squirrels and mice noisily bustle
One soft winged butterfly
Flaps its wings and flutters by
Below the trees a fox kit plays
In this way pass peaceful days

23. The Future

I cannot face the Future
I cannot face the past
I’m stuck within a limbo
I know it cannot last
Afraid of what I’ve seen
Ashamed of what I’ve done
Can’t face myself any longer
Now I can only run

24. For those who mourn

All lives must pass away
But do not despair
Your paths shall cross again
In the kingdom of air
Do not weep my friend
Stay your tears
Loved ones may pass away
Yet guide us for years
Stay to your task
Grow not listless
They only ask
For your happiness

25. Tears

We shed tears of sorrow
We shed tears like blood
Sinking despair
Is like sinking in mud
But our grief is an ocean to carry us away
To cleans our souls of pain
And the tears heal like rain

26. In remembrance

A single, A drop of blood
In remembrance of you
Those who died so terribly
At the battle of wounded knee
It was no battle
Fought by the strong
It was a massacre
Bloody and long
The young and old
Were shot down cold
The flag of truce
Why was it no use
Lies of peace
Promises broken
Your remembrance
Shall be awoken

27. Condescension

They look down their nose
And flash a quick smile
They pat you on the head
Say go play awhile

You’d love to slap
That arrogant face
You want to scream
And throw stuff ‘round the place

But you know it’s childish
It would only make them right
You wish they’d realize
You’re mature and bright

Why must they be
So patronizing
They’re so immature
It’s almost surprising

So you sniff
And act all haughty
You act condescending
As if they were naughty

28. Milky Way

Searchers Lost and lovers seeking
Cross the skies and through the night
Lovers parted and friends remeeting
Wandering through the fields of light

Paths of stars and empty Oceans
Bridging nothingness roads glow bright
Stars are wheeling in endless motion
Still the seeing find not their sight

But at last their travels ending
Homewards now their paths are wending
Every single one is right

29. Immigrants

This Country was built by their work and their toil
Their sweat and their blood nourished this soil

It was their backs it was their hands
It was their labor brought from distant lands

Their tears were shed upon this ground
This earth built up their burial mound

They built the railroad they mined the ore
They chopped the wood and did so much more

The built populated all the cities
They sold household wares and luxurious pretties

They brought their culture year after year
Established their traditions to flourish here

This their home as much as it is yours
They welcome you in with open doors

Do not divide them or drive them away
For you are all the same people living here today

30. The Lady in the Moon

I looked to the moon
Saw a lady fair
Spinning thread
Silver-white as her hair

A silvery rope
She wove through the night
And as she worked
The moon glowed bright
Beside her on
That silver sphere
There sat a rat
With sharp teeth to tear

As the woman
Spun her rope
There came to me
A sudden hope

Could I perhaps
Flee to the sky
And seek refuge
Up so high

But the cruel rodent
Gnawed with its teeth
To keep the rope
From me beneath

I cried to the rat
Have mercy on me
I would climb to the moon
Stop, I implore thee

The rat looked down
Took pity on my plight
For it saw I could not rise
Without the gift of flight

The rat stopped eating
And let the lady make
The pathway to heaven
I could then take

I climbed up the rope
Of moonsilk and air
Up to the moon
With infinite care

I saw the world
Its beauty its grace
I saw its horrors
Humanity’s disgrace

But I remained safe
Untouchable above
Protected from the pain
Of human hate and love

I am still here
Up in the moon
I too will weave
The moonsilk soon

Just another shadow
On the moons face
I remain separate
From the human race

But if you look
Up over your head
Out of the window
As you lie in bed

Perhaps you may see
Or maybe not
What my weary eyes
Once also sought

31. Wezzending

We’re going up Wezzending
We’re going up and away
We’re going up Wezzending
Till the break of day

We’re going up Wezzending
Wezzending through the night
We’re going up Wezzending
What a beautiful sight

We’re going up Wezzending
We’re taking you along
We’re going up Wezzending
And singing this song

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