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Congratulations to both [Nioniel] (for her entry "Hollow Dreams") and [Yume Youki] (for her entry "Trial by Night") who tied for first place!


Poetry Rules:

Written works must be 100% written by you and posted here by you. Plagiarism is a criminal offense. You do not have the right to claim someone else's work as your own. You do not have the right to alter someone else's work and call it your own. Please see: Copyright and Intellectual Property by [Rondel]. Any participant caught stealing someone else's work will be disqualified from this and possibly all future official written contests.

Use proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and correct spelling.

Each participant is limited to a maximum of two (2) entries.

Entry page line limit:50 lines. If your entry is more than 50 lines, please place your poem on a separate wiki page then link your wiki here on the poetry entry page. Please include the word 'dream' or 'dreams' in your wiki page title. The word 'dream' or 'dreams' is not necessary in the title of your actual work, however.

Above your poem, give a title along with a brief explanation, three or four lines, about your Dream poem.

Submissions should follow the Theme “Dreams”.

Follow all of the General Rules listed on Elftown Dreamers' Contest.

Please note: Poem(s) chosen by the Daily Poem are not considered 'previous wins', as it is not a contest.



Theme: Dreams


Please place your Poem entries below the line (<hr>) like this:

0.) [Your username] <b>(Submission Title or Wiki Name)</b>
Brief description, four lines maximum.
<i>Your entry</i> 

1.) [Teufelsweib] A Dreamer's True Face revealed
even the most innocent people have whole different side, which only is expressed when they're asleep and their dreams roam freely through their minds...

Cradled in the arms of sleep and grace
our Rose, her mind without sin, without blight
but her dreams revealed a different face
betrayal beneath pale moonlight

a libertine's spirit exhumed craving to be free
from the dark abyss of this dreamer's soul
the perverted thoughts, the start of a demon's spree
as a deathshead o'er her innocent eye closed

throughout this holocaust of cruelty, spite
her mind a'dreaming weaved and created
over formless black chaos, her true face ignite
only her frantic laughter rose, her conscience sedated

behold, the howling hag rides!
cursing archangels as she envokes fear
tearing down stars from the skies
this dirge, a hymne, a symphony to her ears

then morning, and as sunlight wakes this pure soul;
an awoken dreamer is never true, it's their dreams which make them whole

2.) [pegasus1000] Life
-Written in the darkest part of my life

What is life?

A fantasy of hope,
A place in our imagination
Where we are free?

Only our dreams
Keeping us alive,
Making us reach for more?

Otherwise falling into despair
For the demons that
Torment our desires.

What is Life?
It is but a dream.

3.) [Nioniel] Hollow Dreams
- I used to dream in a cold black and white when I hit rock bottom a few years ago...

Starlight fell like teardrops
In the ocean of the sky
From the dream of fears
And endless years
Came the life not yet to die

Through the chilling heat of endless depth
Came the shadowed heart’s delight
I saw beyond the mask of hope
And reached into the night

4.) [Ninja Smurf] The Hands
a dream I had every night for weeks after Iraq

The dark is blinding me
the fear is gripping me
and all around I can feel
the hands of the dead pulling me

I fight with everything
I scream until my voice is gone
and still they claw
icy fingers tearing at my soul
pulling me into their world

they are but outlines
all but their faces
they are all nameless
and yet I know them
they are the dead
man, woman and child
they are waiting for me
the one who put them there

I slowly sink into their shadows
face growing paler by the minute
I have met them
I am them

5.) [Alexi Ice] The Dream Game
- 'Card' can mean one of two things. To me it sounds like life, no matter how many times you throw a card back in the deck, it shows up again eventually.

Before I let you go this round
Let’s play a game, shall we?
Pick one card not red nor black
Kiss once the edge then place it back
Say one thing no more, quiet now
Then just like that (I’ll show you how)
We’ll win the game with one match
Of skills and wit, wait just a bit
Now touch the top deck with care
And I assure you should you turn it over
Your card shall be there.

6.) [itoe] What Dreams
I dream in only one flavor: weird.

As I fall through the aether
The weight of a feather holds me down,
Daring me to fly,
Release my shackles,
Take to the sky.
The call on the wind
Winding me down;
Darkness setting in

What dreams may come?
Shall I wake for them?
Shall I fly on?

I fly by falling,
My feet drag the ground.
The feathers scatter,
With the soldier, sailor, I run
Fast as the wind,
Into the sun.
Through the fields,
Through the ears,
I run Back into the aether.

What dreams may come?
Shall I wake for them?
Shall I run on?

A dance of starlight,
I flash forward
With Rip as my guide.
Tempus Fugit!
We dance around the third thing,
But a moon and a half stay straight.
In the long hours
We lie and wait.

What dreams may come?
Shall I wake for them?
Shall I dance on?

White wends weary.
I can't hold on.
I wish to fly,
To run,
To dance,
But I've counted to forty
And now my time is done.

7.) [Amathya] (House Dream)
This is a poem about a girl who had a day dream about a house she stopped and looked at.
The girl stares at the House
perfect from books and movies
thinking Villains and Heroes of old
dreaming of far off place

Fantastic things happen there
the very ordinary house just waits.

But to her, it's a home
holds a powerful wizard.
In the basement, a maiden tied
freed by her hero
fights against the wizard
for her hand.

Swords clash in the duel
who will win?
Dirty tricks rain from wizard
hero counters each.
Both in Quest to destroy the other
the maiden screams or jeers
her freedom or her captivity.

The duel is fierce
both sides seem to tie.
But soon, the last blow thrown
the hero bests the wizard
the maiden shouts her joy
the wizard screams in fury

The hero staggers to his maiden
The wizard disappearing forever
All surrounding a normal house
What can be done?
From the imagination

8). [stevedoyle] Inside the War Room at the Pentagon
The world was once convinced that the United States and Soviet Union would blow everybody up with nuclear weapons. Now the Koreans are playing with them.

There had been some sort of computer malfunction.
An attack had been detected when there was none.
Counter measures had been automatically taken
And missiles launched in retaliation.
It had been a colossal mistake.
But nothing could be done. It was too late.
It would only be a matter of time
Before Western Europe responded in kind.

Suddenly the printers started humming.
The Radar Control Operator shouted, “Incoming!”
As the system tracked the missile's running.


But wait! This was no nuclear disaster.
Just the morning alarm clock set for quarter after.

9.) [stevedoyle] The Nightmare
I wrote this one right after "The Intruder"
Was I only dreaming?
Please tell me it's so.
I woke up screaming
From a nightmare you know.

The horrid images seemed so real.
The sweat pouring down my face I feel.
How can I ever go back to sleep
When inside my head these visions creep?

Devils and demons have come in the night
And filled me with a dreadful fright.
I can't even close my eyes
Lest they leap from whence they hide.

Can't you see them?
I see them still.
There, before the windowsill
And there, blocking the bedroom door
I see many, many more!

Alas, I see there is no escape.
They've come for me, my soul to take!
May the Sword of the Lord save me from Doom!

Only darkness filled the room.

10.) [Yume Youki] Trial by Night
I had this dream one night a long time ago, and never really forgot it because it was way too weird...

Where am I?
It's dark, and there's no sound.
Who am I?
I'm not like I usually am.
What am I doing?
I can't seem to remember.

I walk into a circular room,
with people gathered on the stands.
The middle of the room had a column coming down
with alcoves carved into it's sides.

Where am I?
It's dark, and there's no sound.
Who am I?
I'm not like I usually am.
What am I doing?
I can't seem to remember.

I walk down the flight of stairs
and stand before three thrones.
I stare up at them, when, suddenly,
The king himself appears.

And that is when I wake up to know
that my trial did not go well.

11.) [Member#122134] Dream Poem
A poem I wrote a while ago about a dream I had

I had a dream a while ago,
That you were here beside me,
We must have been in love because,
We kissed so happily.

As you sat on my bed with me,
I looked into your eyes,
Our lips, they came together, but,
Then came a big surprise.

“Stop,” I said, I don’t know why,
But then we came apart,
The dream did end, and as it did,
I woke up with a start.

The dream, it was a rarity,
Like none I’ve had before,
So why did I say “Time out”,
And not stay on for more?

In my heart I desire you, though,
My head thinks otherwise,
This conflict has gone on before,
My heart just breaks and dies.

And so the question still remains,
Do I really love you?
And if the answer’s yes, I pray,
That you will love me too.

12.) [Member#122134] Dreams
A sonnet I wrote on the subject of dreams

The images that come with night's deep sleep,
Subconscious thoughts which, in our minds, we keep,
The gentle touch of one we hold so dear,
Or dark encounters with the things we fear,
These strange scenarios inside our heads,
Which play out as we lie atop our beds,
And in the day, when life's monotony,
Allows our minds and thoughts to wander free,
To brighter skies and happy days and nights,
To future love and pleasant sounds and sights,
These reveries which come to us by day,
Become more vivid when we hit the hay,
A strange new world where nothing's as it seems,
A world of vicious nightmares and sweet dreams.

13.) [kamisch] Just a Dream You Dream
An older poem...The nice short answer is that it's a coversation with your subconscious. Anything more than that is up to interpretation - and should be.

Can you help me?
I sure can try...
Sometimes I'm sad
Do you know-
I don't know why,
But when I feel it happen,
My fingertip wings
Come alive and fly-
I don't know why.
Can I help you?
Please can you try?
You look so sad...
I know.
Please tell me why-
I don't know why,
But when I feel it happen,
The Cheshire Cat's grin
Laughs at me and smiles-
I don't know why,
It makes me laugh and cry.
I'll tell you why,
Just listen:
Don't be so sad,
You know you are a dreamer?

I've been told I'm a dreamer-
Listen and believe me,
I hear you...
You are more than just a dreamer,
You are a dream.

I must be dreaming...
You are a dream.
...A dream that I am dreaming?
A dream that I am dreaming...

14.) [kamisch] False Moon
Is she crazy? Or is she dreaming? All the other times she needed someone to talk to, she had the moon...but now, when she needs someone the most, all is quiet...

Drawn like a magnet to the sweet flowing sea,
She's lost in all her passions-
The loon is trying to flee.
What bothered the Mad Hatter
 is nothing Man can define;
What bothers the girl in the ocean
  is what the insane have left behind.
And the salt from her tears
   burns in her wounds,
But she relishes the pain
   and she cries to the moon,
"When can I meet you!?"
But she gets no answer,
She gets confused.
In her dreams the moon, he answers
(But she doesn't know that it's a dream),
And her mind is lost in its excitements,
Not knowing what she see's not what it seems.

15.) [Queen of Hearts] Painless

When I close my at night,
and sleep envelopes me in its embrace.
The pain I feel in reality,
Disappears and set's me free.

I walk so freely in these dreams, no one watches me here no more.
I dance and skip and smile so bright,
For my body hurts no more.

Oh this dream,
I wish it true,
The dream I dream,
Begins to fade.

I try to cling to my dream,
But its already let me go.

Now I lie awake,
The pain once again has returned.

16.) [Teufelsweib] The light at the End of the tunnel
the sad tale of a blind man who cannot get over the sight of his long dead wife.

To dream and dream he did.
it was his only way to make her stay
for when he closed his blind eyes at night
he lived and saw more than during the day.

As he falls asleep he falls into her arms
in his head –an immortalized lost lover
for now as blind as he may seem
he still sees her every night, in each and every dream

17.) [Doyle of Arda] Nowhere in the Dark
A rather dark dream that actually left me feeling illuminated upon waking, though somewhat morose.

Seated on steps of cold iron, these rails form a cage without escape.
A spiral staircase that does not elevate, no first or last steps.
With each footfall I sense the enclosure revolve against.
There is no light, yet shadows lurk upon bare walls.
They're distance cannot be fathomed or reached.
I can walk no more, it makes no difference.
I do not fear, do not feel, I am safe.
Within this monotony filled void.
Descent through darkness.
Nothing will happen.

18. [Leb] Fate, Are You For Real?
Basically, I love this guy, and I see us going until forever. I am intuitive, and have predicted the future before, and I had this dream, and it really put my belief into perspective.

Had a dream about us last night;
It was 2013, and we just got done fucking.
We were in a house I didn’t recognize,
And the vibe told me that we weren’t married, but you were cheating on someone.
I have a way of knowing things, and I gotta say:
Fate, are you for real?

In four years, I’ll be 25, you’ll be 23, and he’ll be six.
Back to the dream…
You got a phone call from her telling you he was on the verge of dying,
And you cussed her out for bad parenting;
Your anger shook me awake.

Is this really where we’re going to be?
We’re going to last this long without a ring?
I’m going to be single forever,
And never be a mom,
And be in love with a boy I fell in love with at seventeen
That purposed to me,
But then changed his mind when he found out he knocked up his ex
When we were on a break?
Fate, are you for real?

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2009-09-05 [kamisch]: You mean mine? Because...listening to that...yeah, it kinda does! The way the chorus interacts like that. Really, though, mine was more inspired by Stevie the songs where she kinda starts talking to herself (I'm a big Stevie fan :D).

2009-09-05 [Teufelsweib]: ah, she's the one from Fleetwood Mac, no? I love that! :)
do you have an example song? :)

2009-09-07 [kamisch]: Well...she almost seems to be talking to herself in most of them, really - especially if you listen to her solo albums from the 80s. She isn't, really...not the way my poem goes here...but it just inspired it. The end of "Some Become Strangers" has the general idea going: ...Then of course there's always the much more popular "Stand Back", where in one line she's telling herself it's alright to be standing in a line (which in some interviews - it always varies - is about the aisle she walked in her marriage), and in the very next she's saying she would cry. She changes views a lot in her songs...views, tense, and subjects. And yet it works beautifully :)

2010-02-15 [hanhepi]: congratulations both you winners!

(and thank you chimes for fixin my screwup. lol)

2010-02-15 [Nioniel]: :)

2010-02-17 [kamisch]:'s been a long time since I've done any writing competitions...they don't vote in polls for them? I feel silly now lol...I kept trying to find one for this one and the prose, after the art section's poll went up.

2010-02-17 [Teufelsweib]: no, the winners for poetry and prose are determined with a crew poll, only art goes up in a mainstreet poll ;)

2010-02-17 [hanhepi]: as long as it takes us to rotate polls, i can't imaging how long it would take to get 4 sections of a contest polled on mainstreet... we'd only be able to get 3 contests decided in a year. :/

2010-02-17 [Teufelsweib]: it's not necessarily that we're slow with changing the polls, we barely get any votes :S (compared with how it used to be)

2010-02-18 [hanhepi]: yes, which slows the rate of poll changing, which means if we polled everything for every contest we'd have maybe 3 contests a year decided.... :P

2010-02-18 [Yume Youki]: I won. 0.0

Well now, that's very interesting...

and kinda funny, too. XD

2010-02-22 [kamisch]: Understandable. I was just confused there...

But as for how those polls used to be...I've been here since 2003, and I don't ever remember them getting a lot of votes right away. Thigns were always slow...Contests took *years* to finish (if they finished).

2010-02-22 [SilverFire]: Actually, contests used to get the required number of votes pretty easily, polls take a lot longer to complete now than they did before. And all past Elftown contests have finished - there are no official contests that were simply abandoned, and the only contest I can think of that's taken *years* was the RP tournament. :) Hanhepi and Teufelsweib have been here for years, too. ;)

But maybe you're confusing non-official contests and official contests? :3 Some of those have indeed been open for years, or never finished.

2010-02-23 [Yume Youki]: what I find so funny and interesting about winning is the fact that i wrote that poem while i was submitting it onto the page - and yet i still won.

reminds me of when i had a art project to do, and did almost the ENTIRE thing the MORNING it was due. and yet everybody said it was really, really awesome. the teacher even went so far as to frame it for the art show which is in june - before i had even decided whether or not i was going to use it in the art show. XD

and i did it at the very last moment. ironic, ain't it?

2010-02-23 [SilverFire]: Some people just work better on spur-of-the-moment, and ruin things if they plan too much, whereas others just can't produce anything good without ages of planning. :3

Lucky you for being a spur-of-the-moment person :P

2010-02-23 [Yume Youki]: Probably. XD

I just don't HAVE the ability to plan anything out! You try to play chess against me, and if you're any good at all, you'll win. =(

2010-02-24 [kamisch]: Yeah, I didn't participate in too many of the official contest back then...the ones I usually saw come up had to deal with making icons & buttons, and all that wonderul building that needed to be done. I'm not very good at those, so I left it to those that were ;) The unofficial ones had more drawing and just had to cross your fingers they'd be remembered.

SilverRaven - I was like that when I was in school...all my projects had to come to me and be finished all in one shot, and all the night before. They could give me months to do it, but I'd just draw a blank. Come the last minute, I'd spit out an ace! My co-workers now say it's because I work best under pressure...Maybe you do too?

2010-02-25 [Yume Youki]: Hmm, maybe. I've found that in math class, however, I need to think about my answer before I give it - I have a hard time coming up with words to say what I'm thinking when it concerns math... funny how it's only math though.

2010-02-25 [kamisch]: Because math soooks. ;) My brain doesn't like to think about math too much.

2010-02-25 [Yume Youki]: My brain keeps trying to explode inside my head every time I have math class, but my head is too small, and it can't expand wide enough to be able to explode!

I can't decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. XD

2010-02-26 [Teufelsweib]: ---> now ;)

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