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International Byhålenytt Monday 2009-10-12

It sucks to live in the UK!

At least according to uSwitch. Highest net income in Europe (Luxembourg, Lichtenstein and Switzerland aren't in the list), but it's rainy, the retirement age is high and if you want to smoke yourself half dead, it's quite expensive.

And the vacations are short, and even Poland has more hospital beds than UK, so that kind of vacation isn't an option either.

Apparently life is nicest in France. In case you wonder, how polite people are wasn't included in the study.
The entire report: <URL:stuff/UK-high-income,-but-life-sucks.pdf> or

The Swedish Internet was broken!

Elftown and such are still working. It's the .se domain that suddenly tried to be the which made all the .se-sites non-working. It happened a little after 22:00 local time, and was fixed within a hour.

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