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International Byhålenytt Tuesday 2009-07-14

Now even scientists know about cats!

Yes, eventually scientists have now figured out that our household cats are good at manipulating people to get what they want:
Maybe the biologists have been too busy studying small boring bugs and exotic animals to pay any attention to cats before?

SpaceX into Space

The private start-up space exploration company SpaceX successfully carried a Malaysian satellite, RazakSAT, into orbit. SpaceX has actually been profitable since last year, before it had made a single delivery, but this was the first stuff into orbit. There is a long video about the launch here:

Lithuania forbids glorifying of bad hygiene

Apparently, Lithuania is so extremely filthy and so many people are worshiping bad hygiene that their parliament has thrown the free speech out the window to forbid glorifying of bad hygiene, homosexuality, gambling, hypnosis, bad food and basically everything not considered good. The former president Valdas Adamkus did put in a veto, but the majority was big enough to override that. IB concludes that the Lithuanian parliament is filthy shit no longer allowed in its own country and we're speculating in where they are going next after 1st of March 2010 when free speech ends in the country.

Better than WoW?

One of the most promising MMORPGs in development these days is NCSoft's Aion, a fantasy-based offering built on CryEngine. It makes heavy use of flight as a gameplay mechanic, allowing aerial combat and easy travel around [1]the visually stunning game world.

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