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International Byhålenytt Friday 2009-08-21

Track and field athletics special

World championships

The world championships are being held in Berlin until Sunday. So far 81 medals have been won and Jamaica, USA and Russia are in top. But what does this really means? Who are the best? Depending on how you count, it is not even clear that Jamaica rules!

Statistics says that 81 medals are won at the moment. This will of course change, so these values are the right-now values.

If Jamaica would have as many inhabitants as USA, they would have gotten 544 gold medals, 217 silver and 217 bronze medals. Good job when only 81 medals have been handed out, but they are still way behind Barbados with their 1101 gold medals!

If USA would have been in Sweden's size, they would have won 0.12 gold, 012, silver and 0.15 bronze. It sucks to get half medals, don't it? When Sweden won 3 gold medals last championship, that would have been equal to 100 gold medals for USA.

To be fair to USA and their way of sucking, they do throw away plenty of silver and bronze medals because it's hard to get all the athletes into the team and they are only allowed to send 3 (or 4) even if all of them can win medals. This year, they might even lost a gold, when they didn't send Lolo Jones. But USA is still a little behind Europe, and Russia with its worst championship ever so far, is still ahead of USA when the population is taken into account.

But there is always someone who sucks more! India with 1.2 billion inhabitants couldn't (as usual) get a single medal. And China isn't doing that great with 1 silver and 2 bronze either.

The great athletics nations are Kenya, Cuba and Ethiopia.


This sucks! No high-jump yet and javelin is postponed too. Damn rain!

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