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International Byhålenytt Monday 2009-07-20

Media: Pay up!

IB and a lot of other less important newspapers like Financial Times are now on their way of totally changing the way we act on the net. The current situation with that everyone can read stuff for free must come to an end! Not only is it bad because it makes us very important journalists earn less, but it also gives all the horrible poor people access to free news and it makes it way too easy for enemies of us journalists to point out the errors.

For example: If a journalist gets paid for writing an article about that totally lie about how man billions the record companies are losing on filesharing, then pesky bloggers can point out the errors at once and everyone can compare the article with real facts! This threatens the very core of making money for us journalists, and must be stopped! Otherwise the free words is threatened.

No swine flu news

There will still be billions of people that will get sick in a few months, the hospitals will still become overcrowded and some countries are buying vaccines while most people go on and think that they will never become sick because they are immune to a totally different flu.

Local news: Jupiter

Jupiter was hit. By something.
IB hopes that our readers on the planet can tell us more. Please make a comment and send photos!

ISS is shit

The toilet on the international space station is having problems. Again! Time to send a real plummer!

Flying robopenguins

Yes, really! And much other cool stuff. This is a must-see:

How to know is someone loves you

If you want to know if someone loves you, disregard everything they say and pay only attention to what they do.

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