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Wind tussled the hair of a rather intimidating figure. His black eyes swirled with silver glared at all around him. People wouldn't simply stop staring at him, and he couldn't help but wonder why. He rolled his eyes, entering a rather modern bar that brought angels, humans and demons together. He was enjoying the sight, for nowhere else would the three groups ever be able to get along for so long. He took a seat in a dark booth, propping his feet up on the table while he ordered a few shots of alcohol and some wine. He was here for one purpose; enjoying a vacation. He laid his head back in exhausted pleasure while he examined the individuals around him. And oh to his eyes deceive him, one of the higher heavenly ranks were thus in a bar. How neat. And God had told him once that his angels weren’t sinful creatures, what a lie! He looked the angel over and chuckled. He felt it would be easy to seduce such a creature should he have wanted. He closed his eyes, swallowing another shot of liquor, opening them again to look around at the other inhabitants. He wondered if the mortals could sense what was really around them. Did they see the angels and demons? Did they see the things of their religion? Or did they just see other people? He shrugged his questions, downing another shot, his eyes shut again while he let it swirl about in his mind. He loosened his color and long robes, letting the black material lay loose on his taught frame. Now wasn't a bothering for appearance, but relaxation.

Sitting at a barstool, one leg elegantly crossed over the other, low-rise jeans tautly stretched over each limb; upon the upper torso a button-up white collared shirt, which was buttoned twice at the middle. If the obviously male shifted, an expanse of stomach could be seen, as well as the hollow of the neck. Arms were bare, with the exception of a golden band on the left one; a silver chain with a golden plate attached to it was around his neck. The edge of a glass of wine was brought to lips, tapered fingers loosely held the thin shaft, as eyes drew shut; thus permitting him to enjoy the burn of the sweet liquid running down his throat. Setting the glass back down, eyelids parted at half-mast, silver-flecked-with-ivory took note of the most recent guest. Fingers pushed back some strands of silver that fell down to the breastbone in the front, whilst the back and front was cut in choppy and uneven layers. He let his gaze wander back to the intimidating figure, recognition evident in his eyes, a small smile tugging at lips.

Black eyes stayed closed while he felt the eyes of the angel upon him. He chuckled softly to himself, his own voice sounding dark and melodious. He gracefully brought the bottle of wine to his lips, also ordering more shots. When the waiter reached him he pulled him close whispering into his ear. "Order a drink for that beautiful male, would you? The one with the silver hair and the pretty hands. Tell him if he's going to sin himself with alcohol he may as well do so on my behalf." He whispered seductively. The waiter nodded with a blush and walked to the angel at the bar. He poured him a drink, setting it in front of him. "From the gentleman in the booth. He said to tell you that if you were going to sin in alcohol that you may as well do so on his behalf." Alluvial waited as the exchange went about and listened while keeping his swirled eyes closed, taking small swigs of his shots. This would be an interesting reaction to note.

Noticing the waiter coming up to him, Aeron couldn’t help but wonder what the man wanted. And when he was given his answer, he could not help but smile. “Sin on his behalf? How ironic. Thank you.” He replied in an even more sultry-toned but quiet tone. Finishing his wine, he pushed that towards the waiter with two fingers. “I won’t be needing any more wine this day.” Aeron took the recently-poured drink and stood up. Walking towards the booth, he took a seat without asking. “Are you dreaming of me now, Alluvial?”

Alluvial smirked. "Why would I be dreaming of a nameless angel? You're up in status. I thought if you were going to play with sin that you should do so on behalf of the devil. It seemed appropriate." He said, opening his eyes to look at the other. "Or would you not agree? So what does bring an angel of your standards to this little bar to have a drink?" He asked, eying the other with a rather dangerous gleam. "It's a little suspicious, don't you think?" He asked further, tipping back another shot, setting the empty drink down on the table. "Certainly you're not just here for a few drinks. I know your kind. What sort of mission does your infallible ruler have one of his Seraphim on? Are you here to sing me a lovely song, choir boy?" He chuckled darkly while he asked.

Tucking silver strands behind his ear, the angel simply let his lips quirk into a half-smile. “And why would my Lord let His most hated enemy know of His business? Also, who’s to say that I am here because of Him?” Aeron also added in a velvety voice, “I could be here just to play a game with the Devil. Perhaps the angelic life is not so appealing anymore. Sin has always been a temptation even to the most strong of creatures. You, yourself, should know of what I speak.”

Alluvial pursed his lips while looking the other over carefully. "Who say's you're not here on his behalf. Just what game do you wish to play, hm?" He asked, sitting up to better look the other in his silvery eyes. "I do know firsthand, and this is the best decision I have ever had. You darlings are so uptight. But certainly, you wish to play, what game are we playing? Shall I make you sing perhaps a song of sorrow? Shall I make you flutter up up and away only to tear your wings form your body? Or, shall I turn you slave-like and have you licking yourself from my body? You tell me, little angel, what should we play?" He wasn't drunk of course, probably buzzed, but he was getting particularly nasty with the foreign substance in his blood. He could become a dangerous mix of violence and lust if the little angel wasn't careful.

How…” Aeron took another two sips of his drink and set it down, moving it out of his way, “erotic.” Letting his head fall to the side, he rested chin in palm, as he studied the figure before him. He was starting to become more interested in this demon. “You’d like to rip something besides my wings off of my body, though. A nameless angel is piquing your interest.”

Alluvial gave forth his devilish smirk, of course he was the devil anything he did could be described as devilish. "How judgmental of you. You are nameless, but that's not entirely fair is it? How about you tell me your name, that way I can notch it when I destroy your innocence?" He whispered heatedly, the danger in his voice evident but also seductive as it was his way to be so accidentally.

“Aeron.” He said simply, letting each syllable roll of his tongue in an enticing manner. Taking into fingers once more his glass, he brought the glass back up to his lips and took another drink. Some managed to accidentally dribble off, or so it seemed, and he let his tongue lick it off so that it would not continue to slide down his glass and onto the table. Bangs fell into face, as he then set his glass back down. He wasn’t going to admit that the tone of Alluvial’s voice was affecting him.

"So, if you're not down here for any reason, how about you say we go for a bit of a walk? " Alluvial asked, not missing the others spilling of his drink. He was all ready formulating to steal this one. This was going to be his new play thing. He tilted his head just a little. "Unless this willingness to sin stops at walking away with the devil?"

“And if I were to decline such a proposal, then I would be an idiot.” Aeron replied, his voice still soft to the ears. He finished his drink and moved to remove himself from the confines of the booth. “And thank you for the drink.”

Alluvial stood then, downing all of his shots left and bringing the bottle of wine with him while leaving a rather large payment on the table. "Well, let us go then." He said, offering his arm to the angel. It would turn a lot of heads. They were both probably known. He was known as obviously the devil, and any fool could see the other was an angel. He wondered how it would feel to be inside this 'holy' being. "I am still suspicious of you little angel, perhaps you have a way to show me how to be otherwise?" He asked, clearly hitting on him.

Deciding it would be impolite to refuse the arm offered to him, Aeron looped his arm through Alluvial’s. “I do have a way to show you otherwise, but, who’s to say that you will be that lucky?” He whispered the question into the Devil’s ear; the hopes of effecting the other person in certain ways.

Whether it was to Aeron's advantage or disadvantage Alluvial was rather enticed by the words he heard. "Who's to say I won’t?" He countered, his eyes steeled to not show the effect the other was having on him. They reached a hotel, and he walked right on in, the person at the counter recognized and waved them on. He pushed his little angel escort through a now open door and then pushed him against it as it closed. "Would you dare deny me what you offer? You're the one who wants to play the game, little one." He hissed out while tracing the others cheek, a long and beautiful nail making just a tiny scratch in the others skin.

Unphased by the marring of his flesh, Aeron countered the question with his own. “And pray tell what do you think it is I am offering you?” He countered voice still the same as it had been when they were speaking in the little bar. “Please, enlighten me. No one has done such a thing.” Fingers reached and caressed the material of Alluvial’s robes, as he then permitted his body to press up against the other.

I suppose what you offer doesn't matter, it's what I want from you that does. I don't think you’re in any position to deny me." He said, kissing his neck. He wouldn't dare kiss the others lips; he didn't want to get attached to this delectable winged creature. "No one's enlightened you all right; you're being strayed away into sin." He gave a dark chuckle at that, continuing to press kisses to the others neck, unbuttoning the whole couple of buttons on the others shirt, letting his long nails caress the skin smoothly

A series of shivers shot down spinal at each press of lips on paper-thin skin, fingers’ grip tightening and loosening periodically. He bit his lip when his body threatened to release a gasp or other sort of noise that would only further entice the demon Lord. Eyes fluttered shut, as he attempted to pull away from his kisses, but to no avail. “I never said I would deny you. I was… just saying that you may or may not be lucky… to get just what it is you desire from me.”

"And what is it you think I desire?" He asked, breath warmly shifting across the others neck while he kissed and suckled the sweet and almost burning flesh. He undid whatever held together the angel's pants, slipping his hands into the garment, slipping about to grasp a firm rear, using it to pull the others hips tight against his own. He let himself bite down on the others flesh, shuddering while he felt the skin burn him softly. He couldn't stop the sound of approval at the feeling of the pureness burning at him.

With surprising boldness for a High-ranking Angel, Aeron’s hands slid down Alluvial’s arms, dragging nails into flesh. “You’re hands are on what it is you now desire.” He whispered, letting his tongue reach out and trace ear from lower lobe up along the curve; and then he took lobe into mouth and sucked hard

"And just how is this not lucky?" Alluvial asked through closed eyes "I think I am getting what I want just fine." He said through a heavy breath, the others effects on him were finally starting to show through and he pushed the others pants off of his hips. He undid he belt to his own black dress slacks, pushing them off as well. It had been a while for the lord of hell, and he was more than eager to jump right into it. He slipped his hands from the others rear to his thighs, making a gentle but very firm motion on them meaning to wrap them about his waist. This was going to be delicious for him. And it wasn't as though the other could refuse.

Forced to release his hold on the earlobe, Aeron let his eyes open. They were clouded over by lust and pleasure, his face flushed from the rising in body temperature. Letting the material of his shirt slide down his arms, he got the message, but shook his head. “I will face the wall. Such an embrace is shared by lovers. And I know that’s not what you want.” Aeron turned his body around, letting his palms rest flat against the wall; back slightly arched. Glancing over his shoulder, he half-smirked

Alluvial glared at the other. He wanted to feel the others legs around him. "How silly of me." He said, grabbing a handful of the others hair, pulling his head back to reveal his neck. He nipped at it almost painfully. "I forget that sinning angels deserve only a quick fuck before their tossed out the door." He said acidly at being denied what he had wanted, the way he had wanted it. Lovers, bah! Who had heard such a thing? He'd give the little angel what he wanted. He gave one hard thrust into him from behind, not entirely caring if he was hurt or not, shuddering in pleasure at just how it felt. "Is the wall as beautiful as I am?" He asked the anger present in his seething voice. Alcohol wasn't good for a devil of violence under lust. He let his hands practically cut into the others thighs, little trickling of blood gently slipping down the silvery skin of the angel. He grasped his hips and immediately began a pounding but slow pace inside him, letting one of his hands stroke the other.

A cry escaped him as silver tresses were snatched and skull forced back, his entire body arching against the other. He also bit his lip when he was invaded so barbarically, but he had expected no less from the devil king. “The wall is much more… pleasing to the eyes.” Aeron replied in a teasing voice, before it was lost in a cluster of gasps and other miscellaneous cries of obvious pleasure. Inner muscles clenched down upon the invading organ, as he felt a spot was struck inside him which made his body spasm and go weak for a moment.

Alluvial growled and began to slam himself inside the other, using both hands to grasp his hips, moving hard and fast, trying to ignore the others words. "Don't try to kid yourself, sinner." He said sadistically, hissing in anger and pleasure while he continued to practically rape the others behind, finding himself swooning while small beads of blood lubricated the entrance of the other and slipped out along his legs. "Are you breaking yet?" He asked thickly, not easing even a slight bit on his rude pace with the other

Knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to handle the rough treatment for much longer, Aeron decided to let his body submit for the time being. “This game-” He groaned, “-is played for my own pleasure.” The way he shifted, he found that he wanted to collapse to his knees. His arms were beginning to shake; and the fact that Alluvial kept striking his prostate was not helping his brain. It was clouding over from the overwhelming wave of pleasure that continuously washed over him

Alluvial chuckled. Pleasure of the other be damned. He could practically come on will. He decided to finish this ff, thrusting his hardest and fastest into the other. "Well, we can't have that, now can we?" He asked, filling the other with his seed while he gave a harsh cry. He pulled out of him abruptly. "Now, get dressed, and get out." He said, shrugging. "Your services have been filled." He even had the audacity to toss a coin at him before he retreated to the bathroom in the room to clean the evidence away from him, enjoying the tingle it gave him. Oh the burning purity of angels! And one so delectable. The boy reminded him much of himself actually. And he pondered this while removing the rest of his clothing and running the shower.

Releasing his own essence, Aeron fell to his knees. He couldn’t help it as Alluvial had released his grip on him. He didn’t even reply to the words and ignored the coin tossed his way. Grabbing his pants, he pulled them on; the intent of showering at his own hotel room on his mind. The golden band on his arm glistened, gaze returning to normal. The angel slipped his shoes back on and went to the shower. “If you find the desire to seek me again, I will be at the little bar again tomorrow at the same time. Until then Alluvial.” With that said, he grabbed his shirt and left the hotel to return to his own; a smirk placed itself on his lips as he gazed up at the sky

Alluvial rolled his eyes. He might wish to see the other again, but why would he? The little pest had tried to trick him into pleasuring him alone. If someone was going to take advantage of him it was going to be for his pleasure. An aloof expression came over his face while he examined his nails, cleaning the blood out from under them while the water sprayed over him. He shuddered while the blood on his cock from the other still tingled. He gave a very uncharacteristic huff before giving in to self pleasure, trying to eliminate the tingling, imagining the other screaming for him in the positions he would have him in, but the brat was right wasn't he? They were positions of lovers. But who cared? He growled in frustration releasing unto the floor of the tub, his second aggravated release for the night. There was one thing he refused to deny, the other was very very pleasureful to be with sexually. And he was beginning to crave him again. "You silly brat, how your purity arouses me so." He mumbled to himself, pleased now that his body had cooled down. He dried and got out. He tried to force himself to not go to the bar again the next night, but this was his vacation, another round with the angel might be just what he needed. He sighed and made up his mind to go back to him the next night. This angel was going to destroy him at his own game.

The next night, Aeron was not seated at his usual barstool, but was talking and being flirty with a man he had met. Sitting in a booth together, the Seraphim was dressed in a simple dress shirt which had the left sleeve gone. A pair of the same type of jeans he had on the night before encased long legs once again; silver hair was being touched by the man before him. He was curious about the hue. Aeron only smiled and continued to fake this flirting. Knowing it was near time for Alluvial to meet him, he wanted to see if he could ignite some sort of jealousy in the devil king.

Alluvial dressed in all black yet again for this night. He made his way to the bar and upon seeing his little angel engaged in flirting with some random person he felt himself grow irritated. It wasn’t his angel anyhow, what did he care if he was about to be taken by some other. He felt like being mean to him and walked over, leaning down to whisper in the angel's ear "My my, I never thought an angel could be a whore." He then stopped in front of the man his darling was chatting with. "He likes it rough by the way. Make him bleed for me, would you?" And then he continued on to his own booth, glaring at the couple from his seat, ordering quite the lot of alcohol, downing one shot after another. What irked him most.. why the hell did he care?

At Alluvial’s words, the man had blushed. And with a quick excuse escaping his mouth, he left the booth. Aeron scowled slightly, annoyed that his fun had been ruined. And he had been caught off guard by the fact Alluvial dared call him a whore. He was no such thing. Pursing his lips, he stood up from the booth, ordered himself a couple drinks at the bar and went to sit at the devil’s table once again. “A whore, am I? It was innocent flirting, anyways. And you should care little. We’re not a couple or anything so stop being all jealous. It makes you ugly.” He finally nearly snapped, eyes narrowed slightly. And as he realized the double meaning of the last sentence, a tinge of pink rose to his cheeks. “Not that I think you’re even attractive.”

Alluvial laughed. "Who said I was jealous?" He asked, downing yet another shot. "I could give a damn less who you fucked or not. And what makes you say you're not a whore? You obviously didn't get enough last night. You should have been broken. Are your insides still torn? I hope so." He said, downing again another shot. "So, are you free again tonight? I want to prove that you're just a little slut." He said, black eyes narrowed in something very akin to anger but wasn't quite.

“Because until last night, I was a virgin. Angels aren’t into sex by nature, Alluvial. You of all beings should know that.” He retorted icily. Deciding that Alluvial had enough, he stood up and whispered into the ear once again of his partner. Aeron’s mind flashed back to the previous evening and he couldn’t help but what he said next. “I’m only a little slut for you.” His voice returned to a innocent like tone which hinted that there were other desires that the Seraph sought to be fulfilled.

Alluvial felt his desire spike at the others words and he did his best to not be lulled by them. "Truly, which is why you were perched right upon that pedestal of whoever that man was. Looks like you were his little slut too. I don't believe you were a virgin at all. You seemed to know enough to tell me which position to put you in. But let me pretend that you are my little slut." At this he paused, undoing his belt. "Let's pretend right here hm? No one's watching and this booth is rather dark. Nothing better to prove yourself the slut of the devil than sucking him off in public." He said viciously, smirking while he lay with his fly open and drink in hand, patting the chair of the booth commandingly.

Wordlessly, Aeron moved to his hands and knees, crawling underneath the table. Gaze settled onto what many humans have claimed to call a ‘treat’ of sorts, he let his fingers briefly touch it. It was more of an experimental movement, wondering at what sort of noises the devil would make. He knew that Alluvial’s judgment was clouded by the alcohol and decided to make the best of it. Since contrary to Alluvial’s words, Aeron /was/ a virgin and lacked in real experience of sex. As a Seraphim, he was able to be a watcher as well. He had seen humans carry out the act, which is why he was equipped with the knowledge of the types of positions various couples took when mating.

Alluvial chuckled while the other actually was moving to do as he asked. "Maybe you really are my little whore." He said, pulling himself half-erect but steadily growing, out of his trousers. He chuckled. "Virgin, yeah." He added, smirking while the other was under the table. He smiled and waited for the other to begin to pleasure him.

Glaring at the demon once, he gave no warning. Taking him into mouth, he swirled his tongue about. With the intent of making Alluvial make some kind of noise thanks to him, Aeron started sucking, taking more into mouth.

Alluvial hummed in enjoyment, laying back fully in his chair, very much enjoying the feel of the others mouth around him. "Mn, almost feels as good as your lovely little bottom." He said through a heated voice, slipping his hands through the others hair.

Aeron bit down a little, repeatedly starting to nibble on certain parts of skin, or otherwise just licking or sucking

Alluvial shuddered in pleasure. "Mn, you're very good for a virgin." He said, enjoying that now familiar burning of purity that was encased around him. He was very lusted. Very pleasured. Very in the need to have more from the other. "I'm beginning to want your virgin self again."

Aeron just continued doing what he was doing. He let his fingers dig down into the material of Alluvial’s pants, hoping to do something more for him. Yes, he was with his own little problem. His mind was in a more curious manner, however. For some reason, the angel wanted to learn more about Alluvial’s different spots which made his body spasm like his own did.

Alluvial shivered in pleasure, beginning to thrust his hips up just a little bit. He was surprised that he was not wanting to just thrust his length down the others throat and force him to take it, no he wanted to be sure he was adjusting properly and that he was all right. He gripped his hair a little tighter though, a small catch of breath making him moan just a little

His jaw cramped and hurt, so he paused to take a moment to stretch his facial muscles before picking up pace once again. Increasing his sucking pressure and by just deep-throating Alluvial, he hoped that it was enough to send him over the edge.

Alluvial didn't last too much longer. He wasn't able to hold on and that was mainly because he was getting a look or two every time he tossed his head back in ecstasy. He gave in, deciding he'd had enough and he came, shooting his seed down the others throat, groaning in a restrained whimper while he came.

Swallowing every drop, Aeron released his hold and sat back, wiping away the spittle that had gathered on his lips. Before anyone else could come over to see what was going on, Aeron got out from underneath the table and sat down on the other side; gaze never leaving Alluvial as he waited for him to speak.

Alluvial hummed with pleasure, zipping his pants back up and looking at the other appreciatively. "That was most pleasant." He said, folding his hands and placing them on the table. He wondered what the other felt about him suddenly, and then he wondered why the thought even surfaced in the first place. He smirked. "Any ideas on what our plans for tonight should be?"

"I am sure you know what it is that's going to happen. But, as to whether how it will happen is what I'm going to let you ponder." Aeron replied smoothly, a smirk twisting at his lips as he called over a waitress. "Water please?" He asked, and the waitress was blushing madly. She nodded and went to get the water.

Alluvial felt his eyebrow start to twitch. "Must you speak always in riddles. No, I don't know what is going to happen, but perhaps you could tell me? Are you insinuating we go for another round like the night before? I might not let you pick positions this time." He sais, sipping his drink

Seeing as how the booth seats curved, Aeron slid to go and sit next to Alluvial once again. "While I enjoyed that round we had, the only way you're going to get me into your favored position is if you think of me as a lover." Aeron said. "And I know you don't." He added dryly.

"The devil takes no 'lovers', Aeron, surely you know that." He said dangerously, wondering why the other was so adamant on that. "I will take you in any form I want to take you. Meaning, if you follow me home, you're mine to do with whatever I please." He downed the rest of his drink, willing himself to not crush the glass in his fingers. "Do you understand?”

"You are implying that I want you as a lover?" He countered, ignoring the girl when his drink was brought. "I would rather be a true Fallen than be given the title of Lucifer's Fucktoy." Aeron added in a relatively calm tone, although his eyes swirled with annoyance and anger. "I want you for sex. Nothing more."

Alluvial rose and drew back his hand as though to slap the other but stopped himself. What did he care that the other thought so lowly of him? "You all ready are my fucktoy. " He said with acid in his tone. He downed his last drink, slamming it on the table, threw a few dollars down and left, irritated with the pest he seemed to have gotten attached to of late.

Irritated by the twist of turns Fate had thrown at him, Aeron left a few bills on the table to pay for their drinks and left as well. Girls flashed him cute smiles, but he only glared at them. He didn't like to be oggled when he was in a bad mood. At once, he went to follow Alluvial, disliking that the Devil King had gotten the last word in the conversation. "Alluvial!" He yelled.

Alluvial stopped abruptly. "What?" He asked, fury evident in his glittering black eyes. He crossed his arms over his chest and tapped his foot impatiently on the ground. The other was annoying him severely. "What in the hells do you want?" He demanded, his glare growing darker.

"I don't like it how you said I was your little fucktoy. If I was, you wouldn't tease me! You would just do what you would do and then be done with me..." Aeron was trying to push away the attachment he was beginning to feel for the other. "I don't see how you get pissed off."

Alluvial chuckled darkly. "And just what are you going to do about it, you're the one stopping me from walking away." He said, rolling his eyes as he carded his fingers through his hair to keep it from his eyes. "I am angry because you don't seem to know your place. Now, good day." He said, nodding to the other and continuing his walk away from him.

"I know my place. It's above you as you are Fallen. I still have my wings. They weren't cut off or singed black. The only one above me in rank is God." Aeron retorted at once, turning away to go towards his hotel.

Alluvial was enraged by the others words. He stormed to him, grabbing his wrists and slamming him against the wall in a near by alley. "Oh truly? Don't you know that soon, and very soon, you're wings will be as black as mine? Don't forget you little whore, you were fucked willingly by the Devil. Not so innocent, are you?" He hissed ruthlessly. He had had it with the others self righteous attitude

A smirk tugged at his lips, as his tongue drew over the bottom for a quick second. "You would have to fuck me more than just once to make my wings as black as your own. And whose to say you'd be lucky enough to have me writhing and moaning underneath you in your quarters?"

"You all ready did that for me." He said, tracing the others cheek. "I don't get it. You're infuriating to me. Why do you seek to fight with me?" He asked, caressing the cheek, wanting to slap him. "What makes you think you can even talk back to me?"

He sighed. "I don't have to worry about luck, I have pow You have nothing." Aeron spat, annoyed by how his body was reacting to Alluvial's touch. The featherlight caress of a finger on his face caused shivers to race down his spine. He shifted against the wall, finding this position was not helping his situation but simply making it worse. Why couldn't he just have let things be? There was something about Alluvial that drew him in. He couldn't stop saying things to make him angry.. to provoke him.

"I have everything that you do not." Alluvial countered, pressing a kiss to the cheek he caressed. He placed the kiss lower. "I even have you. Any time I want you, I know that in hardly a few kisses you'll be hot and ready for me." He informed, emphasizing his point by placing seductive kisses on the others neck and letting one of his wrists go to trail a hand down his stomach and massage his groin.

Cranium fell to the side, as he bit his lip at once to keep from crying out at the kisses being so tenderly placed and then that hand... he attempted to ignore it; hating how the truth to Alluvial's words. Aeron willed his body to not arch and it twitched in response, an obvious revolt against Aeron's brain. "Lies..." He managed to bite out.

Alluvial hummed in disagreement. "Then why is it you're so pliant? Hm? Why do you melt under my touches? Why do you tilt your neck further for me to access? Why do you have to bite those lovely lips of yours to hold in that cry of pleasure you are restraining?" He asked in a heated whisper, his breath skimming across the surface of the others neck, tainted with alcohol and a light mint. His hand caressed him a little harder. "And why are you all ready hard then in my hand? I have but to.. touch you and you are my slave." He said, biting gently on the skin that was presented to him, letting the smallest of moans slip past his sinfully pleasing lips.

Hips pushed forward a bit too eagerly for Aeron's liking, as he bit his lip again, drawing the slightest amount of blood. The angel was startled by the metallic taste and his eyes drew open, as he watched Alluvial's expressions. He wanted to retort and defend himself, but it simply was not working out that way at the moment. He pushed against the hand that caressed him once again, body squirming a little. His mind was slowly losing the battle to the ever-looming lust that now reared it's head.

Alluvial gave his seductive chuckle, licking the droplet of blood that had formed on the others lips. "Point proven." He said, giving a small tap to the others cheek before walking away, wondering if this would make the other angry. A part of him hoped it did. He smirked as he continued his walk,mentally praising himself for having been able to resist the other. He would refuse to admit that he was just as effected, but now he had a small victory over the other. Well, a large one really. He had skillfully proven said angel wrong.

As soon as he had been released, the warmth gone and now being missed, Aeron fell to knees. He glared at himself, hating for becoming so vulnerable. Glancing upwards at the night sky, he glared at it at once - the Heavens his target. "You knew I'd become attached to him!" He yelled, cursing himself and accepting the mission in the first place.

Alluvial smiled while he finally reached his apartment. He poured himself a strong glass of wine and sat back, looking out at the starry sky. He refused to admit the ache he felt. He wanted to have the others presence about him, but obviously that was something forbidden. He was certain something strange was going on though. How coincidental of an angel of all people sleep with him so easily. At first he thought the other was just horny, sometimes angels had that tendency as it was a test of God. But. why had the other been so persistent? The items were scheming, but he decided to rest his mind on it until he had more evidence of foul play. He refilled his glass after emptying it, wondering what the other was doing.

Dragging himself up from the ground, Aeron tottered out of the alleyway, ignoring everyone whom dared show a hint of concern for him. The angel was done. He wanted nothing more than to go home, back to the pristine white-washed palace where everyone went about their way. He would sit and converse with Gabriel about the things that were occurring in the other realms. He’d been speaking to the Messenger angel when he had been secretly summoned. Never before had he been summoned as such and paid no mind to what the possibilities could be. It had been simple, really. Give up your light to become a weakness to the Devil; to gain an advantage over him. Against the idea, Aeron had no choice but to accept. And so now, here he was nearly a month later, attempting to complete this mission of utmost importance. Aeron hated it… he wasn’t supposed to fall for Alluvial.

Alluvial sighed bitterly. He decided that he was waiting. He didn't know what he was waiting for, but he knew something odd. He shrugged it off and fixed himself a small sandwich and decided to pretend to be human, watching some random video, agonizing that he wished to have the other aside him or at least in the house. Would it be so bad to be domesticated? He was obviously getting soft in his old age and he scowled. "Stupid angels.."

Finally making his choice - Aeron stood and made his way to a hotel. Entering through the classy double doors, the angel watched the clerk at the desk watch him with a quirked brow. “Alluvial. I want to see him.” “Oh, you were with him last night, weren’t you?” She asked, smiling. “Yes, I was. Now tell me the room number. I can’t remember.” “Of course, dear, that’s what they all say.” The clerk told him the room number and not a second later, Aeron was vastly considering letting loose his anger. Going to the elevator, his memory flashed of the previous eve. It wasn’t helping one bit It seemed that he was more attached to the Devil King than he’d previously thought. Arriving at the floor, he went to the door and went to knock, but hesitated… but then knocked.

Alluvial opened his eyes with irritation, wondering who would bother to interrupt him. He rose and opened the door, his eyebrows raised as he saw who was on the other side of it. “Oh, you. And, just what is it you want?” He asked, leaning on the door in only a blue bath robe that he had changed into after a shower. “Surely you’re not wanting myself, are you?” He teased, a mischievous light in his eye. “Or perhaps you are wanting me, yet another little game of yours .” He said, eyes narrowed slightly now.

Ignoring the garment that was draped over Alluvial's form, Aeron wasn't sure of the reason why he was here. Was it to come clean? Or make a declaration of affection? If that's what it could be called. Knowing he would be in trouble with this in Heaven, he sighed. "I have some things to tell you.."

Alluvial shrugged, stepped aside, leaving the door open. "Come on in then." He said, taking a seat in a large leather chair. "What is this fabulous thing you're about to tell me? Obviously it's not good, there's an all over air about you that says so." He informed, grabbing his bottle of wine. "Would you care for a drink?" He asked, pouring himself a glass. He was ashamed that he had become such a heavy drinker, but he liked alcohol.

"No... alcohol clouds my judgment." Aeron replied, entering the room and simply standing. It was awkward now... and he hated the feeling at once. "But, anyways... I am a Angel, a High-ranking one. I bet you're curious as to why I would be down here indulging in sinful delights." He smirked at that choice of words. "I was ordered to become a weakness to you... to charm you and get you to make me your lover. I was to sacrifice my light for this without question. I did so. And, I didn't want to do this. I despised the idea of giving myself willingly to a former Angel; but, what I didn't count on was one thing..." He paused, taking another breathe. "I didn't count on becoming attached to you so easily. My body... all of that is real. I have not been faking it at all. At first, it was supposed to be, but I saw you for the first time and my heart skipped a beat. I had decided on a new approach and that was to see how far I could tease you and make you angry. I wanted to learn your quirks more for personal reasons than for the sake of the mission. I realize you won't forgive me for this, but I wanted to make it clear before I left for Heaven." He turned back to the door, already feeling their presence coming towards him.

Alluvial raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Well, I think you're confessing to the wrong leader, but I accept this confession." He set his glass down, walking to the other and spinning him about to look at him. "And what will you do now? When you're up in Heaven? Will you think about me? Will you touch yourself to my thought at night? Will you come back down to see me?" He asked, pressing a kiss to the others lips. "I wont tell you what I have come to think of you. That would mean your victory. But what I will tell you, is that I may just miss you." He said, giving him yet anther kiss which he made incredibly more involved than the last. "Will they cast you away? Will they paint your wings as black as mine?" He ran his fingers along the outline of the others face. "Or will they merely keep you with your rank, letting you have the false notion that you're still one of them even though you have sinned beyond most there. Will you forget me?" All of these questions were surprising him that they were coming from his lips. He decided to accept the fact, he was rather taken and possibly in love with his angel. "My sinful angel.."He said endearingly, kissing the boy again.

Taken aback completely, Aeron didn't know what to do. He was kissed? And by all the questions, he wasn't sure what to make of everything. It was a yes to everything concerning him and how he felt towards the former Angel. "They'll rip my wings off, that's what was the punishment if I should fail this mission. And I've thus failed it." His hair fell down into his face as he slipped his arms around Alluvial's neck, pulling him close. "Gabriel is on his way now to do God's bidding."

"If you pledge yourself to me you can at least keep your pretty wings." He said, kissing him. "Besides, you didn't fail completely." He said, tracing the others cheek. "Your wings will be spared. But you... you will either dwell on earth or dwell with me. I will let it be to your choosing." He said, feeling the messenger angel approach even closer. "What do you say?"

"Do I really have that choice?" Aeron asked, disbelieving, "How will I pledge myself? And I would rather dwell with you."

"Let me take care of it." He said, giving the other a tap on the rear. "Have a seat." He said, opening the door to let the messenger angel in. "I'm taking him." He said at once. "He's pledged to me. You failed, and I have not fallen. Tell your God to keep his angels to himself. He said to Gabriel
Aeron did so just as the door was swung open and the face of his old friend met his. What he had expected to be a look of sympathy, was not so.

Gabriel's lovely and pristine features were contorted in annoyance. "Aeron is now one of your Puppets? I see. I will tell Him what you have said. If Aeron steps one toe into Heaven's borders, he will be captured and condemned. Remember that. Aeron will eventually go through separation anxiety. He always does." And with that, Gabriel left as quickly as he'd come. Aeron turned his head away, not daring to meet the eyes that had been watching him the entire time.

Alluvial raised an eyebrow. "Always does?" He repeated the words with pursed lips, looking over his new charge. "Explain?" He asked commandingly, his arms crossed. He went to his alcohol again, taking another drink."How many others have you randomly slept with under gods bidding?" He continued, eyes curious. "Did you lie to me?"

"This is the ONLY mission I've been required to leave Heaven by myself. I've done scouting missions when I was younger. I had issues with leaving my comfort zone. I am better now... Gabriel thinks I'll come crawling back, but I won't. I've made my choice." He snapped, hating that he was being accused of treachery already.

Alluvial chuckled. "Don't get an attitude. I was merely saying. If you ever do crawl back there, I would kill you myself." He said, showing his side that was fierce and ruthless when needed. "But, I don't mean to scare you into being at my side. You belong to me now." He said, pressing a possessive kiss to the boy's lips. "Do you object?"

Feeling the truth behind the words, Aeron tilted his head up and blushed faintly at the possessiveness the kiss implied. "I don't... object..." Aeron's eyes fell to the expanse of skin that was revealed to him by the bathrobe. "And I wasn't getting an attitude. I was simply stating in a aggressive tone." He added.

Alluvial nodded. "Good." He lay on his bed, "Now how about a little nap hm? You woke me earlier." He accused gently, patting the bed while he lay back folly, his robe parted just a little.

Pondering an idea, Aeron stripped his now decimated dress shirt, which was then thrown against the wall somewhere. Stretching out lithe frame like a cat, he kicked off his shoes and moved to lie in the spot offered to him. Lying on side, facing Alluvial, he watched him. "You were sleeping...not doing other things..?"

"What other things would I possible be doing?" Alluvial asked while watching the other, "Surely you believe me in that? I was exhausted." He said, frowning and drawing the other to him. "Do I seem guilty of doing other things?" He drew the heavy comforter up over his shoulders, yawning as he did so.

"You could a been doing me." He teased faintly, "And you look very guilty...considering what you did to me in that alleyway, I figured you would have been effected by everything." Aeron rolled over, back facing Alluvial, as he did find himself tired, but that was only mentally.

Alluvial felt his eyes glaze over slightly in lust. "Is that so? If I do recall an annoying little brat of an angel refusing me the way I wanted, then you have no say." He said, turning to face the others back, running his fingers along his thigh and up to his shoulder where he gripped to turn the other towards him.

Aeron's back arched slightly at the caress, before he was forced to face Alluvial once more. The angel sat up a bit before he then pressed his lips to the devil king's. He rather hoped he wasn't being too...eager because he really was. The knot in his stomach hadn't left from earlier.

Alluvial returned the kiss as though tentative about doing so, and as soon as he thought he had the other in a slow and chaste kiss he slipped his hands into his hair, tugged his hair to pull his face closer and kissed him with passion, letting him know he too was still affected.

At first fooled into Alluvial not being in the mood, Aeron moved to pull away, but couldn't as he was then shocked a moment by the sudden passionate turn their kiss took. His free arm reached to settled on Alluvial's shoulder, wanting to pull him closer.

Alluvial slipped his hands along the boy's thighs while he kissed him, caressing him and pressing himself against him. "Well, seems like you want me." He said hotly, smirking in self obsession. He knew he did obviously, or else the other wouldn't have come onto him.

Glaring slightly, Aeron pushed Alluvial back and went to straddle him, grinding their lower halves together slightly in a highly teasing manner. "I do want you. The question you want me just as bad?" He asked quietly, voice thick with desire. Leaning down, he kissed Alluvial's neck, pushing the hair out of the way. And then, he bit down at the base where neck met chest.

Alluvial moaned in delight. "Certainly I do, little angel, but I wouldn't mind knowing, are you going to let me take you properly or are you going to resist me yet again?" He asked, placing his hands on the others hips and grinding into him as well. He enjoyed every second of their contact.

Pulling away, Aeron practically purred in delight at the nice red mark his teeth left on Alluvial's skin. In a way, he felt that he marked him even though the redness would fade and it would go back to being perfectly flawless skin. "Ahh...I am yours to do with as you please, at this moment." The angel replied, as he sat up again, mind spinning with pleasure.

"You are mine, always." Alluvial said heatedly. He pushed the other back and laid between his legs, grinding their hips together before kissing him harshly, removing their clothing fast as he could, not able to wait for the delightful pleasure that was awaiting him and that he would be giving the other.

Aeron moaned again, his head falling back into the pillows that now offered him comfort. Legs spread instinctively, seeking to wrap around the Devil King’s waist, to prevent him from pulling away. The former High-Ranking Seraphim wanted nothing more than to be claimed. “Ahh…please…take me…now…?” He bit out between pleasure cries.

Alluvial chuckled and kissed him hard, granting him as he wanted, his usual styled roughness while he thrust into him in one push, holding himself to see if the other was going to be able to take it, one of his hands stroked his lover while he awaited some form of command to move.

Biting his lip, the intrusion felt much better than the last time. Legs wrapped and locked around Alluvial’s waist, as Aeron kissed back. Within a second, however, carnal sin was taking over and he pushed up against the other - the sign that the devil was most likely waiting for.

Alluvial smiled and began to bite the others neck and suck on the skin while he gave a hard but agonizingly slow pace inside him. He shuddered in pleasure while he moved in and out of him, bringing a hand about to stroke Aeron, in ways to create more pleasure than pain.

Hands moved to Alluvial's sides and raked down as Aeron's body arched at all of the sensations. Shivers ran down his spine, and quiet moans and other gasps or cries escaped him with each agonizing thrust. Aeron felt himself drawing close.

Faster was his new mantra while he lost himself in the pleasure that was the other, faster and harder, and deeper, shuddering heatedly, moaning loudly, unable to stop himself from enjoying their actions. "Aeron.." He said softly, his whisper of pleasure almost frantic.

"Harder.." Raising hips each time he was impaled, Aeron had difficulty keeping his hands still. So, he ran them over his sides, stomach, chest, and neck. However, they ended up entwining in his hair loosely. With each deeper penetration, a loud moan escaped him. At the whisper of his name, his eyes opened partially to glance at the other. He saw the expressions and it only fueled his arousal. When his spot was finally struck, he let out a shuddering gasp as he felt he was near completion.

Alluvial kissed the others neck before biting it harshly while thrusting harder as asked for. He wanted the other to give himself to him completely, to feel the pleasure he could grant. He moaned against the others skin, just at that edge to where his mind would be blank with pleasure.

At the fulfilling of his request, and the bite, Aeron felt himself let go. "Alluvial--!" The knot in his stomach was releasing in tension, his body arching slightly to draw Alluvial deeper as he began to ride out his orgasm.

Alluvial himself released just as the other had, shivering and calling out to him. "Aeron." He whispered, spilling his seed inside him. He took a moment to catch his breath while looking down at him. "Mn, see? You should have let me take you in this position the first time."

Lying still, the angel's lips quirked into a smug half-smile. "I enjoyed that way, too. But, yes, this way is pleasing." Aeron's chest still moved faster with his quickened breathe, but it was steadily returning to normal.

Alluvial smiled. "You're going to be my prince." He whispered, running his fingers along the others stomach while he lay beside him. "And I shall give you everything you've ever wanted." He kissed his lips while he said this, wondering what the other would say.

Blushing faintly, Aeron's body shivered from the light caress of fingers touching his still sensitive stomach. Eyes closed for a moment, as he pondered the words which confirmed his situation. He was now a Fallen. He had betrayed his God. He was now the lover of the Devil King himself. And he had never been more relaxed in his long life. Lips quirked into a smile, as eyes opened and he glanced towards the other. "You've already done that."

Alluvial raised an eyebrow. "Oh? And how is that my dear?" He asked, kissing him. "I thought you liked being an angel?" He traced his lover's cheek, smiling. "Just wait though, until I get you through my gates, you'll see that at least the welcoming part of Hell isn't so horrible."

"Peace of mind and body." Sitting up, he ran fingers through silver tresses. "I am far too used to strict protocol...I feel more relaxed now that I am free to do as I please. Of course, unless there are....restrictions you have in mind." Aeron glanced over his shoulder at the last moment, another smile on his face.

Alluvial chuckled. "Mn, no restrictions other than that you belong to me and that you will not under any circumstances report back to heaven." He said, kissing him. "You will have no other lover, you will be with no other unless I give strict rules otherwise."

"I can live with those restrictions." Aeron continued to play with his hair, noting that they were a very fine silver. "But, what if I was seduced or something....and taken advantage of. What then?" He asked, as he was just asking his curious questions.

"I would hope you wouldn't be lusted enough to be seduced and easily fall under the spell of another, I'd abandon you. Now, if you were taken advantage of, then the person who did the taking would get a rather vicious taste of hell." Alluvial replied, the mere thought upsetting him.

"Ooou. What's that word humans use...especially the teenagers. 'Kinky', I believe it was? Yes." Aeron pondering led him into a small fit of giggles. "That sounds very kinky." Oh, the word left his tongue tingling. Now that he wasn't on a mission anymore, Aeron was letting some barriers down which enabled Alluvial an insight into his true personality.

Alluvial smirked. "Oh?" He rather liked the more friendly version of his dear one. He chuckled thickly, kissing him. "You've just changed your personality in less than a second, just what have I missed out on?" He quested, running his fingers up and down the other's arms.

Lips parted slightly, as breathe caught in throat and a ripple of a shiver crept up through his nerves....all because of the light caresses made to the skin on his arms. "Previous circumstances called for me to hide my gentler side." Aeron's voice was above a whisper, as he tried to ignore the effects. Until, finally, he pulled away and moved to stand. "Keep that up and I'm going to pounce on you.... and rape you." The Angel had chosen that particular word because he figured that his new lover wouldn't want to go another round. And you can't exactly 'rape' the willing.

Alluvial's trademark dark chuckle escaped him. "I'd like to see you try." He said, his voice thick and velvety. He stared the other down hotly, he wouldn't mind another round certainly, couldn't help but want the other. He was so innocent seeming, a major turn on for the Hell-ruler.

Taking note of what clearly displayed Alluvial's desire, Aeron saw the way he was glancing at him. The gaze made his face flush faintly, which then he decided to play a little more. "Oh, but you know I could never rape you. I'm too innocent for that." A small smile tugged at pink-lips. Aeron raised his arms to stretch out his lithe frame. The only thing that was on his person was the dark chain with a pendent of a dragon on it which was around his neck and then the silver band he wore on his upper arm. "But, of course, you can't rape the willing. And, I am most certainly willing."

"So I have noticed." Alluvial said looking the other over. "And you are also most certainly about to make it so I never leave this room for I will be losing myself in you." He said, walking slowly to the other on the bed. He lay next to him, kissing his lips and cheek.

"Literally or figuratively?" Aeron asked, accepting the kisses and returning the gesture at once. "But, when are you expected to return to your duties as Hell's Ruler?" He was curious as to how he would react to the home of his new Master.

Alluvial thought a moment. "Just whenever I feel fit. Probably later tonight or tomrrow, are you excited or something about your new home?" He asked, smiling as he knew the answer to that was obvious. Of course he was.

"I am curious as to how your companions will react to me. And just what my own reaction will be... that's all. I do not know what to expect but from what I've heard from the stories told to me." Aeron turned towards him again, pressing lips to opposite's, a half-smirk forming.

"My companions might seem a little scary at first, but otherwise they should be just fine." He said, smiling. "They're rough around the edges. My little consort there isn't going to like being given up, you might have a problem or two with him."

The smirk which had slowly been forming into a smile had now fell from the pristine features of his face. Eyes had darkened slightly as the thoughts of what this consort was to Alluvial ran in his mind. "Your.... consort?" Aeron asked, voice lower than ususal. "And just what is this consort to you?"

Alluvial chuckled. "Just a whore I had fucked up until I met you." He said, smiling in the most evil way. "Why are you embarrassed?" He asked, tracing over the other's ear with his tongue.

A pang of jealousy reared itself, but he willed it go away when a tongue danced across the shell of his ear. Arms were brought up to loosely wrap themselves around Alluvial's shoulders, as he reveled in the wet touch. "You think I'm embarressed? No, it is not... that emotion. If this consort of yours dare to touch you inappropriately, I will not hesitate to put him in his place." Aeron really was never one to become so possessive, but the thought of him fucking something else but him annoyed him immensely!

Alluvial smirked and kissed the other's lips. "Certainly, I wont touch him and he wont touch me, and I will hope you two can get along." He said, smiling. "You're very sweet. It's good to know you care." He quit his teasing of the other, running his hand along the other's hair to comfort him.

Aeron missed the tongue once it was removed. By moving to sit on Alluvial's lap, he pressed his body against the demon king. "I do not want to talk of this consort any more.... your teasing has effected me... again." The last part of his sentence drifted to a low, seductive whisper in which he let his lips trail near the throat of his lover and he kissed the skin once, and then twice.

Alluvial laughed. "My! How easily seduced you are!" He said, poking the other in the sides. "What if I am not in the mood?" He asked, smirking at the other. He was only toying with him, he could go another round but he was curious about how he would react.

"Then I would just have to convince you, otherwise." Aeron replied, immediately biting down on the skin he was softly kissing only moments before. However, he decided to release him and completely pull away, detangling himself completely from Alluvial's grasp. "Actually, I'll just take a shower. An old man such as yourself couldn't go another round anyways." A smirk pulled at his lips as he moved towards the bathroom entrance.

Alluvial felt his eyes widen at the insult. "A shower hmn?" He asked himself aloud. This meant the other would be naked.. and accessible. He decided to wait out until he knew for certain that the other was in the shower before getting in there, if he wanted to be taken over and over again he'd show him just how much stamina he had.

"Mmhmm." Aeron replied, wondering if the other male was thinking aloud or not, so he just answered anyways. Lips twisted into a half smirk, tapered fingers of left hand ran through silver-white tresses, as his other hand wrapped around the doorknob, twisting it to gain access to the tiled bathroom. Finding the decor to be pleasant, he closed the door partially and turned the shower on. As soon as it was to a warm temperature, he got in without a backwards glance.

Alluvial smirked and followed silently in after the other, glad that the door didn't creak and no updrafts of air would probably disturb him. He graced himself with entrance to the room, closing the door silently while he advanced and pulled open the shower curtain, stepping in behind the other. "Hello."

Not suspecting Alluvial to do such, Aeron whirled around, startled. His hair was already soaked and clinging to the sides of his face and neck. Having dropped the bottle in which held the bodywash, Aeron bent down to pick it up. Of course, that meant turning back around and bending at the waist to grab it. As he straightened his frame back out, Aeron's body moved rather suggestively. "Decided to join me, I see."

Alluvial smirked in his evil way, trailing his hands up along his lover's buttocks, gripping the skin delightedly. "Oh yes. Perhaps I came to prove that I am not some old man that can't keep up with you." He said, pressing a kiss to the back of the other's neck.

"Ah." He enjoyed the fingers upon his rear, his fingers splaying across the wall, as he had to use it to steady himself. "Whose to say I want to go another round? You, old man, need rest." The former Seraphim grinned, wanting to see how far he could push Alluvial before he was taken roughly. It was that side of him he really grew to enjoy.

Alluvial chuckled sadistically. "You were hornier than a rabbit earlier, don't try to tell me you don't want this." He said, pressing his cock against the other's buttocks.

Aeron couldn't help but blush faintly, a moan escaping his throat as a result of Alluvial pressing his lower against him. "Nnn...." He wanted to deny what he wanted, but couldn't... his body was making it hard for him to focus.

Alluvial slipped his hands to the other's hips. "What's wrong darling? That fiery spirit of yours seems to have died down." He quipped, wondering what the other's reaction would be. He liked their games a little too much that they played with each other.

"I do not wish to go another 'round. In fact, I won't even orgasm again, if we were to go another round." Aeron had managed to ignore the sensations long enough to bite out a complete sentence. A cocky half-smirk pulled at lips, as gaze settled onto the male behind him.

Alluvial chuckled harshly and without warning or prep he pushed into the young one that he had made his lover, not a care as he was fully prepared to prove his lover wrong. He gripped the other's hard length and snorted. "Not going to hmn? I beg to differ."

At the penetration, Aeron's head fell back, body arching. The angel wasn't as much in pain cause he really was expecting something like this to happen, but the shock still wouldn't leave his body. That is, until he let his muscles relax and adjust. "You'll have to do alot more than that..." He snorted, feeling torn muscle leak blood, but it didn't pay him much mind.

Alluvial hissed in challenge, thrusting hard inside the other, but oh so slowly while slamming into him. He loved it. Loved how he felt with the other's unslackened walls around his heated cock.

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2009-04-07 [Vou]: I love this pairing. xD

2009-04-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -laughs- And why would that be?

2009-04-07 [Vou]: They play around and I love it. ^_^ Aeron obviously likes to be punished and likes to see how far he can push Alluvial before he's punished. =o And Alluvial seems to not mind as he gets a kick out of their games just as much.

2009-11-07 [Vou]: I really love this roleplay. XD Reading it over, it makes me smile. ^_^

2009-11-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -laughs- It was fun.

2009-11-07 [Vou]: Oh yes, it was. And the more I read it, the more I got the urge to draw them. And now I'm going to do so. But, as to what kind of position... I do not know. D:

2009-11-07 [The Vampire Armand]: Draw them with Alluvial pinning him to the wall...?

2009-11-08 [Vou]: Ooou. x3 I could do that. XD

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