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2008-04-03 08:01:15
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kira's art

Well I have finally finished this, piece called negative space. It is a reproduction of a photo taken by my talented friend [Carnival] he was both the model and the photographer. Thank you [Carnival] for letting me use your photo XD
Because I am scared shitless of strong lines and dark shading I thought this would be the perfect pic to use as practice and try to face those fears.
This is a rework of an older sketch I did as practice. Mike here is a KMart catalogue model, I hope this is an improvment on the original.
The lady of the house. Another of my KMart catalogue modles sketched for practice.
This is a rough sketch on scrap paper (which explains why it is sticky taped together) I may rework this one day. KMArt catalogue model, sketch practice.
This was an art trade with an artist on DA. Silvernoir.
This is her character David. I used another KMart catalogue boy as refrence for the body and pose the face was refrenced form her character.
A sketch, still a WIP of my hubbie on our wedding day in 1997
Kicking is what I called this practice sketch. KMart catalouge model and chair used as refrence.
The young lord is what I called this practice sketch. KMart catalouge model and chair used as refrence.
A photo manipulation of a photo I took of my cousin. This is Sabastian, he is a character in my series of novels (hopely they will be published one day)
This is my main character Aaron from a series of novels I hope to get published one day. I used another pic form Jessy as refrence for the pose (with his permission of course) He is a marvelous artists and talented writer. If you ever get the chance you should check out his story 'The God Eaters' It is R rated and involves gay characters but is still absolutly briliant. He also has a web comic called Metanioa, again it involves gay erotica but the characters and drawing with antoher artist RAH are top notch.
One of my first real attempts at darker shading.
My very basic attempt at expressing the two major sides of my personality and emotions. Not very happy with it but you get the idea.

/ [kiradraco]

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2007-02-14 [Galatea]: Very very nice artwork!!

2007-02-14 [kiradraco]: Thanks <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2007-05-03 [Silver Moon]: cool art

2007-08-19 [Iske]: nice work..

2007-11-16 [Snap Dragon]: Awsome work!

2007-11-17 [kiradraco]: *blushes* Thanks XD

2008-01-07 [Kirè]:

good drawer u r


2008-01-07 [kiradraco]: Thank you. XD

2008-02-11 [Galatea]: Very awesome sketchwork! Very nice detail work on "The lady of the House" and great job on the chair in "the young lord"!!! Ditto with the chair in kicking back! 

2008-02-11 [kiradraco]: Thank you.

2012-05-04 [kians mummy]: Wow, you are amazing x

2012-05-04 [kiradraco]: Thanks. I have not drawn in years though, I need to be in the mood and I have a lot more to learn.

2012-05-04 [kians mummy]: Everyone always has something to learn, it's the fact of life. :)

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