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International Byhålenytt Sunday 2009-10-11


Lilo, Sonic and Kali have some things to say about the peace prize:





This year's song contest for snapsvisor (Swedish for schnaps-song or drinking song) is settled. Here is the winner:

Melodi Skånska slott och herresäten)
Text by Peter Roadson
Här står det ett snapsglas, framför mej på bordet
Men se nu har en långrandig jäkel fått ordet
Jag svittas i pannan och händerna tvår
Håll truten din satan så snapsen vi får.
Here stands a shot of schaps, in front of me on the table
But look now, a damn orating bastard has been given word
I'm sweating in my forehead and clean my hands
Shut up bloody ass, so that we may drink the schaps!

Singing before drinking schaps is very important. Much more important than eating totally disgusting food.

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