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International Byhålenytt Friday 2009-10-09

The Nobel prizes are on the way!


Obama won the peace prize!

Yes, really! You know, that guy who talks about doing stuff. You can read the motivation on:
But IB will explain it to you. Obama hasn't started 0.25 wars per year. He has a vision of a world without nuclear weapons (which goes like "Everyone else stop having them and then we stop having them too, unless we feel that we need them").

But unfortunately the Nobel committee missed the most important aspect of Obama's work so far. He has done a great work at improving on Bush's try to make USA bankrupt so now the rest of the world is no longer so jealous of the Americans and thus a more peaceful world is created.

The literature prize

Yes, it was presented too.

Genetics prizes

Two of them actually. Chemistry and biology.

Mp3-piracy protection is expensive shit

The British Internet Service providers have calculated that the cost of stopping sharing of Mp3-files on the Internet would cost them 365 million pounds per year. The big record companies say that they could have stolen only 200 millions more of the British public if it wasn't for the fact that Internet exists.

So apparently the record companies have to invent yet another much higher figure and toss it into the debate and then bribe some more politicians to shut down that damn Internet, or at least tax it highly so that former rock stars can still get fortunes for doing nothing.

Nuclear batteries

With some luck, we'll get batteries that last for decades. Right now they are quite crappy and are too big and weak though:

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