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2006-06-23 16:16:57
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we will make you happy

this banner can only be used by the members

we sign guestbooks,
that means we put little texts in your guestbook
give small compliments (ment off course)
and try in this way to make elftown an even better place to be

[how and why]

that is pretty simple
it's plain fun for both the fillers and the one's who get those fillings
and it helps E.T. become a bigger hapier place

that is a little bit more dificult
the persons are more randomly chosen
but the fillings should be made personal
that means we will read the discriptions of those people
and will adjust our fillings to the data we get about that person

so don't just think that we find someone, fill their guestbooks and leave again
it's a much bigger job and also a sort of responsability

[members, helpers, fans]

ANYONE can join
we just ask u to stick by the rules of this wiki
we don't want to get angry guards on our neck because someone didn't follow them
the members are on the following page
guestbookfillers members

helpers [*(new*)]
the helpers are the ppl that don't want to be members and who give us names of ppl who don't have signings at all or who can use a bit of cheering
also here anyone can join
guestbookfillers helpers

fans and fanclub [*(new)*]
well i guess it kinda speaks for itself don't it
the fans are the ppl who like what we do but don't realy want to do stuff (you can be a helper and a fan to)
guestbookfillers fanclub

there are people who don't like to be send

and they have rights as well
those ppl can put their name in following wikipage and we will not send them again

guestbook no senders

other wiki's that we support

elftownguards   report abuses here or to [djarre]
take elftown back
safe zone
the official elftown managers   [Thunder Cid]

others will be added soon

Username (or number or email):


[djarre]: all done your a member now

[Shelbo;+]: haha sounds pretty aweosme. lol

[djarre]: yeah it is in a way

[djarre]: you'll make ppl happy  and in a lot of cases it comes right back 2 u

[FeckErseDrink!]: can I be a member pleaseee?

[djarre]: following peaple were recently added as members:

[djarre]: [Umy]

[djarre]: sorry for the delay everyone

[djarre]: please give those people a visit as wel ;)

[FeckErseDrink!]: yey me hehe

[sweetkiss]: kk


I am *dun dun DUN* the Evil Random Guestbook-signer , and you are defeting my purpose! I have been her spreading cheer and happiness, er ahem *clears throat* I mean...evil. Anywho, this is what I have been saying. quote,yet another victim of... *dun dun DUN* The evil random guestbook-signer! My evil plan is to take over elftown by getting every one to sign my guestbook! Because, once I sign yours, you are FORCED to sign mine!!! *evil laugh* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! *giggle* oh yes, and the reason you are forced to sign my guestbook is because I hipnotise you!!! *hipnotism* , unquote. YOU ARE STEALING MY IDEA. *grins* heh heh.

Missing: </h2>

[sweetkiss]: ????

[djarre]: ok then :s

ow btw [*(.Randi.)*]
you created your account on 2006-05-05 17:27:59
that makes you stole our idea and not vice cerca ;)

[davy_22]: taking over elftown eh [*(.Randi.)*], well you havent signed my guestbook yet :P

[weerwolfje]: How fortunate to find out that The sad-and-empty-guestbookhunter wasn't the only one going around to free the sad and empty guestbooks, especially since he's kind of retired ^_^. Maybe one day you will find The place where all sad and empty guestbooks eventually go to... Good luck and sweet dreams to you all!

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