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International Byhålenytt Wednesday 2009-07-15

Internet: IE 6 is dead!

YouTube is now warning visitors who are using Internet Explorer 6.0 about that they better upgrade or they will stop being able to visit the site. IB will however never stop supporting IE6... Mostly because we never started to support it.

I no nos internerz, lawyers plz help!!!

The well fed lawyers of the European Publishers Council, EPC and World Association of Newspapers, WAN don't want to negotiate with the search engines by themselves, so they ask legislators to give them all the power to rule over the search engines so that they don't have to bother with it. They call it the Hamburg declaration, which insinuate that they wrote it on a hamburger restaurant instead of reading about how to use robot.txt or developing their sites. 

More luddites

The Internet Villain of the Year for 2009, Stephen Conroy, minister for destroying communications in Australia is hard at work. Now he's going after personal communication on the Internet in a try to destroy it even further:,conroy-vows-to-tackle-illegal-file-sharing.aspx

It's an image... and a torrent file!

You know torrent? Those things that describes how you can download pornmovies, MySpace's private photos or TV-series from a foreign country. Some guys have figured out that these files can be encoded into an image and then uploaded to all kinds of sites that doesn't allow torrent uploads, but only image uploads. Not so useful for Elftown as everyone can upload any file to their home-page (See your house->Sitebuild) here and then link to it, but it might be useful on crappy sites... But there you can just as well link to Elftown, so this was really a pointless news, but I've worked so hard on it now.

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