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International Byhålenytt Tuesday 2010-01-05

Anti-terrorist panic faces childporn panic!

Terri Dowty from the organization Action for Rights of Children is now attacking the "nude scanners" that are used on airports. They break a British law from 1978 that makes it illegal to make an indecent image or an image of a child. Don't bother about logic like "So X-rays of kids should be forbidden too?" and bring the popcorn!

Climate change...

Australia has become warmer and warmer for every decade the last 6 decades. We'll make no connection to that right now in the northern hemisphere there are cold-records almost everywhere, both in Europe, Asia and North America. Some scientists can surely see this as proof that humans are causing global warming and the opposite. Most, who will not be quoted in the press, would of course say that they have no bloody idea.

In the meantime the scientist who are sure about either theory gets loads of funding, and the sane ones have to do something else. No one is interested in funding something unless they know what will be "discovered".

And the Darwin Awards are out

If all deaths were this easy to avoid:

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