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(: ♥ *HUG* ♥ *HUG* ♥ *HUG* ♥ :)


Welcome to "Group HUGGING"!

Sometimes, a beloved fellow Elftowner is in need of many *HUGS*. Since there is strength in
numbers, such as in combined faith, a combined voice, combined effort(s), and so forth, there is
also strength in "combined HUGS", better known as "Group HUGS", resulting in a unified force of
combined, positive energy, and so, equaling "combined strength"!

Since we must always respect the privacy of another, the details of an expressed need for a
"Group HUG" needn't be aired. A generalisation will suffice.

To set up a "Group HUG", begin a new wiki-page, title it like so:
"Group-HUG_(username or member's actual name here)@wiki".
               (See example below under "Group HUGS".)

Please allow other members to edit, so they can join in on the "Group HUG". - Thank you!


*HUG*   ♥   About_*HUG*   ♥   *HUGGED*   ♥   *HUGGERS*   ♥   *HUGS*


Group HUGS!

A fellow Elftowner needs lots of *HUGS*? Set up a "Group HUG" page, add the link to it here, and number your listing.

Example: Group-HUG_Melissa
Begin here:
1) -
2) -
3) -
4) -
5) -

This index (category) has only one listed wiki-page:

Username (or number or email):


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