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International Byhålenytt Tuesday 2009-10-13

Yes, there is something more ugly than IB-readers:

Total death for books

All publishers and authors will now starve. Yes, it's true. Apparently the high court (Hovrätten, not the supreme court, but normally the highest one) in Sweden has ruled that it isn't publishing to let your friends read your books. The publishers had broken into a password protected server and found that it was possible to download some books there, but as that was judged to not be "publishing" we'll now start to see starving authors and publishers roaming the streets.

Of course no one in the media has reported about any kind of positive effects of having access to books for free. But something that is free is by economical definition useless, so that would be to be expected.

It isn't like the copyright monopolists have been exaggerating before:

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