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2012-03-09 06:57:42
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2012-03-16 [EvilSlayer]: beautiful :)

2012-03-16 [Iruvielle]: Daaawww. :)

2012-03-16 [EvilSlayer]: you look a little sad. and you're welcome :)

2012-03-16 [Iruvielle]: I probably was at the time.
I usually am. XD

2012-03-16 [EvilSlayer]: aww why is that? is there someone that makes you sad?

2012-03-16 [Iruvielle]: Nope.
I just always am unless I'm with the people I love.
Or talking to my amazing friends. :D

2012-03-16 [EvilSlayer]: well i hope i can make you smile :D

2012-03-16 [Iruvielle]: Definitely.
You're one of my friends!

2012-03-16 [EvilSlayer]: glad to hear it :D

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