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International Byhålenytt Thursday 2009-09-17

Childporn special

750 000 net-pedophiles online right now in USA only!!!

UN is alarmed! And they have proof... Eh... Some sort of, we hope. Eh... OK, there was actually an article saying that there are 750 000 net-pedophiles online at a daily basis. And that figure came from... Guess what: A guy guessing that there might be 50 000 pedophiles with access to the Internet, while stating that it's impossible to know.

So here is a new figure from IB: 5.7 million people are online right now searching for childporn so that they can report it.

If you can read Swedish, here are some actual facts:

Sweden's "childporn" filter leaked

And what did it contain? Sites with childporn? Of course not! Small sites with either porn that doesn't fit the Christian zealots' views (that's basically all porn, but they can't go after high profile sites yet) or basically any site involving parenting or kids. Real childporn sites of course don't get into the filter, because if they are found, the police will shut it down (or use it to catch real criminals).

And yes: Sites that were very much against the entire idea if filtering were among the filtered and some high profile sites (totally not containing any childporn) have been filtered, but became unfiltered after fighting back (of course without any comment from the filter mafia). So now we're waiting for Elftown to be filtered...

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