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Username: [Xerin Zamaki]
Name: Manto Tanken (1st name pronounced Man tau
Age: 25
Birthday: May 06
Rank: None
Physical Description: see pic
Personality: Looks cool on the outside, but not much on the in. Tends to be a lone wolf, doesn't show feelings for others, but actually cares generally.
Likes: People, being quite, people who talk alot, children, sharp pointy things, and food.
Dislikes: Losing, people running away, people who abandon their friends or family and most men.
Background: Not much to say about Manto he never had a home growing up, nor a village. He lived at an orphanage when he was younger, escaped when he was 12 and robbed people to survive. Eventual became a ninja under his own training, never had a name so he made one up based on his abilities as a ninja. Found orphans during his travels and took care of them. Most of them still live with him. Others he taught to defend themselves and they decided to go out on their owns. He always acts tough even if hes on the verge of death, will never back down from a fight especially if it means protecting his nakama. He can never turn down a child in need, its one of his few weaknesses.

Username: [Xerin Zamaki]
Name: Shimo Kurayami
Age: 32
Birthday: December 1st
Rank: Missing Jounin.
Physical Description: see pic
Personality: Cold, kinda rude and non social.
Likes: Money, the cold, being alone and more money, did I mention money.
Dislikes: Happy people, giggles, not making money, and not having money.
Background:Became a understudy while Kakuzu, and Hidan were still around. He trained under Kaku since they both shared a mutual love of money. When he learned of Kakus death he was pissed, only cause Kaku never told him where he kept all the money hidden. He saves every penny he makes, and will never give any of it away. Though he trained under Kaku he didn't learn any of his techniques. Since someone before him had already had the privilege. Later on Shimo was teamed up with Koumori. They worked pretty well together since neither of them could quite see in a normal way. Shimo is more of a scout/assassin then a straight up brawler. Hes know as the snowy coming of Zabuza.

Username: [Xerin Zamaki]
Name: Kori Yutanpo
Birthday: November 21st
Rank: Chunin
Physical Description: see pic
Personality: Cute, manipulating, deceiving, and bouncy. Can be a real biiiach.
Likes:Snow, pretty things, jewelry, shopping, polar bears, and pervs.
Dislikes: People who know her games, that doesn't think shes cute/hot, animal haters especially bear haters and smart men.
Background: She grew up in the land of snow, and was spoiled rotten. She's always gotten her way if not by her looks by her brute strength, but usually by making other do her work for her. Don't mistake her trickery as laziness, or that she might be weak and dainty. She is the closest thing to a Sage the snow village has ever had, and if you get on her bad side you'll find out why. She trained with her partner animals deep in the mountains of the snow hidden away in some labyrinth of a cave. She's best at taijutsu and ninjutsu and only knows a few genjutsus. She maybe cute/sexy but this girl has claws and fangs.

[Xerin Zamaki]

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