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hawthorne's faery garden photo ablum
Photo Gallery of my Garden! what else?...


FAE = strange, odd, weird, not-of-this-world
RIE = land
Fairyland = misspelled and redundant
my faery garden...
it is the correct way.. Im a language fetist





<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>SUMMER 2006<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>

honey suckle
<img0*300:stuff/honey%20suckle%201.jpg> <img0*300:stuff/honey%20suckle%202.jpg>
my weigela bush
<img0*150:stuff/Weigela%205.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Weigela%201.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Weigela%206.jpg>
<img0*150:stuff/Weigela%202.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Weigela%203.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Weigela%204.jpg>
Eirikr's garden
<img0*200:stuff/Eirikr%27s%20garden%201.jpg> <img0*200:stuff/Eirikr%27s%20garden%202.jpg> <img0*200:stuff/Eirikr%27s%20garden%203.jpg>
'Rebirth of Eirikr's Oak'
entered in keyword: 'Rebirth'
purple foxglove
<img0*250:stuff/purple%20foxglove%201.jpg> <img0*250:stuff/purple%20foxglove%202.jpg> <img0*250:stuff/purple%20foxglove%203.jpg> <img0*250:stuff/purple%20foxglove%204.jpg>
white foxglove
<img0*300:stuff/white%20foxglove%201.jpg> <img0*300:stuff/white%20foxglove%202.jpg>
yellow rose
<img0*300:stuff/yellow%20rose%201.jpg> <img0*300:stuff/yellow%20rose%202.jpg>

Capture Nature's Soul

<img0*300:stuff/ddp.jpg> <img0*300:stuff/G-May22%2707%205a.jpg>



- 1st place winner: [moira hawthorne]
keyWORD: 'Illumination'
[Blasphemous Rumours]'s contest
keyword photography competition
<img0*300:stuff/light%202%20.jpg> * <img0*300:stuff/light%203%20.jpg>
<img0*300:stuff/looking%20up%201.jpg> <img0*300:stuff/looking%20up%202.jpg>
<img0*200:> * <img0*200:>

<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>Faery Garden Visitors<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>

Aug 28th 2006
here some good/funny news
I may have a chipmunk living in my faery garden
there is someone burreled in.. someone small and furry
I dont think it is a rabbit.. tho that is what Eirikr thought it was
so he shoved 5 or more carrots down its (hole)/nest
in other words on top of its head!
further investigation shows!
we have baby bunnys in my faery garden!
at least two!
ok there are atleast 3!
unless one is a contortionist!
I just hope they havent been abandon by their mother
Eirikr 'fed' them carrots yesterday and they are still there
I know the babys wont eat them but mom should of!
I saw mommy bunny in garden this morning!

<img0*200:stuff/bunny%20baby%201.jpg> * <img0*200:stuff/bunny%20baby%202.jpg>
<img0*190:stuff/3%20bunnys%20a.jpg> * <img0*190:stuff/3%20bunnys%20b.jpg>
the three baby bunnys!
spot the chickadee

<img0*150:stuff/chickadee%202.jpg> * <img0*150:stuff/chickadee%203.jpg> * <img0*150:stuff/chickadee%204.jpg>
they use to be so common at my mother's house
or up north on the boat during summers
but I hardly ever see them here
I love those birds ... they are much cuter than sparrows
chickadee are actual our native bird 
they are smaller and have a lovely laugh like song
'chick ca dee dee dee de'
oh oh oh oh! I saw him checking out my bird house!
I know its late in the season
but maybe his other nest got ruined and he wants to move
if he does make a nest ... I could have a chickadee family in my garden!
and this be the first time I have a bird use my bird houses in 5 years!
wish me luck he does move in!
spot the tailess squirrel that looks just like a bunny rabbit!

<img0*100:stuff/bunny%201.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/bunny%202.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/bunny%203.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/bunny%204.jpg>



hawthorne's SPRING faery garden


<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>SUMMERS PAST<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>

<img0*200:> * <img0*200:stuff/day%20lily%201.jpg>
<img0*200:> * <img0*200:>

In 2003 my garden won an honourable meantion in a local 'Gardens Off Drugs' contest.
It has a huge rock in it that is 4'x4'x5' that me & my friends put there!!!
Ok its only 2'x2'x3' but when moving it it seemed bigger!
It has lots of rocks in it actually!!! I love rocks!!! LOL
I collect them where ever I go.


the BIG Rock and my newest and FAV addition!
lovely white flowers lots of sharp thornes!

and now in 2006
<img0*200:stuff/hawthorne%20flowers%201.jpg> * <img0*200:stuff/hawthorne%20flowers%202.jpg>
... The Hawthorne ...
from my friend [Cia_mar]
As many of you know I spent 6 glorious days in the enchanting country of Ireland and though I never caught a leprechaun or a faerie... I did get to see some beautiful sights, visit family and even kissed the "infamous" Blarney stone... however this accounting is one made of two parts... the first is that our tour guide would always tell us that there were faeries and leprechauns though he joked about having to be politically correct now a days and had to be carefull how he referred to them so as not to offend some other group... and the other thing was that we were riding in a bus on the highway while he was talking and I asked if he had ever seen one of the "wee folk" and he said "to be sure and infact there is somthing that you must know..." he went on to tell us how as we knew Ireland was in the process of doing much road upgrades and making new highways... well the particular one that we were on he knew for a fact that there had been some strange "faerie" influence involved in it's construction... he then asked if I knew what a Hawthorne Bush was... although I have to tell you if you have ever heard the irish speak... Hawthorne sounds like whore-torn... so I had to say no and he went on to explain that a "whoretorn" bush was where the faeries would come and play at night and on the high feast days... well he continues to say how there was a "whoretorn" bush that was in the path of the through coming highway and that the workers being good Irish men, well versed in the lore of the land, decided that they would not uproot that "whoretorn" bush and they refused to continue to work, no matter how the supervisors said that they would lose their jobs... well they were fired and a new crew were to start work on monday, well on the sunday before work the new crew were visiting the local pub and the old crew were there also and they told them they had best not tear out that "whoretorn" bush for fear of retribution by the faeries... well then monday came and sure enough they say the "whoretorn" bush and they too refused to tear it down... this happened 3 times more before finally the supervisors decided upon a solution... (at about this time in the story he told us all to look out the right side of the bus) they decided to split the highway and to go around the "whoretorn" bush... (as he said those words we passed a solitary bush that for no apparent reason the highway did split to allow it to continue to live and then reconviened on the other side of the bush.)


<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>Bird Bath - Water Feature - Faery Bath<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>

was out biking ... spent $50
I went to the dollar store.. (marbles.. 5 nail polishes.. snap dragon seeds...)
(and ofcourse chocolate!)
and the fish store...(fish medicine for my poor stressed beta)
(and plastic plants to replace the reall ones that died...)
and the book store... (rare/used book... ordered 4 others)
and the garden center...(bird bath tray/ flower pot tray)
I spent a good $20 on a bird bath water feature Im making for the garden!
but Im having lots of fun!
*high on nailpolish* im using it as waterproff!!!
making it all marblized! is very cool!
Im building myself a decorative... bird bath...
water feature.. something for my garden... here are some of the pieces..
pretty marbles... shells and rocks...
and a broken cracked leaking terra cotta plant tray that I glued together
and painted with nail polish...
ARGH!!! ILL KILL HIM! thats little bugger of a boy of mine wreaked it...!!!
he dug his little fingers into the drying nail polish
and wrecked my paint job I spent hours on!
AFTER I told him it was drying and it would take all night to dry
and wouldnt be ready to put the markbles or shells in till tomorrow! O__O
well I fixed it as best as I could...
man Ive used alot of nail polish! Im soooooooo stoned!!!
the whole house stinks!
and in natural outdoor light...
hehehehehe... nailpolish to fix stuff! I use it on everything... and damn that it smells horrible =P ... but its useful =P ^_^ Yes drives Bill crazy when I do it near him... I think I used 10 bottles of it on the bird bath1 but very effectively!!! Bill says there was a bird.. a Robin... bathing in the bird bath this morning!
<img0*150:> * <img0*150:> * <img0*150:>

this is my new bird bath water feature in my faery garden! love it!

<img0*250:stuff/bird%20bath%20within%20the%20garden.jpg> * <img0*250:stuff/evening%20bath.jpg>
<img0*250:stuff/rain%20day%201.jpg> * <img0*250:stuff/rain%20day%202.jpg>


<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>'My FaeryWaterGarden'<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>

Early morning of the 19th of Sept 2005.
I had stayed awake all night. Sleep deprived and washing dishes
I was sure I saw thru my kitchen window a small fae bathing in the fish pond
one of the many water features in my small garden.
Maybe it was just the morning light hitting the water of this small marble stone and shell filled pond.
Or maybe just maybe it was a my faery friend featured in my art having his morning bath.

this is it the first 4 years in my faery garden...
entered in main st contest water photos, page 2


<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>'What's for Dinner?'<img:stuff/lady%20bug%20bullet.gif>

this little fae (me) just woke up from her nap and is looking up hoping to find some eggys.
I live in the mushroom ring... dont believe me? too bad =P

Photomanip... five different photos plus drawing on them...

'Within the Faery Ring'

this is my home beyond the veil
my neighbours Totoro and the MacMouse.

<img0*300:stuff/my%20home%20within%20the%20faery%20ring.jpg> * <img0*300:stuff/within%20the%20faery%20ring%20-side.jpg>


my flowers are also entered in...
The macro-photography contest



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2006-07-05 [~Lady Morgana~]: Exactly ^^ You want me to look it up?

2006-07-05 [moira hawthorne]: sure =D

2006-07-05 [moira hawthorne]: interesting but I dont think that my problem...

2006-07-05 [~Lady Morgana~]: Nope I didn't think so either. If you just go to you can check the other ones out ^^

2006-07-05 [moira hawthorne]: .. this is more my problem

2006-07-05 [~Lady Morgana~]: Owwww :( Don't feel bad in this way. You are a wonderful person *hugs*

2006-07-05 [moira hawthorne]: I know... but its always there... my fear of failure.. so why step? you just going to fall...

2006-07-05 [~Lady Morgana~]: Owww that's too bad :(

2006-07-05 [moira hawthorne]: why you think im 41 years old.. and still wishing to be an artist

2006-07-05 [~Lady Morgana~]: You are an artist! :O

2006-07-05 [moira hawthorne]: but not making a living as an artist! Ive work in the past as an artist and editor and stuff.. and Ive done freelance.. but not enough to support myself...

2006-07-11 [~Lady Morgana~]: Hmmm what would you like to change then?

2006-07-11 [moira hawthorne]: I wish i could make a living as an artist!

2006-07-12 [~Lady Morgana~]: How would that be like?

2006-07-12 [moira hawthorne]: how do you mean could I...??? if I knew that dont you think Id be doing it?

2006-07-13 [~Lady Morgana~]: Yes probably :P

2006-07-13 [moira hawthorne]: anyways... im studing now... Im trying to learn CG

2006-07-14 [~Lady Morgana~]: What is CG?

2006-07-14 [moira hawthorne]: computer graghics... basically art on the computer rather than done traditionally

2006-07-14 [~Lady Morgana~]: Ah I understand.

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