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2005-07-08 22:19:19
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This is why you should pick me to be on the Elftown Crew:

[1]I can speak and read english very well, because it is my main language.
[2]I have a good general knowledge of elftown since I have been on for six or more months.
[3]I get along with most people. I don't normaly have disagreements with the members. I am very open-minded to people's opinions.
[4]People often call me Dr. Phil because lots of people come to me for advice and I love helping them out.
[5]I have never created a competition...
[6]I will be willing to be a crew member for as long as you need me to and if for some reason I can no longer do it, I will let you know so you can find someone new. I see myself, if I was picked, being a Crew Member for a long, long time
[7]I love elftown! I find it very fun and I'm constantly logged on to it. There are very few moments in my day I'm not logged in meeting new people and trying to help the newbies around elftown.
[8]I feel that every one should help the newbies out it is only right.
[9]I think we should try to limit the "cyber-sex" on elftown because this site is not for that kind of stuff. It is for fantasy writers, artists, and people who enjoy reading and being in that kind of enviorment.
       Please Pick Me for the
         [Elftown Crew]

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2005-07-09 [deletedguy]: if you view it will you say so

2005-07-10 [~*~Desert Fox~*~]: I viewed it... and I agree with you....

2005-07-11 [deletedguy]: thank you for your comment

2005-07-11 [~*~Desert Fox~*~]: You are welcome...0_0 I suppose...@_@ yea...Shutting up now...

2005-07-18 [Hedda]: I think your main language is American English, and not English... But that will do too ;-) If you learn to spell "normally". You need some more time here first though and some studies of pseudo html and showing that you can do things on your own. 

2005-07-19 [deletedguy]: im slightly confused what u are asking me to do

2005-07-20 [~*~Desert Fox~*~]: *points and laughs at [deletedguy]*

2005-07-20 [deletedguy]: *pouts*

2005-07-20 [~*~Desert Fox~*~]: *laughs at you and your pouting*

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