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International Byhålenytt Friday 2010-01-01

Happy new year!

Alien looking smart-asses

The Boskop is a human race that lived in South Africa some thousands of years ago. They had huge brains and tiny faces, just like alien humanoids generally are depicted.
And some bashing of the concept and stating the fact that humans all over the world have been getting smaller brains the last 10 000 years:

Copyright continue to kill culture

Same old crap again: A lot of information is stolen from the public domain for no reason at all:
Apparently no one cares enough about these works, otherwise there would have been plenty of murders.

But people are blind anyway, so who care?

Culture: Avatar

It was long and exhausting. Some really cute 3-meter chicks. And guys in wheel-chairs always kick ass. And guess what: Yes, you've heard the story before. And yes, the claimed writers of the story claim it's great and that they actually wrote it.

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