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International Byhålenytt Wednesday 2010-01-13

Google declares war on China

The oppressive regime of China has greatly pissed off Google by launching a big attack to break into dissidents' account on Google's services. Google has answered with taking away all their regime-friendly filtering and is threatening to leave China.

We're waiting for the follow up with the Google spying network (Google Earth ++) combined with Google law enforcement service facing the Chinese army. Google's mission is to index and order all the information in the world, while the Chinese regime's mission is to order and distort all the information in the world. It should be quite clear that one of them will make catastrophic bad decisions...

The nationalistic newspaper Global Lies (Or was is Global Times?) writes as a comment on that Google for the first time don't filter the result that "Google is thinking about using censorship".

Or you can write like this:

Officially from Google:

Israel and Turkey in fight (again)

Israel: Haha, I made you sit on a small couch!
Turkey: *Throws spade at Israel and walks away*
You kids, learn from these more adult kids!

Haiti shaken


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