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2010-06-30 16:12:25
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Jungle Catwalk

Lilo going to the Ryd's Forest.
Hm... Monorail cat?
OK, might be a good career.
See! Monorail cat is on the way!
Monorail cat is waiting for customers.
Hello! Anyone?
Finally we arrive in the jungle!
"Lilo Livingstone, I presume?", [Hedda] Stanley asks.
Some strange clearing in the Ryd's Forest between RV18 and the running track.
It's cleared by a machine, but I'm not sure how that got here.
Hay is strange... Why don't they use blankets that are much softer?
More jungle found!
That looks very promising. I should send a human there to explore!
A tiny redish bird.
Lots of black birds yelling at us now, but no savages can stop Lilo Livingstone in her fearless struggle to map the continent.
If you look carefully on the middle right tree, you'll see a woodpecker.
Always bring asphalt to the jungle! Lowers the risk of ticks, dog poop or glass. 

/ [Hedda] (made this trip with 2 km per fight)

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