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International Byhålenytt Thursday 2009-08-13


Cat wormers kill

Not a cat, luckily though. A man in Borås, Sweden, was found killed stuffed with cat wormers. He didn't try to deworm himself though, but he thought he was going to get high of it or something... Well, it is known that drug dealers put wormers in cocaine but why spoil a good story with boring facts? 

Crystal ball sees destroys the future

You should use crystal balls to see the future, not to place them in the sun to burn down your flat!

Health reform in USA!

No, we're just kidding. There is no health reform ever coming to USA. Just total madness. To sum it up, the democrats wants to do something, but they have no idea what, while the republicans are quite sure that the democrats are planing a genocide. Not to mention that if Hawking were British, he would be dead!
He's kind of dead, or at least pretty similar to a black hole, but he's definitely British:

The zombie apocalypse is here!

It's here! The zombies don't eat brains, but their fungus overlords do! IB suggests that the only protection there is against this deadly fungus, is to put it in an anaerobic environment and let it produce zombie wine until it dies of alcohol poisoning. Please note that fungus can take at least 100 per mille alcohol, so don't compete in a drinking contest with these evil masters!

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