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International Byhålenytt Wednesday 2009-07-08

Ukraine forbids porn

Ukraine has forbidden all kinds of porn! Possession can put you into jail for 3 years. Ukraine's parliament has wisely chose to start its fight against corruption, sky-rocketing racist crimes and economic decline by putting its police force into battling porn. As a side-effect troublesome people can be arrested and put away with some excuse that they were connected to that porn-Internet.

IB hopes that this means that the Bible and other filthy crap like that is forbidden too. We are however actually so excited about this great new law that me masturbated when we read about it, so this means the law itself must be considered porn and therefore forbid itself. But we think that they will get around that with the usual practice of ignoring logic. 

Elephant Internet

Michael Lundkvist used the little known system LysKOM from an elephant. The Swedish letters ÅÄÖ didn't seem to work, maybe because it wasn't a Swedish elephant.

Asia: Xinjiang separatist movement

In Xinjiang, the Uyghur people is fighting the racist Chines government. The Uyghurs are not allowed to become policemen, solders and much other things and are generally poor, but they do have the right to make loads of children unlike the Han-Chinese. This is triggering fights between the people. The China regime fights free speech as always and the Uyghur seeks comfort in Islamic extremism. Chinese media does its best to spread racism and hatred for the minorities.

Tech stuff: Car

A car that runs 568 kilometers on 1 liter of fuel!
And it weights 110 kilo, about the same as a fat woman.

More tech: Chrome OS

Google has introduced a new operating system: Chrome OS. It's like Linux sort of something like that. It's targeted at Netbook (these cheap little laptops, you know?).

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