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International Byhålenytt Sunday 2009-07-12

Weekend edition!

Sheep LED

Great party!

A group of four drunk people in the obscure little village Munsö in Ekerö, Sweden, decided that it was a great idea to put two of them on the roof and then let one of the drunkasses drive in mad speed on a small road. The car crashed into a tree and the ones on the roof got splatted. The driver and the passenger in the car somehow missed the point of the game and survived, although badly hurt.

Ekerö's municipally has gathers a "crisis group" for the other ones left in the party that the car come from. IB thinks that they should celebrate that they now can have a party without those total brainless morons. (Legal note: If you know these killed people and think that we're insulting them you're totally right. But we're journalists so we can do what we want. It's written in the law, as we report it.)

Swine pest hit Sweden...

That isn't the H1N1-virus, but actual pigs. The wild boars have grown from a population of 100 animals 20 years ago to 100 000 now. That's a lot of boars in a country that isn't at all adapted to them. They are destroying crops and are hit by cars. A problem is that few know how to hunt them and that the have to be hunt at night.

Yes, there is a fucking reason to curse!

Swearing may serve an important function in relieving pain:
No wonder that those masochist attack-Christians who think everything useful should be forbidden are also against swearing.

Movies and stuff

Nothing to do? You've seen everything? Well, why not watch a course about the general relativity theory?
A warning though: It's way too basic in the beginning so it might quite boring unless you're a total moron, like the students who are asking the really stupid questions on the lectures.

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