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Kyrinn's Taunt Face


Kyrinn's Taunt Face

My namesake Kyrinn, elven swordmaster of the red hair and mischievous personality. 
This is his taunt face. As a swordmaster he loves to taunt. that and it
drives everyone nuts. *giggles*
Copic markers, pencil and copic inking pens. 

/ [Kyrinn]

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2011-08-29 [Yuriona]: Hey! You got the scanner to cooperate! XD
Nicely done as always. Why am I so not surprised that its Kyrinn that decided to tickle yer muses? At least its a G rated picture for a change. lololololol

2011-08-29 [Kyrinn]: It was combat I tell ya.  After a lot of bickering I got it to work. Squee!!
Thanks hon! after a bit of prodding he hopped out, despite the fact it doesnt include full frontal nudity for him lol!!! 

2011-08-31 [Yncke]: Very nice design of hat!

2011-08-31 [Kyrinn]: Thank you! I have never liked doing hats for him, but this time I got it spot on. :D

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