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[Hedda], Lilo and Sonic traveling to Ljusdal from Linköping the day before Christmas Eve (The big day in Sweden).
Sonic and Lilo
Freezing cats! I was cold to wait for the bus.
No bus coming yet....
Folke Filbyter statue in Linköping centre on Stora Torget (The big Square)
Stora Torget again
On the train waiting for a train.
Darkness outside.
Stockholm outside
On the train outside of Tomteboda, the huge postal sorting central in Stockholm.
A neighbouring cat on the train.
Lilo in my lap on the train. She sits like that all the train-trips.
Sonic has to be in her cage though.
In my partent's house in Ljusal.
Cat foot!
Our Yule Tree.
And presents and Lilo
With lights and father.

/ [Hedda]

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