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International Byhålenytt Thursday 2009-07-09

Stupid Mish says Keynes is stupid

Despite that most of the world leaders realize the wise thing in wasting money on doing stuff that has no benefit at all for the economy, Mish is arguing heavily on the crazy idea that you have to save money to improve the economy:

No more small radio!

In USA, SoundExchange has reached an agreement for royalty rates with a consortium of Internet radio broadcasters that demands a minimum payment of $25,000 per year from an Internet radio station. This basically means that the confusion about all those many small Internet radio stations will go away and that we'll get Internet that is just as good as cable TV or with even better more filtered content. Because no one in the USA have a clue of how to listening to an illegal or foreign radio-station. More details:

Rice alien art!

Aliens, Japanese or something, have created art in the rice-fields. Read and see more:

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