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Winner :

                                      By: [Kahri]

Crew Favorite:

                        By: [kamisch]

Congratulations to the winners, and Thanks to all who participated!


Art Rules

Images must be created by you and posted here you. Therefore, no matter how much you may like a particular image on somebody's house or anywhere on the net, you are not allowed to add it here. Any participant caught stealing someone else's work will be disqualified from this and possibly all future official art contests. Copied art is NOT permissible in Elftown's Official Contests.
Please see: Copying vs Fanart & Referencing.

Each participant is limited to a maximum of two (2) entries.

Please put forth your best effort for your best quality! Example: no drawings on lined notebook paper. Any such entries will not be considered in the final voting.

To upload your image full-size you can use the button to the right which says "Upload a file" or the feature 'Upload a folder of images' that is shown at the top of your house. This feature allows you to upload one, multiple images or zip-files in their original size to a wikipage. <URL:upload_zip.html> Once you click this link you can follow the instructions. See also: Uploading Images.

All mediums, except photography, manipulations of photography, and animated GIF's, will be accepted.

With your art entry, give a title along with a brief explanation, three or four lines, about your Dream art piece.

Submissions should follow the Theme “Dreams”.

Follow all of the General Rules listed on Elftown Dreamers' Contest.



Theme: Dreams


Please place your art entries below the line (<hr>) like this:

0.) [Your username] <b>(Submission Title)</b>
Brief description, four lines maximum.
<img300:yourimage> (thumbnailed to '300' please.)

1.) [Morphea] Dream a little dream
Based on one of my reaccuring nightmares when I was younger.
I was sure there was a monster hovering around me and I felt so naked and vulnerable

2. [Jitter] Fruit of one's belly
I had that dream some months ago

3. [Kahri] Come Away and Dance Across the Universe
Had this dream the other night. I was being flown around by a spirit guardian of some kind. 

4. [pixish] Jarbaby
Sometimes you look at things you shouldn't, and then you can't get them out of your mind.

5. [Jonathaan] Nightbattle
I saw dream where 2 fantasy character was fighting.

6. [Kuruni]Deva
I had a dream the last night of my first travel to Belgium, that my friend [earthkynd], who was asleep next to me was a Deva, letting me know i was not alone. I knew it was not really my friend behind me, i felt a cold hand stroking my shoulder.I felt such peace and nostalgia,i felt truly loved.

7. [Nioniel] Mutt
I've always wanted a Great Dane, for as long as I can remember. A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was given one for my birthday, but it was sewn up from several different dogs. My purebred was a mutt!

8. [Thistlewood] Fog
A dream I had a lot when I was a child. I was running through the fog carrying a book. I had to protect the book from the horseman I could only hear in the fog. The only time I would see the horseman during the dream was
when I would go back for the book because I dropped it. Then I would only see his hand wielding a sword before I woke up.

9. [nehirwen] Treehand
In a part of a crazy dream I had, a walking branch of a tree that ended in a hand guarded some cave with teeth, while some sort of alien kid was approaching it. In the dream the treehand began to hit the alien with its leaves, the alien of course ran away. I don't know how it ended, cause I woke up at that point. :(

10. [Malnu] Nightmare
This is a piece I did awhile back for a friends contest Waking Nightmares. It is a picture of my Niece and my Brother and Sis-in-law in their bed. Disturbing huh?!!

11. [Lakayana] This is the beggar who has been in my dreams. What do you think it represents?

12. [Black demon] (Those dreams of flying)
I'm often dreaming about flying... This picture is a try to show the feeling of it.

13. [kamisch] Sapphire's Dream
Painting I made based on the nightmares Sapphire had ina story I wrote, Sapphire Stars

14. [kamisch] Rainbow Falls
A dream world created for a "Sugarplum Chronicles" that I never finished...Taken care of by the Fairytale Queen's son, The Prince of Dreams.

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Username (or number or email):


2009-08-16 [hanhepi]: damn! it is! good catch whoever you are. :)

[Case Open] just in case you need to hear it from a mod: please submit original artwork. your piece is really well done, but since its the same as a M:TG card, it really shouldn't be submitted. (and that's a shame, cause i thought it was really cool.)

2009-08-16 [Yuriona]: Not to mention the fact it sounds like you made up the dream just so you could enter said copied work. :/ Please remove it or it will be removed for you [Case Open].

2009-08-20 [Future Dictator]: OOOO dream contest!!!! i have so many nonsense dreams this should be fun :D

2009-08-30 [Chel.]: I dream every night and it's hard to pick ONE THING O_O

2009-10-09 [Malnu]: I added something just to be productive here. You didn't say it had to be fresh and new. I got ideas for even more twisted things in my mind though. But you knew that Yuri

2009-10-09 [Chel.]: Excellent perspective on that one!

2009-10-09 [Nioniel]: Ooooh, creepy new entry! Love it!

2009-10-09 [SilverFire]: "They're heeeeeeere." :P

2009-10-09 [Nioniel]: hahaha.

2009-10-23 [Black demon]: I just remembered that I recogniced the beggar and that's because it's been in a contest before here:
Thanks I was just a bit unsure about it.

2009-10-23 [moira hawthorne]: yes it has... but thats not against the rules...

If you have written a story or a poem or have created an art piece that fits this theme, old or new, you are welcome to submit it here as long as it is not currently running in any official Elftown contest (except the Elftown Creature Marathon it is ok if it's in that), and it has never won an official Elftown competition. However, Photo Manipulations must be newly created to match the criteria specified.

2009-10-23 [moira hawthorne]: also [Malnu] isnt new... he said so... and I recognized it... but the contest it was in wasnt any official Elftown contest...
tho it did win 1st place... <img:stuff/ETwakingbnr1st.jpg>

2009-10-23 [hanhepi]: good spotting Black Demon and moira! both entries are still eligible here, because while Beggar was in an Official Contest, it didn't win and the Contest it was in is closed, and while Nightmare won, it wasn't an Official Contest.

and now is a hell of a time for me to spot minor typos in the way i writ the rules. damn.

2009-10-27 [Lakayana]: Yep! that makes my Beggar eligible. I really had to use it cos it fits my prose entry. tanx guys for your spotting

2009-10-27 [SilverFire]: Though it does sort of suggest that its not a beggar from yours dreams, if you previously submitted it as a portrait of your fantasy self. :P

2009-10-27 [Lakayana]: yeah! but I bet you the beggar in my dreams sort of look like that :-)

2009-10-29 [wicked fae mage]: Very nice works everybody

2009-10-29 [Phenomenon]: Ooh! I have a dream! I'll enter if I get it done in time :)

2010-02-15 [hanhepi]: after much trial and error, i think i have the winners properly announced. congratulations to y'all!

2010-03-27 [Malnu]: Yeah, I did win first place there even if it wasn't official contest. I figured the piece definately fit into the Dreams Catagory though.

2010-10-03 [Kuruni]: Congrats!!!! wooohooo!

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