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International Byhålenytt Monday 2009-07-13

Monday mistakes eddition with double D! 

Stupid people doesn't live shorter lives!

Journal of Epidemiology has reported that the mortality for men at age 53 is increased with 15% for every step on the on a nine grade IQ-scale. But when the scientists took out all the stupid things that the morons do, like smoking, drinking too much and eating crap, then the stupid men lived as long as the smarter ones. So if you're a moron, you can live as long as a smart-ass if you in some magical way could be able to live a smart life, which you of course can't because you're a moron. Apparently no women were investigated. Maybe because they feared that it would show that moron women lives longer than smart ones or that women are selfish bitches who refuse to donate anything to science.

Swine flu kills fattos!

Bloomberg is reporting that the World Health Organization discovered that infected people with a body mass index greater than 40 suffer respiratory complications that are harder to treat and can be fatal. So Swine Flu is like Aids, but instead of killing fags and addicts, it kills food-addicts. Now we're just waiting for something that kills lawyers, investment bankers and racists.

Cat in tree

During lunchtime today, the police had to help a cat down from a tree outside of the Swedish parliament building. There might have been a dog or something that made the cat wanting to stay in the tree. The police patrol made decision that the cat could climb down on its own, so they left the cat.

Wells Fargo Bank sues itself!

It doesn't get any more American than this:
The post-crash economy will be built on lawyers suing each others, copyright and patent holders forbidding each other to do anything and politicians borrowing money to spend on crap that no one needs to stimulate the economy.

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