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Welcome to the
Created by [Yume Youki] for the rp Leria

Leria is a land where Elves, Dwarves, and Humans roame. Within any race there are factions. Within the Elves are the Wood Elves, the Dark Elves, and the High Elves. Within the Dwarves are the miners, the craftsmen, and the weaponsmiths. Amoung the Humans are the city dwellers, the mountain men, and the plains people.


Character name:
Siding: Leria Resistance, Dark Army, or neutral
Rank/Occupation: You can send us requests, but ultimately this is determined by the moderators
Age: Please be responsible, and no unknowns, with maybe the possible exception of high elves and dark elves
Abilities: (if any) Decide the ability(s) of your character, however how skilled your character is, though, will be up to the moderators (again, you may send requests). Please include favored weapons if applicable.
Weapons: (if any)
Appearance: Please include clothing, hair, etc., as much as possible
Personality: Please include as much as possible, this as well as any previous RP experience will be used to factor in your characters ability to advance in their abilities
History: Please include as much as possible


The Leria Resistance

Username:[Yume Youki]
[Character name:] Zephyre Phoenix
[Race: Human] High Elf - Prince
[Siding:] Leria Resistance
[Rank/Occupation:] Leader of the Resistance
[Age:] 1900
[Abilities:] Fire attacks, as well as the ability to destroy people’s minds. Has a rather fond preference towards water abilities, however, and he is especially fond of his sword, Fëa Sáro, which is more like a katana.
[Weapons:] A staff, several knives, his sword, and magic.
[Appearance:] With black hair, and a somewhat brooding expression on his face, he always wears black, no matter what. In fact, the only things about him that AREN’T black, are his skin, and his eyes, which are a deep, icy blue.
[Personality:] Dark and somewhat brooding, he is very loyal, and always honest to himself as well as others. He may keep things to himself at times, but if someone asks him something, he will answer truthfully, because he hates liars more than anything.
[History:] He was raised as a prince of his race, and yet was quite humble, always helping out those he thought needed it. When most of his family was slaughtered by Ankoù’s minions, he vowed to hunt Ankoù down and destroy him. It was then that he met the Oracle, who told him to form a resistance. Thinking this a good idea, he did so, and the resistance quickly grew from a small group, to an army.

Username: [Yume Youki]
[Character name:] Yan Yrotha
[Race: Human] High Elf
[Siding:] Leria Resistance
[Rank/Occupation:] Second in Command
[Age:] 1800
[Abilities:] Ice and air/wind abilities, and has a great love for water. She is fast and agile, quick on her feet, and a swift thinker, both in battle, and outside of it. Prefers to outsmart and trick her opponents. Knows a bit of Black Magic as well…
[Weapons:] Staff (white with black designs-made of ivory), several knives, magic, and two katana blades. Her staff is long, with two circles criss-crossing each other at the top and a six pointed star in the middle of both.
[Appearance:] Very black, and goth, with skull earrings, black make-up, and black clothes. She also has black hair, and her eyes are a deep, deep, black.
[Personality:] Serious and grim, she looks beautiful, but few are brave enough to confess their love to her – those that do are usually royally turned down. It’s obvious that she likes somebody, however, nobody knows who, and everybody is hoping it’s them. Those poor men. ^^,
[History:] She grew up with Zephyre Phoenix as his servant, and he’s her best friend, and lover. When his parents were killed, Yusyr was affected as well, for she had basically been adopted by his family, and although the adoption was unofficial, Zephyre’s parents thought of her as a kind of “second child”, meaning that they thought of as their daughter, but never pretended that they gave birth to her. However, they were kind nonetheless, and so Yusyr was devastated when they were killed. She now stays close to Zephyre at all times, both for her own comfort, and to make sure that she doesn’t end up losing him as well.

Username: [Talos Cyrion]
Name: Kasai Tokorikata
Age: 27
Rank: Captain commander & Second Resistance leader
Siding: Leria resistance
Long black bladed katana known as Ketsuri – tears of blood

Sheekai: (stage 1)
Senbone Sakura kagayushi: falling cherry blossoms (a cloud of millions of razor sharp tiny blades that cut the foe to ribbons in seconds)

Bankai senkai (stage two released)
Hibashira: pillar of fire

Can also fire a powerful bolt of energy (this he can use more frequently as while it is very powerful it can draw on the energy of things around it…thus reducing the stress on him)

Appearance: 6’7
Personality: Quiet, and often withdrawn. He is very observant and loyal. He will defend those who either cannot defend themselves or that he holds dear.
Weakness: His attacks while powerful, can also be very taxing and as such he only uses these rarely.
History: Little is known, and he keeps his own past to himself.

Username: [Yume Youki]
[Character name:] Yusyr Anui
[Race: Human] Dark Elf
[Siding:] Leria Resistance
[Rank/Occupation:] Spy for the Resistance
[Age:] 1500
[Abilities:] Ice and water attacks, she has a fondness for aerial attacks, and firing blasts of air at her opponents. Is smart and cunning, and likes to trick and outsmart her opponents.
[Weapons:] A double-bladed katana, called Faereth, “Song of my Soul”, and a knife, called Aiyan, “Eternal Bloom”. She has several other knives and weapons that she hides on her bodice.
[Appearance:] Brown hair, and bright icy blue eyes, she wears a short skirt with leggings and a loose fitting top.
[Personality:] Light and bubbly, she always loves a practical joke, and has a bit of a problem with her pride. She’s always the center of attention, and loves every moment of it. Although she has such a nice character, however, she also has a darker side as well, and it shows itself the most when she’s fighting in battle. When her other character comes out, she becomes a completely different person, literally in fact – everything about her personality switches and she becomes the opposite of what she was before. She becomes a complete monster, with a love, or even a lust for killing. This due to the Daemon prince that lives within her. She can control it, thankfully, even when in battle, however, it is still a terrible sight to see.
[History:] Grew up as most Dark Elves do, but one day, while raiding a village not far from her home, she found a baby lying on the street, abandoned and crying. Taking pity on the poor creature, and while no-one was watching, she snuck out of the town with it, and ran for her life, for she knew that what she had done would get her killed by the other Dark Elves in her Coven.
She ran all the way to the Forests of Ormia, and while passing through it, she finally stopped to rest, and it was at that moment that a Daemon tried to take control of her. Completely unprepared, yet unwilling to give up her body and mind, she fought desperately. However, had it not been for the baby she rescued crawling over to her and reaching its arms out, Yusyr would have been lost, and so would the baby, no doubt. She practiced day and night, for almost two months, at controlling and handling the thing that was now inside of her, and during that time, she became such a skilled master of her inner Daemon, that there were few people who could match her in a one-on-one battle. After mastering this, she once again began her journey away from the home she once knew.
She eventually wound up at the city of Awos, exhausted and near death, and collapsed on the doorstep of a stranger's house. She was taken in by the woman there, who nursed her back to health. Eternally grateful to the old lady, she promised to help her in any way she could. The woman suggested that she join the Resistance, and without hesitation, she did so, leaving the babe in the care of the woman until Yusyr could return to fetch it. The Resistance was wary of her at first, but she proved her worth to them time and time again, and eventually they came to trust her to such an extent, that they allowed her to become a spy for them.

The Death Army

Username: [Yume Youki]
[Character name:] Ankoù
[Race: Human] Death God
[Siding:] Although he leads the Death Army, he’s on a side all his own…
[Rank/Occupation:] Death Army Leader
[Age:] Since the Beginning of Time
[Abilities:] Can read and manipulate minds. Beyond that, no one knows.
[Weapons:] Magic, a staff and his mind.
[Appearance:] No one knows what his true form looks like, as looking directly at a god in their true godly form would make you go blind instantly. However, when not in his true form, he takes on the likeness of a very tall old man with a black staff.
[Personality:] No one is quite sure, although it is known that Ankoù wishes to take over the land of Leria, no one knows why. Most people just assume that it is because he is a power hungry fool who wishes to rule the universe. Though the question remains: If he’s just a power hungry fool, then why did he wait for so long before making his intentions known 10,000 years ago…?
[History:] All that is known is that 10,000 years ago, Ankoù tried to take over the land of Leria for his own purposes, and that he failed, and was sealed in some dark secret place, so that he may never rise again. However, now that he has, it’s only a matter of time before history repeats itself. Only this time, will there be anyone able to stop him?

Username: Raven1.3
Character name: Raven
Race: Raven/ Familiar*
Siding: Death Army
Rank/Occupation: Messenger and Servant bird to Ankoù. Also Second in Command of the Death Army.
Age: 180*
Abilities: Can turn invisible by melting into the shadows, and becoming one with them. She is also able to use ice, shadow, and fire magic, as well as a little black magic. However, this is only a small portion of her master’s abilities, and doesn’t even compare to them.
Weapons:] Her beak and talons, as well as magic attacks
<b>Appearance:] Has pitch-black feathers, and pure, golden irises. Her talons are so sharp, that they could slice throw bone in an instant, and so large, that they’re as thick as a human thumb, and about as long as a human’s index finger. Her beak is filed to perfection, and is just as dangerous as her talons, if not more so. She’s a beautiful beast – but a dangerous one.
She doesn’t have much of one, though it is known that she thinks of her master very highly, because whenever she is allowed to voice her own opinion (which isn’t often, as Ankoù likes to take over her mind so that he can speak to the people he needs to directly through her beak – though the very fact that she lets him do that without complaint is a statement of itself), she is always in agreement with the god, and she talks about him with respect, a courtesy she bestows on no other being (she prefers to think of all other beings as disgraces to their kind – though why, I don’t really know…).
History: She doesn’t have much of one, but it is known that she didn’t start out as a raven – no in fact, she started out as an elf, and is one of the very first elves to turn to the dark side. For, when Ankoù came across her while in search of a companion, she fell head over heels in her eagerness to serve him. When he proposed that she become his familiar, so that they could stay together forever (sorry about how cheesy that sounds), for he quite liked the elf, she agreed without hesitation, and was thus changed into a raven by him. And that’s basically the end of that. :)

[*Note1: a familiar is a magic user’s aid in casting spell, creating potions, and basically just doing magic-y stuff.
*Note2: This isn’t her actual age, it’s just that there are so many zeros behind that number, that it’s impossible to count. She’s been around for a long, long time. Familiars live for as long as their master/mistress does (and I have no idea for how long that Death god’s been alive – much less if she’s been with him from the start). So if a god had a familiar, that familiar would be immortal. :)


Username: [Eyden13]
Character name: Aisling
Race: Book Fea
Siding: neutral
Rank/Occupation: Librarian
Age: 407
Abilities: (Paper Magic.
Weapons: A plain silver staff, that at the top has a pure white cresent moon with a circle around it.
Appearance: She has straight black hair that she keeps in a bun, black glasses, green eyes, and pale complexion due to spending all her time in a library. She has a tiny freckle on the right side of her nose. She has black translucent wings that she tends to tuck behind her back. She wears a plain white dress that swishes around her feet, and is strapless. She wear stud white earrings, a silver bracelet, and no other jewelry.
Personality: Aisling is very intelligent, due to spending her entire life reading all she could get her hands on. As a result she has been locked up in a library for many years; however, don’t let her naïve nature fool you, she has a wicked temper. She will stand up for her those she deems her friend and family, and what she believes in. She cherishes the collection of books she guards and takes care of, priding her self in the fact that she no harm has come to them with in her life time. She’s clumsy, but has a heart of gold, which is untouched by the spilt blood, at least so far. Aisling spend most of her time alone, causing her to sing out loud while she works, showing off her beautiful voice. She embarrasses easily and is innocent in many ways, including violence, the opposite gender and social hierarchy. In her library there are no masters and slaves, the only law fallowed is her own. Over all, she is easy going, except for her pet peeves, which are: missing treating books, treating those less wealth as trash, not knowing how a library is organized, and messes. She is very strict about being organized.
History: Aisling Started out as a book worm, then early in life changed into a book fea. She has lived by herself, only interacting with the few people who happen to work at the library. She has lived sheltered and away from society and the fighting. Time seems to pass slowly in her library

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2009-09-02 [Yume Youki]: Now all I need to do is put some characters up, and see if that makes this look better...

2009-09-23 [Eyden13]: I'm done with my chracter which you can check out at character of Eyden. She is under Aisling of Leria. You can also see othe RPs I have taken place in. If you like it please let me know if I can add my chracter.

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