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International Byhålenytt Wednesday 2009-08-05

Life found on Earth!

The LCROSS project is calibrating its instruments...

Dragon documentary

Yes, dragons! Real dragon. Not those dragon lizards, but real flying fire-breathing dragons. In French with English subtitles:

Military strategist fights crime

A well known military strategists used his knowledge to help the police capture some burglars in Ryd, Linköping, Sweden. The police had way too bad knowledge of the local terrain, but was effectively guided like this:


They were trying to break into a storage where the sport-club store some stuff. IB guess that they are stying drugs, alcohol or something there as we can't believe that burglars steal training equipment. The police caught the two burglars and our hero just had to show one of the cops back to his car...

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2009-08-06 [Viking]: That dragon documentary is awesome. I've seen two english versions - one made for the US market and another for the UK market. I think I have a copy of the UK one somewhere...

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