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International Byhålenytt Tuesday 2009-07-07

Mugabe says Carson is an idiot

Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe has said that Johnnie Carson, USA's Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. This is of course a little unfair, but IB's theory is that Mugabe is putting the blame of the USA economy on Carson. But the real blame for that the USA economy has only crashed a little while Mugabe have successfully totally crashed Zimbabwe's economy, has to be put on very many Americans. Even if Zimbabwe has done a greater leap against anti-capitalistic utopia than USA, there is much left to do for both countries.

Stuff: Honduras

It's like happening stuff there. Coup and protests. Bush should declare it a part of axis of stuff together with Iran.


Social progress

SIIA has released a follow up to the movie "Don't copy that". Not it features a guy using his computer and then he's takes to jail and get abused by other prisoners.

This is the society you'll get when you vote for making copying illegal. With some luck this will turn into civil war or murdering of anti-file-sharers terrorism to even more increase society development and take it away from the harmful state where everyone is sitting around happily.

You can watch the (horrible) movie on (It's really not a parody! Which is quite a parody... IB is confused about the matter.)

When they came for my neighbour, I didn't care. When they came for my friend, I didn't care. When they came for me, there was no one left to care about me.

Less nuclear weapons in USA and Russia

USA and Russia have reached a preliminary agreement on cutting each country's stockpiles of strategic nuclear weapons. China says "Yay!", UK says "Our turn to pay now?", France says "Fat weak Americans and drunken Russians! We rule", India says "Now we need more to protect us from Pakistan and China now!", Pakistan says: "What they said!" and Israel says "We don't comment on our nuclear weapons. That we don't have.". Peace-organizations all over the globe says this is good, but can't explain why.


A/H1N1, The new Swineflu is so boring to report about that we'll quit. It's spreading slowly because it isn't flu season now. If we would eport about it now, you'll be so bored about the subject in the autumn that you don't care even if we write about billions of sick people. For example UK only has 7500 sick and 3 dead so far, so at least the schools have to start before we have something interesting to report about.

Sauna or no sauna?

Follow up from yesterday's news: And the answer was sauna! BBQ and moving Lotta today. Obama still hasn't got back to us with a comment about the issues.

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