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2008-12-30 16:13:59
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Hedda beard 2008

My beard 2008-12-30. That is as much as I ever had.


/ [Hedda]

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2008-12-30 [Sunrose]: It doesn't look bad actually, maybe you should keep it :P

2008-12-31 [Hedda]: It's shaved now. Maybe some other time.

It was itching! But it was nice against the -13 in Ljusdal.

2008-12-31 [Chrysilla]: I agree with that, it doesn't look bad :p

2008-12-31 [nehirwen]: Doesn't look bad indeed. :)

2008-12-31 [Yuriona]: *squints* Hey! There are whiskers there! ^_^ I agree though, it kinda suits you.

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