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International Byhålenytt Thursday 2009-07-30

Hurray, it's Friday!

RIAA helps fighting music buying

File-sharing pirates everywhere cheer as RIAA finally has joined their ranks. RIAA has declared that everyone who buys DRM:ed music and other files should be punished by eventually losing what they have bought. This should teach people to not pay huge sums for a product that they can create by themselves and in the process giving some groups very good reasons to shut down the Internet or at least parts of it.

IB's only concern about this is that it might give ordinary people who aren't certified journalists the idea that they have some sort of freedom of speech too, so we really hope that we still can enforce DRM on our news, or better yet, our readers, so that IB gets paid every time they speak. It's very important that you give away your freedom of speech to IB so that we can protect it!

[Hedda] is yet even more famous

[Hedda] has now also been featured in Radio Gävleborg. He's now planing a career as a professional celebrity in a try to become one of the few people who are famous despite the fact that they have done absolutely nothing.

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2009-08-04 [Viking]: Good luck, [Hedda]! That particular field of celebrity is very competitive. Sometimes I think it's harder to become famous for being famous than it is to actually do something worthwhile and become famous.

2009-08-05 [Hedda]: Hm... And if a give away free alcohol? That should fix it in no time! <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

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