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lossing to gain!
hawthorne & hubby get tight

[moira hawthorne]
as part of our 2008 New Years Resolution...
Bill bought a Pro-Form Recoil Strength System

New Years Resolution
to lose weight by the Spring Equinox March 20th

Bill's Present: 225lbs ~ Aim to Lose: 45lbs ~ Goal Weight 180lbs
Moira's Present: 195lbs ~ Aim to Lose: 35lbs ~ Goal Weight 160lbs
Jan 9th... 20/40 min walk or bike each day:
Moira: 190 lbs ~ means Im down to a size 14 pants... from size 18!!!
Bill: 218 lbs

Setting UP!

took awhile ~ but he did it!
<img0*200:stuff/P-F%201.jpg> * <img0*200:stuff/P-F%202.jpg> * <img0*200:stuff/P-F%203.jpg>
Tues Jan 15th
you were right Cia
Bill is already using it as a clothes horse!

January WorkOuts

<img0*200:stuff/jan%203a%20%20Bill%20workin%20out%201.jpg> * <img0*200:stuff/jan%204a%20%20Bill%20workin%20out%202.jpg> * <img0*200:stuff/jan%205a%20%20Bill%20workin%20out%203.jpg>
<img0*300:stuff/jan%206a%20%20Bill%20workin%20out%204.jpg> * <img0*300:stuff/jan%207a%20%20Bill%20workin%20out%205.jpg>
moira hawthorne
<img0*250:stuff/jan%208a%20%20moira%20workin%20out%201.jpg> * <img0*250:stuff/jan%209a%20%20moira%20workin%20out%202.jpg>

Feb 11th

Moira: 185 lbs
Bill: 210 lbs
I dont think Ill be able to lose 25 lbs in one more month
but maybe I can get down to 175 lbs!

Oct 2008

after a summer of rain and very little bikin
(and we didnt use the machine at all)
the fall has been nice
which means lots of bikin
Moira: 180 lbs
Bill: 204 lbs
ok Im so bad!
I lost my motivation!
but one year later Im gonna try to get it back!

Oct 2009

Luke Goss Official Site Fan Forum » Everything Else Forum » Health & Beauty » Diet and Workout with Prince Nuada
Ive been stuck at 185lbs all summer
time for a change!

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2008-01-14 [Cia_mar]: now the key is to make sure you use it and and by use i mean NOT as a clothes
good luck!

2008-01-14 [moira hawthorne]: thats why we put it in the livingroom... so we down forget it up in the spare room... so far it looks like both Bill and I are euthustic about staying working out together...

2008-01-24 [Coffeecontrolsme]: COOOOL!!!hahahaha

2008-02-11 [Titanium Tiger]: ice job see I told ya you could do it!! Ive only lost four lbs my self by my matablisim has always been slow!!LOL

2008-02-11 [moira hawthorne]: I need to put more photos in here...

2008-07-29 [The Matter of Splatter]: Good luck with your endeavors. Being an amatuer natural bodybuilder for 12 or so years I am always enthused to see someone choosing a healthier lifestyle. Your everyday life will be enhanced because of it.

2008-08-27 [Lord Dog]: so when are the updates happening?

2008-08-27 [moira hawthorne]: well I could put up a photo of it covered in leather work stuff...

2008-08-27 [Lord Dog]: the work bench? LOL

2008-08-27 [moira hawthorne]: yup.... its become just one other place for stuff to collect1
=p... but maybe when winter happens again we will start using it again... summer has been fishin and bikin and Wow

2009-01-30 [moira hawthorne]: nono im 180 lbs... I should be 150.. Id be happy with 160
hubby and I try the get fit... hawthorne & hubby get tight but the machine sits in our livingroom neglected... and takin up space... I spend too much time on this computer.. and not enough time biking... well hard to bike in all this snow... but thats about the only way I seem to get fit and lose weight

plus asside from the 30 extra lbs Im carting around MY TITS SAG!!!

2009-12-11 [billtill]: I was 175, now 185 ;( Takes work and dedication.

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