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Hewwo!!! Thank you very much for coming to see my art. Ummm....thanks to the wonderful teachings of [Clairey] I have just about figured out how to work these wikis...but im still a little rusty so im sorry if theres any whoopsies anywhere.

Anyway...just pick a place to go and woohoo youre on your way


Fanart and other peoples characters

Tortured Souls :S (ummm its pretty graphic in yeah :()

The Guardian Vesuvius

Diety Clash

The Celestial Monarchy

Imbue, The Spirit of Dreams

Random Characters

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment on anything you like, i dont mind people critising but be nice :).

If you look at my art and say something nice, then Kazuki will smile...and he has such a beautiful smile...but look at him now, hes ever so sad...wont you make Kazuki smile?


If you said something get to go here: YaY for you!!

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2007-01-26 [Kitara Softpaw]: *huggles you* I know *nuzzles*snuggles*

2009-12-29 [*Phoenix*]: I must say. I do love your style! It's different and really cool!!! :D

2009-12-29 [MissionGenocide]: Weeee thank you *glomp*

2009-12-29 [*Phoenix*]: You're welcome! XD

2010-08-01 [*Phoenix*]: HWELLO!

2010-08-01 [MissionGenocide]: Hewwo (^-^)

2010-08-01 [*Phoenix*]: :0)

2011-07-13 [jessicaB]: Best manga artist I've seen in a while, and certainly the most creative.

2011-07-15 [MissionGenocide]: Thank you very much :D I put my drawings on my Deviantart page mostly now, I dont come on here too often im afraid :/

2011-07-17 [jessicaB]: Deviantart page is kaput.

2011-07-19 [jessicaB]: I am now watching you on deviantart.

2011-07-20 [jessicaB]: Are all these things that are yours one world, or several?

2011-07-21 [MissionGenocide]: These are all seperate stories yeah, although Ive only really developed one of them haha XD

2011-07-22 [jessicaB]: Ok. Then from now on its mostly cursed questions.

2011-07-22 [MissionGenocide]: Lol that isnt the one ive really developed though :D but feel free to ask any questions you want about anything :)

2011-09-01 [jessicaB]: Writing Still
by Maruis Dechantre, FD

What is here stays here.
What is out there rushes by.

What is here is sorrow.
What is out there is joy.

But how much longer till the work is done?
How much longer until this place has won?

I cannot answer, and never will.
Here on this black house, on this black hill.

Listen, can you hear the sound?
My brothers and sisters crying all around?

They are the reason I am here writing still.
In the black house, on the black hill.

Everyone around here knows, from this place the dark wind blows, misfortune will soon knock at their door.
Waiting to take their happiness forevermore.

They will join me here, where I am lingering still.
In the black house, on the black hill.

How long can this last? Without any end.
And how long will it be that I have patience to lend?

Yet I know only for certain how I've always been so ill, even before the black house, on the black hill.

No joy in the world is where this all may head.
I cannot bring myself to die, so I write here instead.

And perhaps I may forever be writing still
In this black house, on this black hill.

2011-09-01 [MissionGenocide]: 0_0 oh wow. thats amasing!! how long did that take you?

2011-09-01 [jessicaB]: I memorized it, so only a few minutes. Maruis took about three hours to compose it, in the story.

2011-09-23 [jessicaB]:

Its usually called a scrabled egg slime mold...I call it an Ivan impersonator, heehee

2011-09-24 [MissionGenocide]: lol how wierd is that, i didnt even know slimes were a real thing in the world XD

2012-09-30 [jessicaB]: Hello there again. I wanted to ask you, politely, if I could please have your email.

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