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International Byhålenytt Monday 2010-01-04

Hatred edition.

Bono confirms: He's an idiot

The U2-singer Bono is yet again showing that he's a total moron. Now he thinks that the open countries should learn from totalitarian states like China to strange the Internet so that his already huge profits can soar even more. It was bad enough that he spread harmful ideas that some countries can't do without outside help, but this time he really nailed it. Maybe it's time to take off your sunglasses, or does it hurt our eyes too much if we see your blazing ego?

No more movies

As you know, Internet piracy is totally killing the movie industry. Not even a movie that is recorded and marketed for a tiny new record amount of $430, can expect to see much more than a 200-400% profit margin. Isn't it obvious that the movie industry has to pressure the government to close down that Internet-thing?,0,4580669.story

Burj Khalifa 828 meters of ego

Dubai is having serous financial troubles due to too much loans, but the tallest building in the world is now done:


More on (slow as hell now)

Locked in a pub for 2 days!

No report on how bad the hangover was:

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