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2009-09-04 06:49:36
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mallory's museum of oddities

The Isabella

Those of you who have read abarat know why the boat has to be red ;)

"I Painted You a Waltz"

for Caylin Main <3
i just finished this tonight ...

"The Elements"

this was painted for me by my bestest girlfriend :) <3<3


This is the only oil pastel i have right now, there should be more in the near future because im almost out of paints :S

still life assignment from art class ... god, its been like almost 2 years :O i feel old  lol

"Drunken Motion"

another project, we had to cut out shapes, and have a pattern for the back, and it had to display motion ...

soo thats it for now, im almost done another painting, itll be up as soon as im done ^-^ thanks to anyone who views this <3

/ [Lady Mallory]

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2009-09-04 [Guishy]: hey hey first commment. i think i saw this like, RIGHT AFTER you posted teh page. reminders kick


wow...those are really awesome...i would buy one if i had any money :P

2009-09-04 [Lady Mallory]: ahahaha youre totally just saying that :P ahahaha <3

2009-09-04 [Guishy]: NO WAY! i want the one with the tree...that is a true painting, IT STIRS EMOTION IN MY TUMMY :P


2009-09-04 [Lady Mallory]: ahaha oops, ill delete that lol
anyways, lol
emotions in your tummy? i think thats indigestion, not appreciation for art XD ahahahaha  <3

2009-09-04 [Lady Mallory]: new painting my newest painting :) its still kinda wet here lol

2009-09-04 [Guishy]: lol, why didnt you just post it on this page?

2009-09-08 [Skydancer]: Quite a nice gallery. :)

2009-09-13 [Lady Mallory]: thanks :)
technically im still pretty new at this stuff lol but im working on it. i love when i can see myself getting better :)

2012-05-07 [Ŧhe Jøker]: isabella..

reminds me of one of mine

2012-06-23 [davidkatsu]: You have an amazing talent.. seriously...

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