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2004-03-23 23:05:33
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The frontpage-competition

Every month, or when the mayor decides, there is a competition about what frontpage to use. Frontpages that are not selected may be in the next voting and frontpages that have won before may compete again.


Try to make them as wide (800px) as the current page or scalable to that size and write where to put the login-form and generally what the frontpage should look like. Add that to the images below that don't have it, if you have an idea. (Like: Put the login-form below the image)

Note:The winner of the Mainstreet poll isn't surely the winner of this competition. The Elftown crew will deside with help of the poll, and if the winner just have a lot of friends that vote, a better winner will be choosen after a discussion among the crew. And sometimes an image may not win because of technical reasons, that should be fixed before it can win. But generally, the one with the most votes will win.


The current one: <URL:img/new/Thetown.jpg> [Liv] and [Dr.No]

The old one: <URL:ent2.jpg> [akilah]

The first one: <URL:new3/entrancegrass.jpg> [akilah]

Suggestion from [elftownsux] <URL:elftown2.jpg>

[shudson] 's try <URL:/img/new/elftownentrance.jpg>

[vlad] 's image:

[Spikezombie]'s image:


[Silasire] 's go: <URL:/img/new/Front_Gate.jpg>

[Liv] and [Dr.No]'s image: This pic was made to be on a black background, with the login boxes underneath. Sounds good? Looks good? Kewl.


[Freyah]'s image: I'm not at all sure it's possible to get the login boxes too look this way...

these are all good, maybe to good. i don't know how the hell this compitition got so complicated. even though only one will win. your all winners
          - Sondevil

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2003-09-30 [Melindo]: im new to this but check out my house [Melindo]

2003-10-24 [Melocrie]: Is there going to be another competition soon? I want to parcipate!! I got a cool idea for a front image!

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