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International Byhålenytt Monday 2009-12-07

Back after some time off.

True Morons Finnish party says no to minarets

Minarets has nothing to do with Islam, says the racist party, and they can therefore be forbidden without sacrificing the freedom of religion. Minarets have to be forbidden as they have to do with Islam, the party continues.

More morons

100 authors can live on writing books in Sweden (9 million inhabitants). 200 more can live on their work thanks to substitutions of other kinds. The median income was $30000USD/year, but of that only 19% came from royalties.

The conclusion Författarförbundet (The Authors' Guild) made is that the Internet needs to be killed, and ISPs must be turned into cops and judges, because otherwise their richest members can't be enough filthy rich to inspire all the others to continue to work for nothing in a vain hope to get rich and famous. Why it's extremely important that the heirs should continue to make money from the books in 75 years will no one answer.

I think you can make the conclusion that authors don't need royalties and actually just get hurt by that their material isn't spread as wide as possible.

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