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International Byhålenytt Monday 2009-08-24

Sweden improves Internet censorship

In a try to catch up with nations like Iran, China, Australia and USA when it comes to strangle the flow of information on the Internet, a court in Sweden has now wiped out from the Internet (at about 14:00 o'clock Swedish time (GMT+1)). The reason is not that The Pirate Bay is found guilty to anything, but because it's involved in a civil law dispute. 

IB thinks this is great progress, and we hope that Sweden continues with banning all sites with madness glorification (religious sites) and bad political sites.

In another story: Israel's regime is highly upset that Sweden's government doesn't involve in running and controlling what news the crappy newspaper Aftonbladet is publishing (That newspaper is also famous for publishing false rumours about a doping in the Athletics World Championships). Of course Sweden doesn't control its media like that. Unless, of course, someone like Soviet, USA or a powerful Nazi-Germany kindly asks us, but small countries far away can just stuff it! Sweden will never throw the constitution out the window unless it's convenient.

Ifpi (Sweden's RIAA) wants to monitor private chats

Ifpi has filed a police report to get the biggest DC-hubs shut down. As Ifpi's members are owners in for example Spotify where people can get all (approved) music for free (with ads), they just hate the idea that people connect with each other and exchange files without their control. No more exchange of information without big brother listening!

In related news, idiots customers continue to buy even more music than ever before to sponsor big brother control of their lives. 

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