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On the small outer rim desert planet of korriban the last of the sith have gatherd. the jedi have all but wiped them out, and only a select few are left.a signal has been broadcasted over the force, to all sith.

A small, thin , black sith cruiser silently set down in the valley of the dark lords.Dedus stepped off the landing pad and looked around."First one here..interesting."The dark side was strong here,with enough meditation he might be able to spread his awareness through out the planet. but he was far to lazy for such things.

The ancient sith tombs stood ominous against the morning sky.The old academy reflected the rising sun,and the giant statues looked down on him and his ship."This place is creepy...even for a sith academy."

The jedi closed his natural eye, letting his bi-nocular eye focus in on the distant outcropping in the desert, the sun was rising, he could alread sense whatever life had been out, was finding its way underground. he dis-liked the heat.. to a point. he kept a sharp look, watching for any signs. he had been sensing something around this planet for some time. he wasnt quite sure what it was though.. not yet anyway. than, he saw it, the light reflecting off of something.. mettalic. his hands tucked away in his jedi robes, he rubbed his beard thoughtfully.... considering his options.

A tall dark muscular shadow walks up to the gathering of people and silently stood a light saber on his hip he took from a jedi he killed with his bare hands. His nickname at the brothels was Armund of the dark moon.

Dedus looked at the newcomer."So i wasnt the only who heard the call through the force.?"He grinned and then looked of behind him, our of the corner of his eye."Theres someone else here, far away, but ,I feel it in the force."

Terrex had watched long enough, a second ship had entered, and he sensed his position would soon be compromised... he started walking towards his ship.... too late, the feeling with in him told him that they knew his where-a-bouts... nothing he could do now, but leave, or stay and fight. he sensed more would be coming though.. leaving would be wise. the jedi council must know of what has happened here. they would return with reinforcements... or not. either way. Terrex climbed into his small a wing, and prepared for take off.

Armund just stood there with an emotionless face, "That one is nothing to worry about."

He looked at his sensors as his small ship left the planets atmosphere... they apparently wanted nothing to do with him. odd. this worried him slightly, that the waning sith numbers no longer cared about a lone jedi. a tasty treat for any sith.. but apparently not tasty enough. he set a course for curuscent and entered hyper speed.

Armund toyed with the light saber on his side and waited. He hated waiting no matter what the wait was for. He sighed and watched everyone stand around chatting then looked over at Dedus, "I hate waiting, want to take care of our little friend over the hills in the mean time?"

Dedus grinned, the jedi would be no match for the two of them."He is gone."He said suddenly as a small spec in the distance flew out of the planets atmosphere.The other sith around them, were of no importance. Weak in the force, the were a team, feeding off of each other to reach the strength of dedus or armund, but stronger ones were coming, and would be there soon.

"I hate always makes me want to beat someone." Armund laughed, "Too bad that jedi ran off I need some fun."

Dedus smiled."Well, take you're pick, these sith arent going to make much of a difference in the end..pick one."

Armund smiled and walked up to what looked like the weakest one out of the group but he knew that one had the strongest force out of all of them, "Hey you bored too?" The little one looked up at him "Yeah." Armund looked down at him with an emotionless face, "Lets pass the time i sense the force is strong with you," he pauses and pulls out the lightsaber turning it on, "So show me what you got." He got into a power stance as the little one got into a fencing stance and turned on his saber. As if a dance it went on for all of 3 minutes Armund of course mearly playing with the kid, "So what's your name?" Armund asked as they blocked, he pushed off and replied, "Lestro." Armund used the force to push Lestro down then cut off a little hair from his dead lock and turned off his light saber putting out a hand and helping him up. "I was just toying it would do you good to get stronger." He picks up the lock and walks back to Dedus. "That was no fun."

Terrex made his way into coruscent, landing his ship carefully in the jedi temple hanger. he looked out of his cock pit, to see two figures making their way to him. he smiled, hopefully it would be some willing jedi.

Dedus smiled, and was about to say something, but was cut off by the sound of stone scraping stone."What in the world is that?"He asked as the temple doors opened, a stale gust of wind billowing forth.

The crowed automatically knew to go forward, into the temple.
Inside the main room, nearly seventy sith stood."This place reeks of death." Dedus whispered to armund."What's happening?" someone asked aloud. the answer, atleast as far as dedus knew, was nothing. the room just vibrated darkside energy, and nothing happend....Yet.

Terrex smiled, as one of the figures bowed slightly, terrex jumped out, and bowed in return, a young jedi was walking in tow, keeping the jedi robes wrapped around themselves in a manner that left their identity secret... Terrex raised an eyebrow in curiousity.

Armund loooked over at Dedus, "Get ready." He put a hand down on his lightsaber and walked cautiously looking each direction before taking another step. Paranoid that the next one may be his last. He closes his eyes and sees through the force feeling around him waiting for something to happen while still slowly, cautiously stepping foreward.

the darkness was interrupted by nearly thirty red sabers."What the hell?"Came a general cry from the crowd. the new saber wielders steped into the light, resembling quite closely ancient sith masters. dedus dropped to a knee, and several others did the same. before long the entire croud was kneeling.

Armund reluctantly kneeled he hated doing so but he knew it was the only way for him to get the protection he needed from the jedi. He bowed his head and took in the smell of rotting corpses. Somehow he took a liking to the scent.

An especially old Sith stepped forward, his body was indeed falling apart, or at least it appeared to be falling apart. his skin was an extremely unnatural color, his eyes a bright and unnatural yellow. a deep throated chuckle came out of him, the chuckle sent shivers down everyones spine, except for the unmoving acients behind him. "hmmm... how you kneel before true power..." he stopped for a slight coughing fit, a peice of wretch and filth being shot out of his throat, he stopped to breath. he looked back upon his.. children. his eyes were cold, and uncaring. "you bow because you are weak, you bow because the jedi have all but ani-halated you. could anyone please tell me why?"... let us see if these children know why they cannot succeed.

Armund rose his head and spoke up, "It is BECAUSE we are weak and inexperienced m'lord." Armund knew if he spoke he would most likely be struck down but he didn't care he wouldn't go down without a fight. His muscles tensed he was ready for what may be to come.

The ancient turned around, and began to walk back with the ranks of the other ancients.."surprisingly humble for a sith..." he turned around and this time his face that had been calm, was replaced with anger and passion. "who here is humble ? I would like to know what kind of an answer that is!!" his voice was getting louder, and louder, dust was falling from the ceiling, along with little rocks and pebbles as his voice grew.. "It disgusts me that you would give in so quickly to my simple question, it disgusts me that you would kneel before me. It is not like a sith to kneel, WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT!!!".... the aura of anger around him now calmed, and his face became placent..."we will take over the galaxy...with only one sith, we can do much. we will use the... greed, of the rulers, to take them. one planet at a time." he turned around, stalking off, the rest of the sith sabers turned off, and followed him out, into a smaller corridor. "we will not be disturbed. I will see you at sunrise, with the news." with that, he was gone.

Dedus stood and looked to armund."This wont end well..."

Armund stood up "Tch. Wasn't what I expected from the 'Dark Lord of the Sith'." He felt anger growing inside of him until the force inside of his spiralling high above all of his anger, his eyes rolled to the back of his head then back down his irises white. "Protection or no protection I WILL NOT ACCEPT BEING CALLED WEAK."

a crumbling individual came forth to the one called armund, he was shrouded in a cloak, whether he was a she, or something else was shrouded... "the ancient one will see you.. soon" he nodded towards the one called dedus "you too..." he walked away, "he will see you in his.. private quarters"

Armund looked over at Dedus his eyes still white only black pupils he nodded to him, then to get some anger out he drew a symbol in the dirt with the blade of his light saber. He put that symbol everywhere he came as if he expected to get amnesia or something.

Dedus shrugged at armund."do we follow?"He asked, a slight jambimi accent could be heard in his voice.

Armund shrugged, "Don't want to be rude." He followed the person that came to him and Dedus, "Are we to follow?" Armund was slightly confused himself.

A small voice probed their minds.. "yes.. follow, by all means follow him." it ended with a slight chuckle, a chuckle that sent shivers down any rational persons spine...

Armund followed him into a large chamber. Stone walls, the stench of decaying corpses what was there not to love?

Dedus could feel armunds like of the place."Youre an odd one .."He chuckled, and shook his head.

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