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International Byhålenytt Tuesday 2009-09-15

IB is back after a little break. Herrgårn ( is closed due to renovations tonight, so there is time!

Fundamentalism terrorism is "constitutional" in Alabama

Fundamentalists have forced a court in Alabama to decide that the ban on dildos is perfectly fine. You can still buy a dildo, but you have to ask for it and then explain all about your love-life, medical problems and that you in no way want to use it for something "perverted". IB suggest that we pretend that we have found weapons of mass destruction in Alabama so we can bomb the shit out of the zealots.

Rock was here!

Yes, the giant eagle has been found in New Zealand. It's called Haast's eagle (Harpagornis moorei) and has been known for quite a while, but it was thought to be a scavenger, but new research shows that it's a real monster. It isn't that big, just 18 kilos and a wingspan of 3 meters, but it had no problems to hunt moas ten times its size. It died out 1000 years ago when the humans killed all the moas, and there were never more than 1000 eagles, so remains are very scarce:;objectid=10597177


VM - Small and electric

Volkswagen, generally known for making cars for the Autobahn, has shown a concept all-electrical car E-Up. The production car will be sold in 2013 and look pretty similar. It's a small car for town-traffic and it's fast up to 50 km/h. The driver information is on monitors including a view backwards from a camera.

IB feels it's a step in the right direction, but really: The town-car has to be really cheep and simple. Build it of inflated plastic (Much harder than bath-toys!), carbon fiber and you'll get something about 100 kg including batteries. Maybe not with racing-car performance wheels, but it should be fine for driving in town and on a highway.

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