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No nada znaju know. An ordinary international Tuesday. Good beer, nice people and...
Flowers on the trees!
Simon eating chicken.
With that stuff... Face from Stefan.
The Slovak- Czech gang.
Marcin, Kamil, Mr Kuk, Reza and ?
Marcin, Kamil, Mr Kuk, Reza and ?
Elias... Studying Japanese.
Sarah and Tomas
Tomas, Frida and Sarah
Tomas, Li and Frida
Jürg, Sylvia and Stefan
Jafer and Diane with Hedda's beer.
Joshoa visiting from Germany
And some [Hedda]... The hair is from Paul!
Alfonso and Ruben. I found the perfect girl to the later, later on, but I think my point didn't get through. Now it will cost you 2000 euro or so...
A "Linköping girl" with Joshoa
Kamil, Victor, Hanna and Marcin (Head)
I think Hanna is doing something...
Guy and Dilek.
He wrote me ulshwÜ... He write it in Urdu letters so i have to work on how to write it. Qasim.
Eh what?
A camera shot out! Me and you!
Hedda and Salih [@fb757005896]
People who just want to be forgotten.
People who just want to be forgotten.
A hedgehog!

I think there was a Marijana somewhere here too. Maybe not.

/ [Hedda]

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