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2006-12-30 18:13:11
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This would be a page completely dedicated to someone that touched us all... Too bad the only thing she touched us with was lies. THE INFAMOUS: IMMORTAL LOVE!!!!! known to most of us as Jesse or her long name which was probably also fake...:
Jessica Jasmina Elizabeth Erzabet Rosache Michelle Juanita Majenta McCloud... who truly looks like this...

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2006-12-30 [6 crazy-beautiful 9]: its funny that she had such a huge impact on your life. You dont even know how many times you were lied to before you met her, and how many times you will be lied to after the fact. If you let this run ur life, youll end up never trusting anyone.

2006-12-30 [Willst du meine Liebe seien?]: oh no no no... it hasnt ruined my life... i am just learning from my mistakes... you really dont know if a person online is lying to you or not... the only way to find out is to meet them in person.. i am on here because it amuses me... people spend so much time out of their lives on here... and pretty much the only time i am on here is when i cant be skateboarding.... but no... its not like i dont trust ANYONE... i just dont really trust people that i havent met... or w/e... to prove that i am who i say i am... i take new pictures... if they dont believe me then i tell them to tell me what to do in my picture... or i may do the same for them... if i dont believe that they are who they say they are...

2006-12-30 [Rain Man]: lol, doesnt run my life, when i mean i dont care, i juss mean when i come on the internet, i dont care. The only impact if any, is i'll never trust or get close to an online person again. Juss cuz i think its pretty retarded. In real life its a whole different story. :D

2006-12-30 [6 crazy-beautiful 9]: i dont even bother with online relations. im here solely to waste time between class or whatever when i have nothing better to do. I never have and never will get close to anyone over the internet cuz its actually ridiculous. And ya, i take new pics all the time too...and i have a myspace and i have way more pics on there with friends and everything so theyre pretty credible. and if ppl dont believe me then, its just their prob.

2006-12-30 [Willst du meine Liebe seien?]: right... yeah.. i have a myspace too... and ther are a LOT more pics on there.. lol

2006-12-30 [6 crazy-beautiful 9]: i like myspace so much better....more to do i think...

2006-12-30 [Willst du meine Liebe seien?]: i agree... lol

2006-12-30 [6 crazy-beautiful 9]: i find theres less creepy people there too!
lol or maybe its just me.

2006-12-30 [Willst du meine Liebe seien?]: nope... not you.... i agree with that too... and you are making me look like a mindless oaf... making me agree with you all the time like that... lol.. jk

2006-12-30 [Rain Man]: Well i tried those nearly 2 years ago, and i dont like it. I was juss tryin somethin new b4, it really sux tho.

2006-12-30 [6 crazy-beautiful 9]: or maybe its just great minds thinking alike. You're no mindless oaf dont you worry!.......and you can think it sucks all you want, you can stay here with the creepers....

2007-01-02 [Willst du meine Liebe seien?]: lol... yeah... remain with us.... and thank you... angie... it is just weird that i am constantly agreeing with you... ya know?

2007-01-03 [6 crazy-beautiful 9]: and why would you consider that weird?

2007-01-03 [Rain Man]: its love at first type

2007-01-03 [Willst du meine Liebe seien?]: well... if all you were to do is to constantly agree with someone, would you not have the urge to quit typing? or speaking if it were in real life? its like that... but i wish to remain... and rain man... you are one crazy motherfucker... lol... stepping over lines and shit... didnt i get into a fight with you once or twice?

2007-01-04 [Rain Man]: not sure if we had any e-battles, possibly, i consider it pretty pointless tho

2007-01-04 [Willst du meine Liebe seien?]: yeah... me too... but you remind me of one of the people that i battled with in here....

2007-01-04 [Rain Man]: its very possible, i used to spend alot of time on this website in 2004 when i talked to jess and few others, plus i used to draw alot. And was always in wiki's cuz they USED to be fun.

2007-01-05 [Willst du meine Liebe seien?]: i agree... i think i signed up for this site in like 2001 or 02... i cant remember... but i have been on here forever... and now all that i use it for is to bide the time until my next myspace message comes back... lol

2007-01-06 [Rain Man]: hehe,..well i usually juss come on here once a day. Usually after i get out of work at this time(4:23 am down here) it used to be fun, but all the cool ppl left

2007-01-08 [Willst du meine Liebe seien?]: yeah... we are the only cool ones left...*frowns*... yeah... i get on here when i am done with school at around 2

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